Moonville Cemetary

Moonville Cemetery: April 2010

Most of the residents of Moonville, Ohio were buried just west of town in Moonville Cemetery. This old cemetery sits on top of a hill just outside the ghost town of Moonville. Many of the town’s founding fathers are buried here, including members of the Coe family, who once owned much of the Zaleski forest in rural Vinton County where the cemetery and the haunted Moonville railroad tunnel are located.

There are at least thirteen known graves at the cemetery, many more have been lost to time. All that remains of the missing headstones are their imprints in the land.

If Moonville is haunted, there is a good chance the cemetery is haunted as well. The ghosts who continue to haunt Moonville are surely buried here. With help from our friends at Forgotten Ohio and Haunted Hocking we have posted some of the gravesite names for you. This cemetery is almost as creepy as the tunnel itself. Drive past the Moonville tunnels’ iron bridge and up the steep driveway to the right and you’ll find the cemetery; it’s well worth a visit.

Moonville Cemetery Gravestones:

Lovisa Coe  1843 – 1885 (Consumption)

Cliff Coe       1844-1899  (Heart Attack)

Preston Coe  Born: 1847 Died February 28 1865  Age 17

Jacob Coe    March 5, 1869 age 10 months

Wellington Coe

Benjamin Jones  May 22, 1832 – February 24, 1912

Rachel Stilwell Jones June 12, 1842 – April 1, 1914

Eber Jones     December 2, 1875  June 30, 1876

Ideliae Jones July 5, 1874 – July 15, 1874

Louzanna Jones   Died Sept 14, 1865 age 3 years

Matilda Stilwell  Died March 17, 1870 Age 73

William Stillwell    April 20, 1827 – May 5, 1876  age 49

Sarah Ann Lentner Stillwell   October 24, 1830 – August 21, 1905  Age 74

Unmarked Graves:

Charlie Ferguson Died 1912 (killed by train)

Joiner – Died 1903 Infant

Grace Mace Young Girl

James Mace Grandfather

Bessie Stilwell – Died 1910 Age 6 Hot cup of coffee spilled down back

Jerry Ross Died before 1880

Albert Stilwell Died 1900 -choked to death on 22  cartridge Age 4

Worthington Coe Died 1884 Age 85

Haunted Hocking

Forgotten Ohio

Equipment Used:

1 Digital Audio recorders – Nothing Captured

1 Sony Digital still cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Cell Censor EMF machine – Nothing Captured

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1 K2 Meter – Nothing Captured

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3 Responses to Moonville Cemetary

  1. Rita Deubner says:

    Wondering if there are any O’Leary’s in the Moonville cemetery. That’s where my grandmother was born. Her name was Bridget Ellen O’Leary born to Ellen and Patrick O’Leary in 1879. She died in Middleport in 1947 before I was born.

  2. R. I. P. for the four year old that choked on a 22 cartridge. I didn’t see the cemetery on my trip but I did get to take some photos of the brick structures near the what I assume is the Harris Brick Plant.

    There are some photos of my the tunnel and newspaper clippings on its history at:

  3. Kimmy Carsno says:

    I was wondering if there is a headstone for Charlie Ferguson? Died in 1912. I can’t seem to actually find it. He was related to my grandmother and I have been going through all of her paperwork but can’t seem to find any pictures or information on where he was actually buried.

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