Old Port Clinton Ghost Walk

Do ghosts intrigue you? Does the romantic history of a small town invite you to walk with the spirits and wonder where or when you may feel their presence? Then walk with Victoria as your guide through old Port Clinton. Her true tales of historic homes and the people who lived on and sailed Lake Erie take you to the distant and not-so-distant past as you view gargoyles, haunted pathways, and other ghostly retreats. Several of TOGHS team members had the pleasure of taking this ghost walk with Vickie Heinsen this past Saturday evening July 9, 2010. It was a beautiful summer evening so we decided to gather at one of our favorite pubs in old Port Clinton a couple hours prior to indulge in a few non ghostly spirits beforehand. We then took the two block walk to the Marshall Inn bed and breakfast for our scheduled 8:00PM tour. We were greeted at the front door by Vickie herself.  She immediately invited us into her home and shared a few stories of the history and haunting of her beautiful home. While listening to Vickie’s stories of the past I took several pictures of the Parlor and dinning room including the legendary haunted staircase. We were then led outside and down the street to begin our journey to haunted homes and buildings in this small lakeside town. We first visited the Courthouse and were taken back by its massive beauty; we were then informed of the building after hour’s unseen guest. If you look close in the picture, just below the clock tower you’ll see Gargoyles in all four corners. We were then taken to the middle school were Vickie shared a strange story with us that the schools maintenance man shared with her. He had once entered a room that was occupied by several men in suits and ties. He would have thought nothing of this except the fact that they were all wearing suits from a much earlier era, maybe as early as the 1950’s. And the other strange thing about this unscheduled meeting was the fact that it was well after business hours and there wasn’t a meeting scheduled for that particular day. We visited several more local homes and businesses along the way listening to every story of the city’s haunted past. I’ve included several pictures of these various locations we visited during our Ghost walk. TOGHS would like to thank Vickie for sharing her knowledge and haunted history of old Port Clinton. If you are ever in this sleepy lakeside town, stop in the Marshall Bed and Breakfast if you’re brave enough. 204 Monroe Street, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
Phone: 419-734-2707
Toll Free: 1-877-376-5531

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