Toledo Private Residence

100_0403In order to protect our client’s privacy we will not disclose their address, however we are using their first names with their permission.
This case was brought to TOGHS in December 2012 via email through our website.
TOGHS case Manager Becky then contacted the perspective clients, Ian and Molly by phone. After a brief conversation, the group decided the circumstances merited an in-home interview.
Before meeting with our clients, we did a quick research of this two story home in the Five Points area of Toledo.
Coincidently, we have received several requests for investigations in this same neighborhood in the last year. The home was built in 1928 with Ian and Molly being the second owners. The prior owners had lived there until 2011. We were also informed that the previous owner’s grandson had committed suicide in the home just prior to the purchase of the home by our clients.
Butch, Becky and I arrived at the home in the early evening just before sunset. We were greeted at the door by Ian and his buddy Jed. (A very friendly hound dog) Both Ian and Molly seemed very friendly and Jed seemed to especially like Becky. We took a few minutes to get acquainted and soon began our interview process. Becky sat with Molly taking notes while Ian gave Butch and I a tour of his home.
Butch and I had brought a Sony static night vision still camera and EMF tester along with our digital audio recorders in order to record our conversations for later and document anything that may seem out of the ordinary. We first ascended the staircase to the second floor. When we arrived at the top of the stairs; Butch began to record very high EMF’s, later debunked as the light switch located just to the left in the hallway. There were three bedrooms, an office that was kind of a hidden room and a bathroom. We visited every room one at a time while listening to Ian’s tales of the homes history and reported paranormal activity. One of the bedrooms was reportedly haunted by a shadow type figure that had also been seen in other rooms throughout the home. In another room an apparition of a small boy had been seen standing by the bed; this same apparition was also witnessed standing in the kitchen by one of Molly’s friends. The boy was wearing normal attire, a grey shirt and blue jeans; although his black eyes did not seem normal, rather spooky you might say.
The bedroom is where Molly was reportedly choked in bed and actually hand the marks on her neck to prove it. In this room there is a door that leads to the attic where they reported hearing voices and giggling. After visiting the attic we went to the bathroom where Molly felt bullied by this paranormal guest. Molly told Becky that she felt a presence and that she had also been pushed more than once while taking a shower.
After taking many notes and pictures, we returned to the first floor to regroup before continuing our tour in the cellar where the suicide had occurred approximately two years earlier. There were several rooms in the cellar, including the laundry room, a room that allowed Ian to run his micro-brewery and a barroom that Ian called the Speak Easy. It was the kind of room a guy could retreat to in order to get away, relax and have a drink without actually leaving the home. It had a fireplace, poker table, bar area and even a dartboard to shoot some darts while hanging out. The only downside to all of this was the fact that this is where the reported suicide had occurred. I’m the kind of guy that likes to know who’s buying his drinks and who I’m drinking them with.
After our tour of the cellar and brief stay in the Speak Easy, we ended our interview with Ian and returned upstairs to find that Becky had also finished her interview and had already visited the second floor herself with Molly. We had also learned that there were additional reports of strange activity going on in the home such as the wooden archways seeping some form of strange fluid, and a door that appeared to have been clawed. Molly claimed that she witnessed the strange marks appear before her eyes while she was cleaning the area. Once we left the home we agreed that this home warranted an investigation.
We conducted the investigation approximately two weeks later on a Saturday evening. TOGHS members Butch, Becky, Michelle, Joey and I were joined by part time investigators Louis, Chris, and Joe’s friend JoAnn also came to help if needed. We arrived at the house around 8:00pm., and began to set up the equipment in the garage. After a brief delay with our technical equipment we broke off into two groups and began our investigation.
Group #1 consisted of Lead Investigator Butch, Joey, Chris and Louis, Group #2 consisted of Lead Investigator Michelle, Joe, JoAnn and our client Ian, I worked the tech table while waiting for Becky to arrive later. Group #1 held their first session in the attic followed by the second floor bedrooms. Group #2 held their first session in the cellar and Speak Easy. At the end of the first session, our investigators returned to the tech area where we recharged our batteries, changed DVD’s and shared some personal experiences.
Group #1 claimed to have heard strange noises, and witnessed peaks in the EMF equipment on several occasions including on direct command by Butch. Group #2 experienced some of the same things in addition to smelling cigarette smoke in the Speak Easy. In between sessions Butch and Louis had an opportunity to take a closer look at the claw marks on the cellar door leading to the bar room. We found it odd, but thought it could be easily debunked and decided to discard it.
The second session began with Group #1 heading to the cellar and Speak Easy and group #2 investigating the second floor bedrooms and attic. I sat at the tech table and watched our investigators as they worked each room. Michelle’s group placed a rubber ball on the dresser in the bedroom where the little boy had been witnessed. At one time I saw the ball roll across the dresser; this was later debunked when the furnace kicked on. Butch debunked some of the high spikes on the KII meter as electrical. Once session two was complete our investigators returned to the tech table and reported that the personal experiences had subsided somewhat; the house had become somewhat quiet.
While regrouping in the garage, we decided that we would try to recreate some of the scenario’s that had been taking place during the reported activity. We cleared the home of all investigators and sent Co-Founder Butch Leon and Case Manager Becky McClenathen in alone. Butch recorded the session on an Infrared night vision mini DVD recorder along with his digital audio recorder, Becky documented the session using her KII meter along with her digital audio recorder. They began their session in the bedroom hosting the door to the attic where Molly had experienced the attack. Becky lay on the bed and began her session by asking the entity if it was responsible for the attack, and the bed immediately collapsed as if to answer her. We didn’t consider this paranormal in any way until we later discovered that two of our previous investigators had not only laid on the bed during their EVP session but had kind of bounced on the bed as well. (Paranormal or Coincidence?) Butch captured this event on his mini DVD. After Butch and Becky finished this session they moved to the office, where Becky repeated the same line of questioning as in the previous rooms. They finished the session by re-creating the shower scene; Becky stood in the shower conducting an EVP session while under video surveillance with water running in the sink. Butch stood just outside the shower area with his video camera. We were hoping that by re-creating past events we would capture something paranormal on our video or audio recordings.
We ended the investigation after holding a communication time in the Speak Easy with the core members of the group attempting to communicate with the young man who had committed suicide.
While analyzing the videos we decided that the bed breaking may have been paranormal rather than coincidence. We captured two class B EVP’s; the first one was caught when Butch and Becky were in the upstairs office. We captured the sound of a child giggling; which was one of the reports that our clients had given us during the initial interview. In addition, Becky was verbally attacked while in the shower during her EVP session, the voice was clearly a man and dark in nature; this EVP was sexually explicit and aggressive.
Equipment Used:
4 DVR static night vision cameras Nothing paranormal captured
1 Infrared night vision mini DVD camera- 2 EVP’s (Class B) included in story
1 Hand held Sony Super 8 Static night vision camera – noises and shadows
1 Panasonic night vision hand held camera-– Nothing captured
4 Digital Audio recorders – 2 EVP’s (Class B)
2 Sony Digital still cameras with night vision – Nothing captured, pictures included in story
1 Infar Red Thermometer – Nothing Captured
2 KII meters- Several spikes throughout the investigation also captured on video
1 Lutron EMF-822A Field tester- High EMF readings off and on
1 EMF booster used in cellar speak easy
Personal Experiences – Several team members had heard voices, odd noises, and smell of cigarette smoke.

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