Casey Pomeroy

Casey Pomeroy Home – March 2010

TOGHS heard about this beautiful old home from case manager Marie. She works with a mutual friend of the owners. I will give you a short version of its history. The Casey Pomeroy house was built in 1870 by Theodore Casey, The home is now owned by Stu and Susan who have turned into a beautiful bed and breakfast. If you want to walk back into history while living or visiting in Toledo, you won’t be disappointed spending the night there. Theodore Casey and his wife Sarah had five children; four of them died during that period, I’m not sure if any of them died in the home, they are buried at a local cemetery. Theodore later remarried, we discovered this in a letter when Theodore’s second wife’s family contacted her in regard to having some of the Casey family china. The home then switched hands to the John Worthington family. John was a wealthy banker, a millionaire; he had one daughter, Hanna Matilda Worthington, who eventually married George Pomeroy Jr. She became the third owner of the home along with her husband. They had no children, George died around 1924. The catholic Diocese then took over the home. While the Diocese owned the home, it housed the nuns of St Ursula and then the nuns of St Francis. In addition to being a home for nuns; it was a school for troubled children. When the nuns left the house it sat empty for several years until Susan and Stu purchased it.

Interview and Tour of the home – TOGHS arrived at the Casey Pomroy home early on a Saturday morning, we were amazed by the structural beauty of this huge four story home. We met Sue at the back entranceway. Once inside we traveled along a short hallway with a staircase to the cellar on our right and ending in the huge remodeled kitchen. As we sat with Sue listening to her stories of the history of the home and some of the reported paranormal activity, I could hardly wait to take the tour. Our first visit would be another hallway linked to the first, where Sue had heard someone unseen tell her that ‘We need help’ then into a very long foyer with enormous rooms branching off on both sides. We passed through the library and what I would consider a sitting room. We then visited a beautiful chapel with stained glass windows and remnants of a ceiling painted in gold leaf still in place. It housed several rows of pews, the original alter and a statue of Mother Mary. This was a peaceful room where anyone would feel closer to our creator. We then entered the Parlor. This room is where guests were greeted when they visited the home. Only friends or family would be granted access to any other room. At the end of the hallway near the front entrance was the main staircase leading to the upper floors. Each staircase would lead up a flight of stairs and onto a landing, then would turn and continue up another flight onto the next floor. The second floor hallway was decorated with more beautiful antique furniture. This is also the floor where today’s guest would stay. We toured the St Francis room first. This is one of the smaller rooms, very peaceful and friendly. Then the Pomeroy room which is a bit larger and full of antique furniture including the bed, dresser and sitting chairs. This also the room where Sue was sleeping when she heard her name called just outside the door. We continued down a long hallway and into the Grand Suite. This room was very large and had all the amenities you could ask for in a honeymoon suite. It had a huge antique bed with a beautiful hardwood headboard, a separate bathroom with a bathtub from the late 1800’s along with a sitting area. This is the room where someone had captured a strange picture of a face in the headboard of the bed.

Back in the hallway we entered a smaller room. I listened as Sue told us the story of a time when the home was run by the Nuns and was a school for behaviorally challenged children. The room was used as a kind of time-out area and had been padded and then covered with carpeting, its windows were boarded up and an air vent was installed so the child locked into the room could breathe while being punished. The last thing a child would hear before being placed in this unfriendly room would be the closing of the heavy door that automatically locked once shut. This particular room made me very uneasy; feelings of sadness and despair filled me from head to toe. Other team members shared the same feelings that I experienced in this area of the home. One story shared with Sue by a Teaching Aid at that time and then with us, was of a young boy who was taken unwillingly to this unforsaken room, and while struggling to get out, has his finger severed by the slamming of the door. This same teaching aid shared other stories of children being mistreated, and the negative energy fills the room to this day. When we left this area we visited two more rooms at the end of the hallway which were being remodeled and were soon to be the Casey and Worthington guest rooms.

We climbed another set of stairs to the third floor. This floor was closed off to the public at the time and under heavy construction, it would soon be made into an apartment for the homes’ caretaker. This is the floor where the owner Stu had heard voices while he was working in the home alone. Although the floor was being changed to meet the caretaker’s needs you could still see the remnants of the original layout. We couldn’t wait to climb the last staircase up another floor to the tower that could be seen from three blocks away. The tower had large windows on all four sides, north, south, east and west. You could see downtown Toledo from one window, The Maumee River from another, Summit Street heading north and most of the east side from another. While in the tower we came upon our first ghost, he was hanging from the rafter in one corner of the tower along with a rubber bat. Although he was hand made from sheets, it was still kind of cool and a bit spooky.  When we finished our stay in the tower, the entire group made its way back down three floors down to the cellar. I have never investigated a home this large and the cellar was the biggest I’ve ever seen in a private home. Rooms branched off in every direction from a large main area. The main section was once a gymnasium for the kids to use in inclement weather. Every single room in the cellar seemed to hold its own story and was filled with energy both positive and negative.  One of the strangest things we came across in the cellar was a small room that had been bricked up and closed off. We only noticed this room because someone had removed a cement block from the wall itself. Looking through the opening, you could see what archways were once and bricked over tunnels that may have lead to secret underground places. We saw a very old shovel resting against one of the inner walls long after its use in this secret place. After touring the entire cellar, the group headed back up to the kitchen for coffee and conversation with Sue, our new friend and tour guide. We set a date for our overnight investigation and left exited about our next visit.

TOGHS team members Butch, Becky, Cody and I arrived early on Friday afternoon in order to set up our equipment. We covered the entire home, making sure we would have the reported paranormal hot spots covered with DVR cameras and digital audio recorders.  The rest of the group along with our invited guests would arrive that same evening at 6:00pm for a brief history of the home given by Stu, followed by a description and proper use of equipment by The Ohio Ghost Hunters founder Doctor Ken. We wrapped up our meeting while enjoying Sister Jordan’s stories and history of the paranormal. I have never met a person who could explain good energy verses bad energy better then Sister Jordan.  She is very knowledgeable and gives off the most peaceful karma I have ever experienced from anyone.  TOGHS has gone to her in the past for help and understanding during difficult cases.

We began our investigation around 8:30pm. This would be a very important investigation for many reasons. Butch was training two new members, Courtney and Adrienne. Kevin West, a past client from the Bernath Court case, and Amy would be assisting us along with Doctor Ken and Sister Jordan.

Other TOGHS team members included. Butch, Mike, Marie, Becky, Cody, Gina, Jeff,  John and Tracie. We broke up into three groups while Jeff and I worked the tech table.

Group 1 would be lead by Butch, Group two lead by Mike and group three lead by John. Each group would document every session using night vision video cameras and taking still digital photos. We began working 20 minute EVP sessions at different locations throughout the home. We continued our EVP sessions until every team member had held a session. We kept the hot spots under constant surveillance using our DVR night vision cameras. As the evening wore on, we would have the opportunity to switch group leaders, Gina would lead her own group session for the first time as well. We worked off and on throughout the night recording and documenting as much evidence as possible. We shared and discussed our personal experiences that we were had during the night and debunked as many noises and experiences as possible. TOGHS team members Butch, Becky, Sister Jordan, Jeff and I along with Doctor Ken worked the entire night. As night turned into morning we were greeted again by our host and client Sue. She thanked us for our investigation; we thanked her for allowing us to stay the night.  We then spent the next several days analyzing our findings. Although we all had a personal experience or two while staying in this beautiful historical home we did not capture the voices of the caretaker or any of the many children that lived in the home during its legendary past. We all agree that this home is full of positive energy as apposed to negative. We have also given the Casey Pomeroy Bed and Breakfast a five star rating for its friendliness, Amenities and historical value. If you’re ever in Toledo or just want to take a walk back in time. Consider staying at the Casey Pomeroy Historical home.

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Casey – Pomeroy Becky scared

Equipment Used:

4 DVR night vision cameras – Nothing Captured

3 Digital Audio recorders – Nothing Captured

2 Sony Digital still cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Infar Red Thermometer – Nothing Captured

1 Cell Censor EMF machine – Nothing Captured

2 Panasonic hand held Video Cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Panasonic night vision hand held camera – Nothing Captured

Personal Experiences – Several team members had experienced personal feelings

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4 Responses to Casey Pomeroy

  1. Rebecca says:

    That is just wrong you guys….

  2. Gina says:

    That was AWESOME!!!

  3. Carolyn Marsh says:

    Hi Sue. My name is Carolyn Marsh. My family is working on a family history and we were told that our great grandfather helped to build this beautiful house. His name was John Ankenbrandt. In all of your paperwork or blueprints did you happen to see his name listed as one of the builders? We are also looking for the business name of the builder/ contractor. Thank you in advance for any information that you can provide to us.
    Carolyn Marsh

  4. I took a photo from the foot of the master bedroom bed of the wardrobe and a man/spirit that looks like a priest is standing in the mirror next to my reflection taking the picture, I have it on my facebook timeline, had lot’s of orbs appear in photos taken in the room I stayed in also! Tammy Groves-Ray of Burton, Michigan (Stayed at the Casey-Pomeroy House and saw Elton John in Toledo, an awesome trip and stay!)

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