Section Rd


TOGHS took this case in 2015. The original home is not really old from a history perspective. Therefore we did not find much information while doing the research.  Although the home sits on a very large piece of land it also sits in total darkness after sunset.  I’m sure at one time it was farmland.  While interviewing our client Tom in regard to the reported paranormal activity in the home, we were told claims of voices being heard, music playing, pans falling off the ceiling racks and even a shadowy type of figure. The home seemed very warm & friendly to me. The kind of home that anyone would like to grow up living in, away from the city, but not too far away from local necessities. As we continued to sit with Tom while he shared his own paranormal experiences within the home, we were introduced to woman who also lived in the home years before as a child into her late teens. (We will call her Pam to protect her privacy). Pam was a very pleasant woman but seemed somewhat upset and maybe even a little afraid to be back in the home.

After our interview with Tom was complete, we had the opportunity to talk with Pam about her experiences growing up in the home. She had a much darker side of the home and her childhood growing up in the home.  Pam shared her horrible stories of abuse, some emotional, some physical as well as claims of child molestation.  Pam also shared with us some of the things she witnessed in the home that would definitely be considered paranormal.  Sometimes I wonder, is it the living or the dead that we should fear more?  She also described some of the same activity, voices, music playing, objects being moved from place to place, and the same shadow figure that Tom has seen.  Pam seemed to think that there could very well be two separate entities in the home, one being good the other darker and more negative in nature.

TOGHS set up our investigation time and asked Pam to join us for this particular investigation, not using her as a trigger object but to help identify any entity that she may have known from her past.

As we investigated late into the evening through sessions one and two, covering the cellar and entire first and second floors, we didn’t feel as though we were capturing anything of the paranormal realm and the home seemed quite. We had taken a couple hundred photos and recorded both sessions using digital audio recorders as well as full spectrum video.

We decided to finish our investigation by holding session three in the upstairs bedroom where Pam had slept as a child. We also invited Tom and Pam to joins us for this last session. We used some of our common equipment to document this session, Camera’s, audio & video recorders, EMF meters etc.  As a way to capture and document more evidence we decided to also use the Ovilus III for this particular session as well. Sometimes you’re very good doing EVP sessions, sometimes you’re very lucky. This time we were both, during our last session were introduced to Tom’s Dad and his Brother that had passed away, they both spoke through the Ovilus III, even sharing their names. They also told us they were trying to keep the home safe of unwanted entities and to protect Tom and his Family. When we asked if anyone else was in the home and knew of it’s dark past, The Ovilus III spoke three words in succession, Beat – The – Girl.  We may never know who might have spoken these horrible words from years past, was it the shadow figure? Was it Tom’s Dad or Brother?  Was it just negative energy that had absorbed into the walls of Pam’s old bedroom?

As our communication with our unseen guest faded to silence. We thanked them for sharing some time with us and for showing themselves through the Ovilus III.  We were left with several thoughts, Tom had communicated with his deceased Father and Brother, and someone had knowledge of the abuse that was taking place in the home years past. This case also gave Pam an opportunity to come back to her childhood home and face the dark energy giving her the chance to heal and try to move past it.

We continue to speak with Tom on occasions, He feels completely comfortable in his home, He stills witnesses some paranormal activity from time to time, but also feels comfort knowing his Family is there watching over him also.


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