Ghost Hunt with the Pros!

Ghost Hunt with the Pro’s





GHOST HUNTING 101 & 102 Classes this Fall 2017 Owen’s Community college

This course is designed to give you a deeper insight into the world of paranormal investigation. Essential characteristics of a paranormal investigation require a cautious approach backed up with scientific methodology. Learn best practices for ghost hunting, investigating, reviewing evidence and presenting evidence to your client. Learn from real veteran paranormal investigator Harold St. John, founder of Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society. We will study the different types of hauntings, a typical case study of a “Haunting”, the essential investigating equipment, the investigation process and how to deal with the aftermath of an investigation. Students will learn by hands-on use of equipment, proper investigation documentation and safety protocols. The class will end with a field trip to hone the skills you have learned.                                                                   Thursday September 28th – October1 9th 6pm – 8pm. Perrysburg $89

REGISTER TODAY! (567) 661-7357                         


Ghost Hunt with the Pro’s (Ravine Park Cemetery)

Ghost Hunt with the Pro’s (Wolfinger Cemetery)



Harold & John Kachuba.JPG

If you like reading stories of legendary haunted places in Ohio. Take the time to read Ghosting Hunting Ohio (On the road again). TOGHS friend and Author John Kachuba spot lighted our group in chapter 7 the Oliver House! You can also visit his web site at

Ever wanted to learn how to investigate the Paranormal like the Pros?

Now you can! Our Ghost Hunt with the Pros program is a series of lectures, seminars, demonstrations and live investigations of TOGHS verified haunted locations that you can attend!

We get asked all the time if we allow the public on our investigations. However, due to client privacy we are unable to invite you along for those rides. But now you can get the full experience of ghost hunting just like the pros. Whether its a lecture about haunting types and how to cope, how to protect yourself from the paranormal, what type of equipment is best and how to use it, or a live ghost hunt we will teach you how to investigate the paranormal, safely.

All proceeds of these events go to helping the community with their paranormal experiences. Your ticket purchase will help us repair and replace or upgrade equipment, cover travel expenses for our volunteers, and continue to provide our services to clients at no cost.

Join us at our next event:

Ghost Hunt with the Pros at MANSFIELD REFORMATORY!

June 5th 2015


Toledo Ohio Paranormal Society will be taking guests to the Mansfield reformatory (site of the filming of Shawshank Redemption, and featured on the hit TV show Ghost Hunters) on June 5th. Doors to the prison open at 7pm on June 5th, and we will have the ENTIRE property to ourselves for the whole night (with the exception of areas marked with caution tape), until 5AM June 6th! Dinner and Beverages will be provided, along with a short seminar about types of hauntings ans safe ghost hunting, as well as a guided tour before lights out. Once Lights Out occurs, you will be paired with one or our seasoned investigators to go out into the dark prison and investigate. No need to bring any equipment, unless you would like to! You will be able to see a wide range of our professional equipment in use, as well as experience using them yourself! The equipment available will include the Full Spectrum Camera, Night Vision Cameras, Real time EVP machines, EM Pump, Ovilus word bank, and more (subject to change)!

Whats Included:

  • Exclusive access to the entire Mansfield Prison from 7pm to 5am
  • Dinner and beverages
  • Meet and Greet with the TOGHS founders and team
  • Ghost Hunting 101 presentation
  • Ability to view REAL TOGHS evidence from previous cases
  • Use of professional ghost hunting equipment
  • Investigating with a seasoned TOGHS paranormal investigator
  • Copy of all potential evidence post event via Google
  • Instructions on how to review evidence for paranormal activity

Tickets price: $130 per person

Tickets are limited to ensure that everyone gets a personalized experience. We anticipate selling out quickly, so get your tickets early or risk missing this fantastic experience!

Please Note: This is an 18+ event. Children under 18 are not permitted to attend. All participants are required to sign a release of liability form to participate. This form will be emailed to you after your ticket purchase.


If you have a property you would like TOGHS to bring our public program Ghost Hunt with the Pros to, please fill out the form below! This is a great way to bring awareness to what may be a local historical spot! We are also happy to host speeches, and lectures at institutions as well.

Past events:

Ghost Hunt with the Pros: The Evidence!

October 30th 2014

Come join us on All Hallows Eve at Tam-O-Shanter in Sylvania for a Meet and Greet of the TOGHS team, and review of actual Paranormal Evidence! We will be discussing cased from our archives, and showing real ghostly stories, video evidence, EVPs and more! Contact Us to reserve your tickets! This is a free event! We will also have a selection of TOGHS gear you can purchase! Tickets are Limited

Ghost Hunt with the Pros at MANSFIELD REFORMATORY!

April 19th 2014

 Toledo Ohio Paranormal Society took 30 guests to Mansfield Reformatory to investigate the historic prison. The event was a huge success, with lots of personal experiences and hundreds of hours of evidence captured. We would like to thank the MSRP for allowing us exclusive access to the property for the night.

4 Responses to Ghost Hunt with the Pros!

  1. Chris Casida says:

    I wanted to do one on my birthday. Halloween

  2. KIMBERLI says:

    When will you be having another “Ghost Hunt with the Pros” and where? Also what is the cost, or does it depend on the site of the hunt? .

  3. Mike says:

    I would like two tickets to your meet and greet

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