Types of Hauntings

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Shadow People


Some types of Haunting Activities       

From our Friends at  H.P.I.  http://www.HPIparanormal.net

Some of the following article is the sole opinion of the author Paul Dale Roberts and does not reflect the views of Haunted and Paranormal Investigations or The Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society

Residual Haunting Activity:

Residual haunting activity can occur when something traumatic/stressful occurs, such as a murder or a rape. Negative energy is literally blasted into the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to imprint or record the events. Like a recording tape, it will play the events over and over again. The entities involved in this residual haunting activity are unaware of their surroundings. This is not an intelligent haunting, there is no interaction between you and the entity.

Residual haunting activity can also be caused by positive energy blasted into the atmosphere. Many times you have heard ghost stories, where people can hear the sounds of a party. They hear music, singing, dancing, laughter and when they enter the room where they hear the party, there is no one there. Residual haunting activity can be the specters of living beings.

Case example: Woman who faces domestic violence from her husband

The husband and wife move out of the apartment and the new renters see residual haunting activity in which the previous owners are involved in a domestic dispute, they appear to be specters. The new renters are able to identify the faces of the specters. When they go to a neighborhood barbecue, they see a neighborhood get-together photograph and identify a man and woman as being the specters they see in their apartment. They discover that their specters are still living, but are now divorced. Their specters were the previous renters who were always quarreling in that apartment.

Residual haunting activity can be caused by agitated nervousness, such as a new politician that is nervous about talking in front of a crowd of people. The speech by this politician is played back over and over again as a residual haunting effect.

Poltergeist Activity:

Poltergeist activity is usually caused by an adolescent teenage girl going through puberty stages. During this stage of development, a young girl can harbor an extreme amount of inner energy. This energy can be projected with the mind, which can cause tapping sounds, the movement of objects, lights flickering off and on. Poltergeist activity usually originates from a human being.

Case Example: Walter B. Gibson, The Shadow

Walter B. Gibson, writer of the pulp series The Shadow thought about his character The Shadow so much, that his projected thoughts would actually create a hologram image of The Shadow, that would lurk in his apartment. When he had guests over, his guests were frightened by a man dressed all in black, with fedora hat and red scarf covering his face. They were describing the fictional character The Shadow. The Shadow was Walter B. Gibson’s poltergeist, an entity projected from his mind. With this case example, not all poltergeist activity is created from adolescent teenage girls.

Demon Activity:

Demons are entities that never had a mortal human form. Origins: Extraterrestrial. Why? If you believe that God and his angels are from the ‘heavens’, that would make them extraterrestrial. If Satan and 1/3 of the angels rebelled against God’s Kingdom, then Satan and 1/3 of the angels that became demons are also extraterrestrial. That is why they never had mortal human form. Einstein said that E = MC2. Energy can be converted into matter and matter into energy. Demons are pure energy entities. They are described in three different ways.

1. As angelic, a being of beauty that will manipulate the person to commit something that is sinful or out of the ordinary.
2. Horrific, evil looking. Some people claim, they have seen demons that are incredibly hideous to look at. I believe demons do this for a scare effect, they know what we fear and this is not their true appearance.
3. Black mist, black fog, black shadow, black smoke. Most demonic hauntings, the occupants claim to be followed by black mist or black fog.

Demons can travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong in a blink of an eye. The demons main purpose is to cause chaos and havoc upon mankind. Demons are deceivers and they manipulate our society towards social upheaval. Demons seek out our destruction. Demon cases are extremely rare. To handle demonic cases, it is essential that a blessing of the purest kind is conducted on the person or home. Consult your clergyman, priest or Demonologist.

Intelligent/Interactive Activity:

Back to Einstein’s theory. As matter beings, we are all energy beings on the quantum level. We are made up of atoms and neutrons. As matter/energy beings we have intelligence. While we live, we have an energy aura that surrounds our living bodies. This aura is created by the millions of electrical currents that are created through our bodies. Our brains creates brain waves, a form of pure energy that is transmitting our thoughts, what we see, what we feel, etc.

When our mortal form dies, the aura that constantly surrounds our bodies, leaves our bodies. We lose 6 ounces on the instance of death. What is this 6 ounces? Perhaps it is energy leaving our body. Our soul. This energy, the aura, or you may even call it your soul, is carrying the information of what we used to be. If it can do this, then why couldn’t it also carry our intelligence? If it can carry our former intelligence of our previous life, then it should be able to interact with us intelligently. When we see this aura, we call it a ghost.
If this ghost is able to interact with us, is aware of us, can touch us, can communicate with us, then this is an intelligent/interactive haunting.

Shadow People or Shadow Creatures Activity:

This is a type of haunting activity that has no real explanation. They are different from ghosts. They are usually shapeless dark masses. Mostly seen with your peripheral vision. They are known to do things that are different from ghosts. They can move between walls, they have no human features, they wear no clothes (except for the hat man/hooded figure shadow creatures). People who encounter them, have a feeling of dread. Clairvoyants that encounter Shadow People, say they do not feel they are human and consider them non-human.

Shadow People have no discernible mouth, noses or facial expressions. Some are seen as child sized dark humanoids. Some people say they seem to be made up of dark smoke or dark steam. At times when they move, they appear to be moving on an invisible track from one place to another, such as a toy train on a small scale railroad track. They have been seen to hop or what appears to be a strange dance. They are known to stare at the floor.
Two common types of Shadow People are the ‘hat man’, that looks like he or she is wearing a 1930s fedora hat and the ‘hooded figure’, which looks like the shadow person has a hood over their head. The hood and hat stand out as clothing, but otherwise, they are not wearing any clothing at all. There are also reports of shadow animals, such as a shadow in the form of a cat, with no discernible mouth, nose or eyes.

Doppelganger Haunting Activity:

Extremely rare.

 Case example: German ghost hunting investigative team is called upon a doppelganger haunting activity to investigate.

The woman victim was standing on a street corner and with her peripheral vision saw the image of herself on a bus. The image of herself was staring back at her. One week later she again faced her doppelganger in a crowded mall, it stared at her and seemed to disappear among the mass of people. It wore the same clothes that she wore. One week later, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Doppelganger haunting activity is considered the evil twin, the harbinger of misfortune, the omen of death.

In most cases, the victim of this haunting activity is in danger with her immediate surroundings, her family or in some cases the victim themselves are in grave danger of illness or death.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter and Ghosthunter
Email: JazmaPika@cs.com


Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright 2008 all rights reserved.

6 Responses to Types of Hauntings

  1. DR says:

    I was just reading your 6 types of hauntings and was so surprised to read about the Shadow People/ Creatures. In Jan of 2013 I believe I saw a black med. size cat sitting on the floor. I close the door so it could not get out. It was so real that I went back into the room with food and a cage to catch it because I thought the weekend renters had forgot or left it. There was no way for it to get out of this room. We searched under and behind everything. NO CAT. When I left the room I realized it did not make any sounds and seem to glide from it’s spot of sitting to about 4 feet way before it disappeared behind the foot of the bed. Can anyone tell me why we see this cat? I have been experiencing other things also such as 5 days before this I saw the dark figure move through the dining room and out the window/wall.

  2. mamaswan says:

    I’m a witch and spiritually gifted but I was raped between the ages of 5-9. I’m concerned for whoever lives in the apartment the rape took place in but through my studies I have not found a way to remove what could be there without going there. The new resident will not allow me. What are my options from there?

    • toghs says:

      Unfortunately there is not much that you can do at this point about the location if the current residents do not allow you access. However, I would not be overly concerned if the residents aren’t experiencing anything.

      Happy Hauntings!
      Michelle, Tranquility Specialist

  3. Trina Vasquez says:

    I’ve “seen” the Shadow People in my home. It is always a child-sized entity, running across the floor. Also, it is always in my peripheral vision. I seriously thought I was going crazy until i read this page! I have not seen one since early summer, as I’ve started going to bed early so I can avoid “seeing” these things! Does anyone know what these things are? Is it a type of ghost or maybe a demon? I live in Point Place.

  4. I live in an apartment and I’ve believe I have been followed by a ghost since I was about 18 yrs. old. I am 47 years old now. Everywhere I lived and occasionally when I stay at others homes, I have strange incidences. I very frequently feel something sit on my bed, it pushed me , it strangled and bit me once, things are missing at times, my cat freaks out often (especially when I feel the presence too), my boyfriend was sleeping in my bed and he felt something run up and down his body. He did not believe any of my stories until this happened to him. I have heard heavy breathing and music. One time many years ago I saw a presence standing over me on my bed which was a tall dark figure. I would love to have someone verify that I’m not crazy. Can you help?

    • david says:

      No you are not crazy as I was reading the different kinds of ghost on here I see what they call the man in hat home I seen a few times and is a part of the Legion that follows me everywhere

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