Moonville Tunnel – New Pictures and Video 2010

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3 Responses to Moonville Tunnel – New Pictures and Video 2010

  1. Joyce Thompson says:

    We just visited the Moonville tunnel and cemetery yesterday (4/26/11). Unfortunately, we could not get across the creek because of the high waters a flooding in the area. I did capture a strange photo from across the creek… a mist that was not visible to me when I was standing there. It appears they are rebuilding the trusses in order to complete the nature trails. The cemetery and furnace where interesting but came across no activity.

  2. Terrance brooks says:

    i work down there with state in the 80 at the ccc camp

  3. Megan says:

    I’ve been there multiple times. And everytime I’m there I get a strange feeling. We were there one night and something came running at us from in the tunnel. And then just disappeared. We stay for a little longer and then we started hearing what sounded like a little girl singing. Everything I’ve read said there wasn’t any little kids there that died. I was a very disturbing and scary experience.

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