The Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunter Society list of Local Ghost hunters, Investigators and Researchers

You’ll need to contact the group in your area to find out more about them.  Some will just confirm the existence of a ghost, others will go more in depth and may assist you and the spirits involved. This is just a listing of groups and not a recommendation.

The groups we feel are following good procedures, seem sincere and genuine, have some experience with paranormal investigations, and are over all a good, positive research group will be featured on The Light Section and they have a gold star   next to their names.

If you want to add your group to this listing, email us at  Groups that are dangerous to themselves and the public as well as groups that make the rest of us in this field look bad will not be listed here. If you have a bad experience with a group listed here?  Let us know here and we’ll try to help you resolve the issue.

If you would like to submit a Paranormal Society for inclusion in our directory, please email us at