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Do you have a paranormal problem? Are you interested in having an investigation of your home or business? Have a story you would like to share? Please contact us by using the form below. Include your  your name, phone number, and e-mail address and a bit of information about your paranormal situation. We are always accepting new clients, and approach each situation with an open mind. Please allow 3-5 days for a response to your inquiry.

TOGHS also offers House Blessing’s & Cleansing’s


Joining the TOGHS Family

Please note that at this time the TOGHS team is fully staffed for general investigators and we are not accepting new general investigators. We will place a notification on this site as well as our Facebook page when we have openings available.

We are currently seeking a Research Specialist to join our team. Our ideal candidate will have experience and a strong aptitude in the area of researching a particular subject. There is a vast amount of information that can be retrieved on the internet, so this is typically the medium from which a research specialist acquires research information.  He or She also collects information from other reputable sources such as Libraries, Historical Societies, witnesses, archives, etc. This person should also be a self starter, be creative, able to follow direction, and be able to work within a deadline. If you feel you meet these qualifications please click on TOGHS Membership Agreement to view our agreement and then e-mail us (please do not leave a comment on the site asking to join, as it will most likely be missed) with your information, and background as well as a brief explanation of your experience as a Web Master and your interest in the paranormal. This is a voluntary position (non paid) and will be included in investigating as well. This is NOT an opening for a General Investigator. Please only those with Web Design experience apply!

35 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Harold,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I don’t want to use my work computer anymore though. I have just recently relocated back to Toledo from West Bloomfield, MI. My computer should be up and running next week.

    I have had several paranormal experiences, and would like to assist in the study in places of interest. I would be an excellent addition to your team. I have used cameras and EVP’s along with my “feelings”. What I feel “ghost hunters” deal with are earth-bound spirits and I would like to help them cross over. I am in my fifties but feel like 25! If you are all young, what the heck….chance it on an older woman…you may enjoy the experiences! Please call. Love to help, once again.

    Brenda R.

  2. Teri says:

    Hi, my name is Teri. My boyfriend Laith works with you at Tamo. He told me about this website and what you do. I do have some pictures i would like you to look at. They aren’t like most ghost pictures. It’s not shadows or orbs (though i have a bunch of them). You can see a girls face and she looks a lot like me, but a little different. I think it might be my older sister. Also, i was wandering if there was anyway i could talk to you because i don’t just find ghosts in pictures. I can see them in person. Everytime I tell somebody this they think i’m crazy, or that i’m wierd. I’m not. My mom used to tell me how she could see them, and I thought she was making it up, until this one time Laith and I were in bed and I had been having nightmares all night. I woke up and didn’t want to go back to sleep because i didn’t want the nightmares to come back. I was awake for like 10 minutes, laying on my side, so it wasn’t like i was still half asleep. I went to stretch and turn over on my back, and when I rolled over there was this girl hovering over me staring at me right in my face. It took me a second to realize what was going on, and I just screamed and closed my eyes. When i opened them back up she was gone, and i just cried. Ever since that night i have noticed that I’ll see them all the time. At night, in the middle of the day, it doesn’t matter. Also that girl that was hovering over me that night, is the same girl that is in the picture. She looks so much like me, I really think it might be my sister. Well, anyway, I have so much more to say, but it would take me forever to finish. So I’ll have laith talk to you about this. Oh, and if he forgets, and you get this then mention it to him. He usually forgets everything. Thanx

  3. jake stiger says:

    Your doing a good job uncle harold i hope i caan go on another investagation with you soon . Your websites awsome!

  4. haroldstjohn says:

    Thank You Jacob, You did a geat Job too!!

    Harold St John
    TOGHS – Founder

  5. kevin west says:

    hey guys. this is in regards to the property off of airport highway. i went in side for the first time today saturday september 5th. The house has not been entered in quite some time. Annette vacuumed the entire home in strategy to have the last place to have been vacuumed was the capret in front room on the way out. She did this to see if there would be any imprints in the carpet when she returned. There was no imprints on the stairs, none in the hallway and there was many footprints in the master bedroom. they were smaller feet from shoes that looked like a dress shoe or flat bottom soul with no designs. We stayed for 20 minutes. I started to get feelings of someone lightly touching my arms, legs, ears, and hair for most of the time I was there. I got feelings of confusion and a cloudy head feeling. The bathroom felt cold. i will have more later.

  6. kevin west says:

    harold and butch.
    Thank u for comming out monday. for the ones reading this, I had put a bible on the floor opend to romans chapter 6. When I came back a couple days later the bible was concaved like someone has puched it and the page was torn. We are hopefully going to do a full investigation soon. I would love to read anyones comment.

  7. Sean Protsik says:

    hey Harold and Butch I have 2 areas I would like to suggest to you guys, The first one is the Glamorgan castle in alliance ohio, and the other place is Mansfield Reformatory, both places I have heard many scary things about. I am interested in paranormal stuff and one day I hope to get out to these places myself

  8. Thomas says:

    I have a few ghost pictures i would like to submit.
    I dont have a lot of computing skills yet so i cant
    figure out how to send them

  9. Suzanne says:

    How may I join your team?

  10. JESSE says:

    i want to know how i could be part of the fun. how can i join.

  11. Harold says:

    Fill out the membership form

  12. Andrea Steward says:

    Harold, your website is very intriguing, quite a pleasure meeting you and thank you for taking the time to explain toghs! I enjoy checking out the different stories! Very Cool! ttys!

  13. jammie says:

    i have three young childern two boys abd a girl. when i was 17 me and my boyfriend moved into a house together.unfornantly we didn’t know what else we moved in with.we where and still are fighting everyday i eas goin on 18 and had our first son then we became to here footspets and moved we think it followed us to our seconed place and began to tormint our son. i myself seen a dark figuer sitting on my frontroom floor watching tv. it only happened around halloween for a while and we moved again we’ve been where we are now for two years and was just comming out at halloween until this january when my dad died it came out then and it torminted both boys and is back out and won;t leave our middle boy a lone and my husband think it was messing with him the other night.a friend who is the paster son at a church that we went to said its a familier ghost for other terms a holy ghost is there any advice you can give me please if you need more info please call -number removed- thanks

  14. Amie diax says:

    Im REALLY hoping yoy can help me.
    I currently reside in the trilby area.
    I have deep concern that much of this area is extremely haunted.
    I have experienced very unusual things around the area of Rambo Lane and Otjen.
    I did a recording recently and you VERY clearly hear the whistle of a train….there are NO trains near here at all.
    I also heard what i thought to be water…like a drop@?? I originally thought maybe someone drowned close by….i was asking for signs from the dead.
    Im REALLY really really really spooked and there is MUCH MUCH more I could tell you…..
    Can you cone check this area out..please
    thank u tons

    • haroldstjohn says:

      I don’t suggest that you continue doing EVP sessions on your own, Did you record these voices or sounds outside or in your home? If your looking to do research on public property, You can find almost anything at your public library. I’m not sure if you need us or not, Do you believe your home is haunted? Feel free to call me if I can help, 419-377-3298 Thanks Harold

  15. Amber miller says:

    I recently moved to a trailer in Findlay within a week my son who is three stated there was a ghost in my room. Two weeks ago he woke being attacked by what he said was a beast he is now on antipsychotic respiradol and still seeing the beast sometimes he’s afraid other times he’s not. I believe in paranormal I have my own cards, I’ve smudged the house and a priest has came and no relief. I want to find out if my son is a medium since it runs in the family or we have a entity following me and now gas an interest in my son. 5672131158. How much do you charge because funds are limited but would like to get answers and prevent long term use of medication for my son if we are dealing with the paranormal vs mental illness. I have been hearing noises last night it sounded like popcorn popping and my dryer being on which I thought was strange. Thank you

    • haroldstjohn says:

      I’m not sure what this might be, There’s only one way to tell sor sure and that is with documentation, Either Audio or video, What did the Priest say? Being a medium or having a gift dosen’t have anything to do with being attacked. I will call you Monday after Easter, We can talk more then, If you need to talk sooner, feel free to call me at 419-377-3298. Thanks Harold

  16. carl says:

    i have seen many of ur pic but can be debunked.

  17. Tamika says:

    One-day my nephew Thomas was at my house and my son Jessie was playing the playstion 3. So my nephew Thomas wanted to take a picture of the video that my son was playing on his Nintendo 3 DS and a picture of a Ghost showed up on my Living room wall with a smile. I’ve also took a picture of my living room celing with my daughter’s DSI and it was a person standing there. A Letter T showed up on my bedroom ceiling the other day and a shadow was waving at me. On Saturday May 19, 2012 my 12 year old daughter was taking a bath after 10:00 p.m, and she looked up screamed from the top of her lungs saying it’s something in the bathtube with her and then she flew out of there face was red and tears was rollilng down her eyes. So we flew out the house and spent the night at my sister’s house. I really would like for Ghost Hunter’s to come out and Investigate. I also believe that my Apartments is built on type of a Cemetary. We’ve lived at my old apartment for 6 years and never experience anything like this. This Monday Morning May 21 my mom and i were in my living and we saw some light circle’s that showed up on my living room ceiling. We were just a watching. Then i said if this is my son Christopher LaCarlus LeeVon Childs can you write a letter C on my living room wall. Nothing happened. I said if this is auntie Karen can she write the letter K on my Living Ceiling. Nothing Happened. I said if this is my cousin Tina can she write a letter T on my living room ceiling and a few minutes letter bam there was the T. I would like to know if Ghost Hunter’s can come out an investant my apartment ASAP. Were scared like crazy. Thank You Please call me MS. Childs at: 586-339-6975

  18. OKToledo says:

    I just started up a blog of my explorations in urban ruins in Northwest Ohio – I’ve seen and heard things over the 10+ years that I have been exploring and even have some pretty weird photos.

  19. Matt Mills says:

    Hey Harold, this is Matt Mills. My mom works at one of the local schools, and for years they have experienced things that cannot be explained. Paranormal things. Anyways, they are moving to the new school over Christmas break, and they need help getting rid of the spirit(s) that are there. They are afraid that the spirit(s) will follow them to the new school. They just recently found a message that was left “from the other side”, in the school. We have pictures of it. She needs to get it approved to have someone investigate there. Arlene had mentioned to my mom that you provide services like this. If you can contact me about providing your services, that would be helpful. Thank you Harold. Matt Mills (419) 705-3068

  20. Dear TOGHS,
    i saw an episode of “Paranormal Witness” and the title of the episode was called “The Cabin”.
    and in that episode they were talking about a Werewolf in London,Ohio and the “suspected” Werewolf was a guy named George which leads me to my question Do you have any photos or any other information about this George guy all i know from the episode is He was a recluse,was lanky,stood 6 ft 5, and had intense gold eyes.if you have any photos or any information about this George guy please send them to me by my email

  21. MICHAEL says:


  22. Donald says:

    Hello my name is Donald . My family and I move to our new home in Holland Ohio we noticed things that we can’t explain mainly our daughter she is telling me that there is a little girl in her room named Serena . So I told my daughter to tell Serena to come here I want to talk to her as i soon as I said that the cups and ashtray flew off the table . Five days later she telling me that Serena said she wants her out of her room I’m not sure what I’m dealing with I was hoping you guys can help me

    • toghs says:

      Please use the Contact Us form to start the process. This will get you in touch with our case manager so she can start a file for you!

  23. Leah Stillman says:

    Sorry wrong email

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