Hocking County Historical Brick Company

Hocking County Historical Brick Company – April 28, 2010 TOGHS visited the old Hocking County brick company just outside of Nelsonville, OH.  While there we met a Professor from Hocking College and several of his students. They were repairing and restoring the two remaining brick making kilns. We learned that this company was formed in the early 1880’s and consisted of more then 20 brick firing kilns. The bricks were used to cover the streets of Nelsonville and were used for many other projects as well. They used this area for brick making because the clay composition in the soil was perfect. Each of the kilns had a tunnel or shaft underneath that led to an adjacent Smoke stack in order to release the poisonous gases. The kiln also had a small brick opening in the top that could be removed at the end of the day to help cool the inside of the kiln. The business began to slow down in the early 1920’s and eventually closed in 1940 with the introduction of asphalt. Although we didn’t encounter any ghosts while visiting, we were able to go back in time and experience what it may have been like working in the brick making business. This old historical site is very easy to find when traveling between Nelsonville, OH and Lake Hope on Rt 269. It is approximately 5 miles before the legendary haunted Lake Hope furnaces. One thing you should keep in mind while visiting, if you are caught taking a brick from this site, you may face up to a $20.000 fine. We shared a few pictures of this site below.

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2 Responses to Hocking County Historical Brick Company

  1. RYAN says:

    I’ve been looking online for directions to this area, but I can’t find anything. Can you post information on how to find out exactly where this is? I’m from Columbus so I’d be nice to know where I’m going when I decide to make the journey. Thanks!

  2. Terrance brooks says:

    hi it nice to be part of you guys i like to meet ou guys we got a hunted place in haydenville i been there it very awesome to check out.

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