South Street

South Ave Investigation: April 9, 2010

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South Street

This case was brought to TOGHS by Case Manager Marie. During Marie’s interview, she learned that his side by side Duplex home on South Avenue was built in 1897. It has had many different owners over the past century. One of the former owner’s Wilton C Lyman had a very mysterious past. Wilton lived in the home from 1941 through 1954 along with whom we believe to be his wife Annie Mae. It looks as though he may have bought the home from his Father Louis A Lyman who owned the home previously. On December 24, 1954 Wilton came up missing. The newspaper reports stated that he was the pilot in a small two seated plane flying over Lake Michigan heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The plane reportedly crashed en route. Authorities never recovered the plane or the bodies. After an extensive search of the lake, the only evidence found was a life jacket floating alone in open waters. We could not find an obituary for him in any newspaper. Could Wilton be the person or person’s said to be haunting this home? As we checked the history of the home further we came across another owner, His name was Robert Crooks and he lived in the duplex next door from 1951 through 1960. Robert did not pass away in the home, however his infant son Mark died at the residence on December 5, 1956.

The current owner Pat purchased the home in 2004. He and his wife bought the home for the purpose of renting it out and making extra income. It was during renovations that Pat began to hear noises coming from unoccupied rooms. He recalled an instance while working in the cellar. He heard what sounded like doors opening and closing, the door alarms went off, proving to Pat that someone or something had indeed entered the home uninvited. Pat kept a television and a radio in the home to keep him company while working alone. Each of these appliances would take turns coming on and going off by themselves. If this wasn’t spooky enough, the continued footsteps throughout the home day and night would surely scare someone. These reported paranormal occurrences are not what caused Pat to seek us out though. It got much worse! Two stories Pat shared with TOGHS made this case really interesting. The first was when Pat began to replace one of the furnaces in the cellar. While digging a platform to place the furnace, the cellar door which also led to the outside, began to slam over and over, hard enough that you would think someone was trying to break the door. When Pat ran to find who and why someone would do this, he realized the cellar door was locked and no one was there. Once he regained his composure and began to dig the platform again, he came across several bones. Even though Pat didn’t know what type of bones they could be, he did know that he had indeed unearthed something that intensified the paranormal activity throughout the home. TOGHS has learned over the years that everything created, be it human or animal is made of energy and has a soul. We’ve also learned that most souls do NOT like having their burial sites unearthed. Although Pat reburied the mysterious bones and closed the open grave, did he already release the spirit of this unseen energy? That’s when we took this case.

We arrived at the home close to 7:00PM on Friday April 21, 2010. Team members Butch, Mike Marie, Jeff, Amy and I would make up the group for this investigation. Marie and Amy took base line readings in each room including the cellar. They did not find anything paranormal in regards to temperature fluctuations or electro magnetic fields being giving off from the home. We shut down the furnace and unplugged all appliances regardless. After setting up 4 digital video night vision cameras in the reported hot spots, we broke into two groups. Butch would lead his group with Marie and Amy. I would work with Mike while Jeff worked the tech table keeping a watch on the 4 video monitor. Just as our investigation began, we began to witness strange occurrences; two of our DVR cameras that were set up in different rooms fell at exactly the same time. There didn’t seem to be a reason for either one to fall, after setting them up again we began our investigation a second time. We held 20 minute EVP sessions in each room of the duplex home while taking digital still photos and video recording each session with our handheld night vision cameras. As the evening wore on we experienced other strange phenomenon. While Butch’s group was investigating the attached home next door, Mike and I investigated the cellar. Each group carried a hand held 2way radio. Its purpose was to keep constant contact if needed. This is one of those times that it was needed. Mike and I decided to recreate the burial by opening the grave in the cellar. I began to dig first while Mike took digital photos of the event. After digging a couple feet down while provoking the reported spirits, Mike and I switched positions. While Mike began to dig further, I used a video recorder while holding an EVP communication session. While I was talking with the unseen member of our group, Jeff called down to let us know that one of the upstairs EMF machines sitting in front of a DVR camera had begun to flash and show high electro magnetic fields in the unoccupied living room. As we continued to dig further down, I that I thought I heard music being played somewhere in the cellar with the volume down very low. We finished this session and met the other group in the tech room. Once we shared our experiences we found that Butch, Marie and Amy had heard the same music being played at the exact time, but in the room next to them. After checking our EMF equipment, we could not come up with a valid reason for the huge fluctuation in EMF’s. We had shut off the furnace, appliances as well as the lights in the entire home. Maybe we captured several paranormal events simultaneously? Should we have left the grave alone? We continued our investigation taking more photos, recording audio and video the entire time. We ended our investigation with the entire group in the cellar. While Pat reburied the open grave under video surveillance, the entire group each held an EVP session. We talked with each and every soul that had lived in the home over the past 113 years since it was built. Some of us thought we heard faint voices, others thought they heard music being played again. We ended our investigation with a closing prayer and thanked our client for inviting us. Over the next several days we analyzed our findings. Some things we captured can be explained by normal reasoning, some things we just can’t explain. I have shared the video of Mike and I in the cellar alone. I recorded this video with a Panasonic hand held video camera. You hear me ask if there is anyone in the cellar with us. You’ll then hear our unseen guest answer ‘YES”

Equipment Used:

4 DVR night vision cameras – EMF equipment reacting to sudden high EMF’s

3 Digital Audio recorders – Nothing Captured

2 Sony Digital still cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Infar Red Thermometer – Nothing Captured

1 Cell Censor EMF machine – Flashing red at different times during the investigation

2 Panasonic hand held Video Cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Panasonic night vision hand held camera – A male voice answering ‘YES’

Personal Experiences – Several team members had heard music playing, voices and footsteps

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3 Responses to South Street

  1. Brent McCormack says:

    How can my team investigate this site? Any advice would be appreciated…

    Thank you,

  2. Harold says:

    Hello, Thanks for commenting, unfortunately the home was sold right after our investigation

  3. Mark Baer says:

    I thought I would mention the investigation on South Street in Toledo. My mother’s brother, Robert Taylor, was co-pilot on the Lockheed Electra that went down in Lake Michigan, but it was December 24, 1952 and not 1954, perhaps why you could not find an obit for Mr. Lyman. Robert Taylor was declared dead 7 years later by his family when nothing turned up. The following url is from a 1936 yearbook and shows a picture of Wilton Lyman, which I happened to find today.

    Since the plane was full of automobile parts, they assumed it was so heavy that it sank right to the bottom of the lake and why nothing was ever found. If they went down in a deep part of the lake, that would explain alot. They radioed Mitchell Field about 2:47 a.m. requesting to land and then nothing. The Coast Guard could not do much of a search because of winds and rough seas.
    Mr. Lyman I was told left behind a wife and two children in Toledo. He was 32 and my uncle was 24, from Marion, OH, but was also living in Toledo at the time.

    Here is an article from the Milwaukee Sentinel 12/25/1952 if you need to confirm.,455437&hl=en

    Mark Baer

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