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Oliver house toghs

TOGHS group at the Oliver House Investigation

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TOGHS Core members, Founder Butch Leon, Case Manager Rebecca McClenathen, Founder Harold St John and Public Outreach Director Michelle Maddux. These four like minded members make up the foundation of your TOGHS Team!



We would like to acknowledge the tremendous help given to us in forming TOGHS. For their time, memories, their patience, and their guidance, We wish to thank Butch Leon, my long time personal friend and Co-Founder of our group. TOGHS members, my partner and Case Manager Rebecca McClenathen, Michelle Maddux (Tranquility Specialist), Marie Stiger (Public Relations) Jeff Keith (Technical) Jacob Stiger (Director of Youth Education) Steven Klocko (Videographer) Patricia DeSandro, Sister Jordan and other members of the Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society. And as always my Mom Coletta St John who opens her home to our group for training new members and always believing in me even more than I do myself.

Mostly to our clients for sharing their stories and allowing our group to investigate their properties. Lastly the our unseen guests and visitors from the other side.



Harold St John  Founder


Butch Leon  Founder


Michelle Maddux  Tranquility Specialist


Rebecca McClenathen Case Manager


Jacob Stiger Director of Youth Education


Marie Stiger Public Relations


Fred Fineske Graphic Artist

DSCN1499.JPGJeff Keith Technical Equipment

harold-at-lecture                                                                                                                                                                     Giving a Lecture – Power Point presentation 2016


Becky & Jeff visiting the Mohican Cemetery

36 Responses to Meet the Team

  1. Ann says:

    Hello Harold, this is great! We lived in Republic for 10 years – never knew the story about the train. If you ever have any work in the Tiffin area let us know – Doug and I love this stuff. You once said you could feel spirits in our woods – if you ever want to investigate let us know. Hope all is well. Good luck! Ann Huth-Fretz

  2. Brenda says:

    Hope you get this message. I don’t have my computer hooked up yet and am sending this note to you from work. Call me at home 419-478-7347. Would love to assist in any way I can with general help. Have worked with camera’s, tape recorders, feelings, etc. Very interested.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you.

  3. Christina says:

    Hello i was wondering how can i get started in this field of work. If you you accepting new members to your society please let me know i am very interested in joining. Please send me an email in regards to this. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  4. William says:

    If there is any way I could assist on an investigation I would love to

  5. dawn mclennan says:

    do you have a more exact location of where the point place haunting is? i live in the point, and the description is pretty vague.

  6. Gina Grimm says:

    WOO HOOOOO! Thats all.. Hehe!

  7. R. St. John says:

    Hey when are you going to update this site? I would like to see your new members! lol

  8. Lonnie C says:

    Hi Guys,Harold,Joey,St.john’ a big ghost fan and a past friend of St.Johns from back in the 70’s i went to school with you all Franklin Elementary,and knew you all,i have a EVp on a cell phone i would like you to listen to cause there is no way to get it off there,my older brothers wife died in 07 and i think i captured her via cell phone voice recorder but i would like an expert to hear it.I would like to hear from you email me when you can,thanks Lonnie

  9. JohnL says:

    i am still a beginner in paranormal investigation. i am from toledo oh, and what i was wondering if you have any tips or even good places to visit.

  10. Chris says:

    Dropping in to show support. Keep up the good work. Stop by and check out our web sites when you get a chance.

  11. Scott says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Hello, my name is Scott. I am 42 and live in Toledo. I have always wanted to go along on an investigation, but have no idea where to start. I’ve always been a believer, although nothing has ever happened to me. If any team member can help me or allow me to tag along or maybe even join your team, please email me at or text me at . I’m very serious about wanting to do this.
    Thanks In Advance,

  12. Bethany says:

    Hi my name is Bethany i have had some experinces with paranormal activity since i was seven years old. I would like to help you or be part of your team, i will do my best at everything and try my hardest. please email me back, and i would love to find out more about your website.
    Thank you

  13. Doris says:

    i am experiencing spirits,ghost or some paranormal in my olde west end home need help please contact me a.s.a.p., i have kids that’s having encounters with things in the home. will be ready to move if it keep on happening.

    • Heathe Savidge says:

      I am interested in joining a paranormal group. My first investigation was at Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, KY. I have some interesting EVP, Video and personal experiences to share with you and your team. Please consider me for membership.

      Thank You,

      Heathe Savidge

    • Doris,
      Did you get the help you needed?

  14. Kate says:

    Looking to break into the paranormal investigation field, been a believer and fan for as long as I can remember. Do you have any openings? I just recently moved here with my family from Maine, where the house we lived in was very haunted; friendly but haunted.

    • toghs says:

      Thanks for asking. Our roster is currently filled and we are not accepting new members at this time. If this changes we will certainly post the opening on the website as well as our facebook. But thank you for your interest!

      The TOGHS team.

  15. Dan Clay says:

    Harol, my name is Dan, I have been involved in several investigations myself, I have a 6 man team, but we only get 2gether evry so often, looking to possibly join up with you guys maybe, I take this very serious, I have talked with your partner on Clyde st regarding what I know about his house m( the past), if you need an xtra man please contact me, email me at, I am looking to join you guys as 1 person only, I dont want to be misunderstood thinking all my crew wants to join, it would be me only, thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly consider, look me up on facebook, Im already on your friend list, contact me that way if you’d like,
    Dan Clay.

    • toghs says:

      Thank you for your interest in joining TOGHS. Unfortunately we are currently fully staffed and are not accepting new members at this time. We do have occasional guest investigations and will be posting them on our FB pages when we have one scheduled. But thank you very much for your interest in our team. Happy Hauntings!

      The TOGHS Team.

  16. Jennifer Ball says:

    I am interested in joining a paranormal group, I live here in Toledo… I dont know what it is, but lately I havent been able to stop thinking about doing this kind of work. I just added you as a friend on facebook, contact me there. It would be sweet to be able to join and extend my knowledge on the paranormal. Thanks! ~Jennifer.

    • toghs says:

      Thank you for your interest in joining TOGHS. Unfortunately we are currently fully staffed and are not accepting new members at this time. We do have occasional guest investigations and will be posting them on our FB pages when we have one scheduled.

      The TOGHS Team.

  17. Megan Hite says:

    have you all ever been to the columbian inn in waterville ohio? i’ve heard stories, and i live near there, but have never ever seen anything. I have heard many stories of the place called Collingwood Arts Center. That place is super creepy!!!

  18. kay simmers says:

    Hey Harold, this is Kay. you met me at your mom’s house when your sister-n-law had to have surgery. I was trying to find that audio where you picked up the woman screaming in the attic and the cradle rock.
    I went up there with Joe and we placed marbles on the floor but none of them were moved.
    playing back our audio, we picked up a woman answering our questions and she said “that’s not true”
    I would like to hear the audio of the woman screaming in the attic but was unable to find it. could you please give me a link to that audio.
    thanks and it was great meeting you and your family.

    • toghs says:

      I think Harold only has that clip in the archives. So it hasn’t been placed on the site or on our facebook. I’ll let him know that you are looking for it.

  19. Hey, nice site. Do you do other WordPress sites?

  20. John Stroud says:

    Hey this is for Harold. My little brother is very interested in joining the team. If there hi any openings it would be greatly appreciated if you gave him a opportunity . Thanks for your time. His name is Ryan and he is fourteen. Please reply as soon as possible

  21. Terrance brooks says:

    hi iam Terrance Brooks iam a blackfoot indian i like read about the i like ghost thing

  22. Kody Stevens says:

    Hey I am 18 and I live with my mom and I can see ghost and I lived in this house for 3 years and I had some crazy stuff happen to me

  23. kevin mccandless says:

    Need your help asap please call me 8016457650

  24. Steve Toney says:

    Less than 10 years ago I made fun of my wife and quit frankly any one else that spoke of the paranormal. That was before I had my first experience. Since then I have heard and seen things in my own home, have been to Gettysburg on 4 seperate occasions and spent the night in Mansfield Reformitory ( I have several photographs I would love to share with you if you would be interested ) I am also interested in taking part in investigating if any opportunities should arise with your group or any other groups you may be aware of. Thank you and eagerly waiting your response.

  25. Tamee says:

    you visited my daughters trailer yesterday and she and her boyfriend went back to stay the night without the kids and while cleaning up her boyfriend felt light headed and dizzy a lil nauteous, all of a sudden she fet a burning up her arm with two marks on it. They left immediately. I think this is becoming serious now. please contact Melanie asap.

  26. Megan says:

    What does it take to join a group like yours? No matter what I do in my life I have always wanted to join a paranormal research team.

  27. Jolyn richie says:

    Hi I have something my daughter is 11.but when she was five she got real sick with bacteria meningitis. When she got out of ICU. She was laying on her bed now said mom I forgot a little girl told me to tell u hi. I don’t ask but had guesses bumbs. Any how later on we talk now she said she played out in the clouds now she’s going back. I guess she played hide now seek with a little girl. I ask her what she looks like. She said me. My mom passed when she was two. I took old pics ever one she picked was my mother when she was a child. I really think she was with my mother but why as a child

  28. adam reed says:

    Hi my name is adam reed and I have encountered many spirits both good and bad and a few that were animals i can walk by a building and sense a presence but i was wondering if you ever investigated a old building by downtown were the green belt is located by the omni source were the marsh and cemetery is located just need to ask a few questions my phone number is 419-902-6913 you can call between the hours of 2:30pm and 7:30pm blessed it be and may our father and mother watch over you and protect you

  29. Rebecca Peppers says:

    Please help me!! Rebecca Peppers. 419-690 4381. There are several human shaped white beings in and outside my house. Noises, hear them walking. Objects disappearing in front of you. ECT.. I was attacked in my backyard, my right ankle is broken. I have pictures. Please help!

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