Paranormal Evidence as gathered by T.O.G.H.S.


Some of our stories that you can experience in our upcoming book

Ghost Talk Paranormal Ohio 

The Ghost of Glouster



The Feltman Phantom 



Wyndhurst Haunting


Maxwell Haunting

This negative EVP was captured in the shower during the Maxwell investigation. Becky was challenging Jason by asking him if he was the entity that was attacking Molly in the shower. He answered at the 28 second mark with a nasty question himself. (Why are you F*^&king him?)

This short Video clip was filmed during the last EVP session (Dead time). We were still setting up some of our equipment. It sounded like our unseen guest wanted Becky to know their still in the Attic and she can’t come in. (Becky we’re in the attic you can’t come in)

TOGHS Founder Butch Leon captured this Class A EVP Down in the cellar of the Old Feltmen building. (9 second mark Nobody Breath)

This EVP clip is from the Lady in the story. You can hear a lady moaning in pain right at the beginning

Footsteps can be heard throughout  this EVP video clip. (Richards Rd)

This short Audio clip is of Butch Leon heading up to the attic of our clients home. It sounds as if they could not wait to talk with him. (Hurry)

This is a 31 second video clip rom the Moonville Tunnel, At the 29 second mark, look three quarters of the way down the tunnel to the left. It looks like a shadow figure steps out from the wall.

The following is evidence collected by the Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunter Society during investigations. It is believed to be paranormal, in that no rational, scientific explanation could be found. We always attempt to debunk any potential paranormal activity, and were not able to recreate these events with conventional means. Submit your paranormal photos, EVPs, and stories we’ll share them with our fans.

Email them to toghsteam@gmail.com.

All material evidence received,  documented by TOGHS

Is, unless otherwise stated, the property of Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society

All rights reserved. 2016

Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect these materials. Reproduction or retransmission of the materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder, is a violation of copyright law

TOGHS pictures of Strange light abnormalities and what some may call Orb’s

8 Responses to Evidence

  1. Michelle Eighmey says:

    im really interested in your line of work. i have had some personal experiences myself. are you in anyway in need of a new member? i would absolutely love to investigate and gain more knowledge about the afterlife. . thank you… michelle

  2. Jeri Houston says:

    Call me on the order from Lebro

  3. hi im only 11 i was watching mystery hunters and i
    heard about the mothman i love to investigate some
    more. I love to learn about aliens,ghost.chopacabras and of corse mothman please keep in touch with me about the mothman like if he is still alive if he isstill attakeing.
    your new friend,
    marisol ituarte

  4. McCabe Parks says:

    Hi, me and my wife are bit of hobbyists when it comes to these kinds of things. We’ve both had several personal situations with ghosts and some other odd happenings that we can’t explain. We’ve only been able to check a couple sites that were accused of being haunted. The Wolfinger Cemetary which we didn’t see anything or catch anything on camera, but we did feel a presence that we felt might have been shy according to the story, since it’s small children involved.

    We also went to the Gibbs bridge location where we felt something as well as caught something on digital camera that we think might be an Orb. But we’re not sure and have small experience in telling the difference. If you would, I’d like your team to look at the photo for me and let me know if I got anything on it. My e-mail is Lupus_Vir@yahoo.com. Any kind of contact would be appreciated.

  5. Gage says:

    I love ghosthunting.i do it myself! LOL

  6. Ernie Sagrero says:

    Hi Harold and the toghs team you guys are great and very professional, it’s been a while since we talked and would love to see and hear from you guys, I am planning to attend one of the sessions that you are having at the libraries, also if you ever need anyone else to give you a hand or wanting to add a new member to the team let me know, Also I could never thank you enough for everything that Harold and the team did for our family.

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