Mohican Haunted Castle Cemetery

The land that the castle was built on was previously the site of an English/German church. At some point in the late 1800s, the church disputed over which language to speak during worship services. The English won the dispute. The Germans decided to dig up the bodies of their relatives buried in the cemetery and re-inter them to another location down the road. Not long after, the church mysteriously burned to the ground. The current owners of the site have been plagued by fires ever since acquiring the property in 1991. A children’s book factory on the property burned to the ground in 1992. The facility moved to another location where they also experienced strange fires. It was later burned beyond repair. The on-site restaurant burned down on the castle property in 2007. None of the fires were officially solved. Some believe the land is cursed. Guests of the resort have reported seeing a girl wearing a blue dress in the graveyard. People have reported hearing crying in the cemetery and pool building at night. The pool building was built where the church originally sat. Guests have also reported seeing Civil War era soldiers in their rooms.

From our friends at Ohio Exploration


TOGHS has visited the Castle and the surrounding grounds several times over the last three years, and again on the weekend of 8/12/16.  On our first visit, Becky & I were invited to take the ghost tour. We also spent that night in the legendary haunted cabin 13, the “Macbeth” cabin. We ran EVP sessions in the cabin, the bathhouse, the Cemetery, a small tunnel and an old well on the property. We came away with little evidence of a haunting, but found the Castle and the history of the property very interesting.

On this last trip we ran several EVP sessions in the cemetery focusing on Sarah and Samantha Carnegie; they were a mother and daughter that had passed away in March and April of 1852, Sarah was 34 years old at the time and her daughter Samantha was eight years old. We suspect that they may have died from some sort of illness; possibly the same illness since the deaths were only a couple of weeks apart. There were gifts left at the grave site, hand colored pictures of unicorns, drawings, and several dollars in change lying on the head stone. While filming a short video of our visit we captured a strange abnormality on our RCA hand held camera. Becky was standing in front of Samantha and Sarah’s headstone while talking about a third woman named Elizabeth who was also buried in the cemetery; she has reportedly been seen walking there at night. The mist was captured after I panned the camera in the direction of her gravesite. Could she be the unexplained mist figure passing in front of the camera lens at the 47 second mark of this video? Or is it Sarah and her daughter? We have been unable to attribute the mist to smoke or any type of lens flare or light abnormality.

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