Richard Road Investigation


Richards Road

This story is written by our TOGHS member Michelle Maddux
I pulled up to the creepy looking house on Richards’s road at around 7pm. Upon first impression, the place had that air of ‘old abandoned house’, but the fact that it was set so far back from the road, and screened off by a line of trees made it the perfect type of place for us to be investigating. Upon walking up to the group and re-introducing myself (mind you this was my first investigation with the group, as I recall it was my ‘probation investigation’ so to speak) it seemed to be controlled chaos of setting up and walk through. It only took about 20 minutes for things to pick up. I was standing outside talking to the clients about the home and what was going on, since I didn’t have a formal role at the time, when Butch came up clutching at his chest and stomach. He leaned against the van in the driveway while Amy asked him if he was OK. While doubled over, he said that he felt like something latched onto him and “wouldn’t let go. It just kind of grabbed me.” With that exact situation being in my ‘line of work’, I told him to stand still and take deep breathes, and asked him if he wanted me to get it off of him. Butch agreed, and I pulled out my ’emergency kit’ of abalone shell, wood stand, charcoal disk, smudge blend and turkey feather. I proceeded to smudge him thoroughly to remove the bond that had been formed between him and whatever decided he was the flavor of the day. He seemed to immediately feel better. He stood straighter, wasn’t dizzy or short of breathe anymore. Once I was satisfied he was feeling right again, I set the smudge kit aside for the opening prayer circle.
Shortly afterword, with the sun setting, we split up into two groups. Me, Butch, Amy and our client Denise were in one group. Harold, Becky, Marie and our client Red in the other group. Jeff ran the tech table on this investigation in the little mud room. Our group began upstairs. The floors were old hardwood, and creaky. this was before ‘Lights out’, Amy and I were looking in the bedroom at the top of the stairs, talking about an anomaly on the still camera, then debunking it as natural reflection from the incandescent bulb, when unbeknown to us we were being sung to. The evp was captured on our digital recorder, which we didn’t hear until the review of course. Shortly after that we had went lights out, then started our communication sessions. We started in the upstairs foyer, and got some knocking and tapping that appeared to be in response to specific questions. Then moved into the far right (standing at top of stairs looking into the bedrooms) bedroom, and took photos, and did another evp session. We continued to get knocks and taps that became more random. We were unable to determine the source of the sounds. We moved to the middle room where Butch was attached to, and did the ‘flash light trick’. We asked is the person was female and the light turned on. We asked the person to turn it on brighter, and the flashlight would brighten. We asked for it to dim, and it would dim. It was pretty impressive. We made sure to bang on the floor and move around to debunk it, and nothing we did short of touching it would turn it on. After we were no longer getting responses, our group moved to the last bedroom by the bathroom. We felt a cold spot in there, but nothing much else. We had been investigating for well over an hour at this point, and swapped with your group to go downstairs.
Butch decided that it would be a good time to pull out the dowsing rods. He explained to Denise how they worked, and then started in the master bedroom. After we began asking questions, like “did you live in this house”, we would get the rods to cross. Butch showed Denise how to hold them, and she used them for a time. We got several responses, including that they were family of three. After several hours of investigating with not much more happening except a few bumps and knocks, we called it a night for the most part. I left around 12pm after closing prayer, where I could not stop giggling. I’m not sure why, but it seemed to be the most ridiculous thing that I was leading the prayer, and I couldn’t stop chuckling through it. I would have been embarrassed if I wasn’t busy trying to figure out what I thought was so funny!
After analyzing our findings we found several evp’s,  One was recorded in a bedroom on Harold’s recorder, after you asking “where is butch”  the evp said “go to the other world” Another recorded evp was that of a female saying ‘hello’.
This investigation was closed a few weeks later with an entire house cleansing.
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  1. Rose says:

    is this richards road in Toledo?

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