Maumee Street

November 2009

We are keeping the names private to protect our client’s privacy. We will use first names only. TOGHS received a call in mid November 2009 by a Family that had just rented a home on Maumee Street in Toledo, Ohio.  The Family of four moved in on Friday and was to share the home with another couple. They called us within days after moving into the home.

TOGHS team member Becky took the call and documented their claims. Mindy reported that soon after settling into their new home they began to hear the sounds of doors closing, and noises in the attic. As the week turned into two weeks the activity had increased. The locked attic door would be unlocked and opened, the children’s toys would be tossed about and more shadowy figures were seen, even by the two children. One of the adult women heard growling in her bedroom. Becky had set up an interview time in the home with the Family.  We learned that between the times the interview was set up when we arrived two days later the activity had increased even more.  The children had now reported they had seen the shadowy figure in their bedroom with them, the little girl had been pushed onto her bed and had her hair pulled by someone or something unseen. The children said a mean man was yelling at them. We have always taken cases with children involved very seriously and this case would be no different. As Becky sat with the client, I was able to tour the home with Mindy’s husband Alan. I carried along my Sony Digital camera and the Olympus digital recorder. We began upstairs in the little girl’s room and moved from bedroom to bedroom taking photo’s and finishing the second floor in the bedroom of the couple that had moved in with Alan and Mindy. I didn’t notice anything paranormal while touring the second floor but listened to Alan’s claims while looking for clues to the mystery of this supposedly haunted home. We then came upon the locked attic door.  We unlocked the door and headed up to the attic. As I entered the room Alan began describing the paranormal activity that he was witnessing the past couple of weeks within this attic. I didn’t see anything that would lead me to believe that it was haunted but did feel a little strange, Maybe because Alan and his Family had been hearing noises nightly coming from this room. I decided to leave a digital recorder in the attic while Alan and I made our way down two floors to the cellar. On our way down to the second floor, we passed Becky and Mindy who had just finished the interview process. Becky could now see the reported haunted rooms that Mindy had claimed in her interview. Alan and I continued to the first floor and into the cellar. I was immediately taken aback by the cellar. There were rooms that branched off into other rooms. Some of the rooms seemed much older then others.  By the look of the bricks that were used in building the foundation the rooms were built at different times.  I knew by researching that the home was over 100 years old but some of the home must have been added on at a later time. What really caught my interest were the murals that were hand painted on the walls of the main cellar room. Although there were several, one in particular got my attention. It was a replica of the home itself right down to every window including the homes address.  The thing different about this painting was that it was painted to make the home seem very haunted. Cob webs in the windows, Skulls sitting on the front porch, Bats flying overhead and really strange writings on the signs that hung in the windows. One read ‘Boarders wanted with type A.B. blood’ and the other read ‘Due to the meat shortage there will only be 2 girls on duty’. I still don’t know their meanings. I took several more pictures and finished touring the basement. Alan and I went back upstairs to the first floor and talked further about the home and its unwanted guests. Becky and Mindy finished the attic and second floor then headed to the cellar. After Becky and I left the home we shared our thoughts in regard to this possible pending case.  Becky thought that some of the reports were really strange. They not only heard noises in the night but were hearing voices as well, And now the children were being affected, one child had been pushed down and her hair had been pulled. Becky also learned that both children were now sleeping in their parent’s bed at night because they were too afraid to sleep in their own bedrooms. As soon as I got home that night, I listened to the digital recorder that I had left in the attic before heading down to the cellar. I was amazed to find that we had picked up a girls voice whispering in the attic, she continued to whisper off and on for several minutes, I could not understand what she might have been saying but she was there on the digital recorder. I called Becky and told her what we had recorded. We called the group and explained that there wasn’t anyone else in the home at the time of the interview when the girl’s voice was recorded. We decided we would take the case and set up an investigation time.  Butch, Gina, John and Becky would lead the investigation and I would sit at the tech table. The team divided into two groups, Alan working with one group while Mindy helped with the other. Almost immediately after we began our investigation I notice Orb’s or dust particles passing in front of one of the DVR camera’s that was set up in the cellar. Both groups were on the top floors at the time and the cellar was sitting empty, I wasn’t sure what may have been causing this activity so I decided to visit the cellar and try and debunk it myself, I also thought I’d do an EVP session while I was down there. I stayed about 15 minutes and finished my session. The group continued to work twenty minute sessions throughout the night until we felt comfortable that we covered each room and the entire home from top to bottom.  Butch had debunked the Orb type activity that passed in front of the cellar camera as a drafty window; He also debunked high EMF readings on the stairway as coming from electrical wires running directly behind the stairway wall.  We didn’t seem to capture a ton of evidence on our equipment, although John and Becky had mentioned a personal experience in the attic. They both had felt like they were being pushed a tiny bit in the attic during an EVP session.  Once we analyzed all of our findings we had very little evidence to report.  Becky called our client and set up an appointment time to reveal our findings. Once again I went along with Becky to help explain that we had an EVP from our Interview but nothing paranormal to reveal from the investigation and to give copies of everything we documented. While visiting the home to reveal the evidence or lack of evidence we thought we’d set up another digital recorder in the locked attic. We let it run for an hour while we presented the DVD’s and copies of the Audio recordings from the investigation night. We explained that we could not say the home was haunted without evidence captured on Audio or video and that the personal experiences we encountered were not documented proof of a haunting. I explained again that although the girl’s voice that we captured earlier was odd and could even be paranormal, we did not have enough proof to pronounce the home as haunted let alone who may be haunting it.  Our clients seemed to be comfortable with our findings but still felt that the home was haunted due to their own personal experiences. When we arrived home we decided to listen to the digital recorder we set up in the attic during the reveal. Once again we captured what sounded like someone was in the attic moving objects around and walking up and down the attic staircase. We called Alan and Mindy to inform them of our findings, they informed us that the locked attic was full of activity that same night; they even awoke to an opened attic door the following morning.  As with every investigation, there are many things to learn, it seems to TOGHS that maybe the little girl in the attic or maybe the shadowy figure that lurked throughout the home on a nightly basis didn’t want to be known? Maybe the unseen entity that pushed the little girl down and pulled her hair was not brave enough to reveal himself at the time of the investigation. We have added the two EVP’s from the Interview and reveal times.

Equipment Used

4 DVR night vision cameras – Nothing Captured

3 Digital Audio recorders – Nothing Captured during Investigation – 2 EVP’s Interview & Reveal

2 Sony Digital still cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Infar Red Thermometer – Nothing Captured

1 Cell Censor EMF machine – Nothing Captured

2 Panasonic hand held Video Cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Panasonic night vision hand held camera – Nothing Captured

Maumee St reveal EVP web site

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  1. erin says:

    Did you do any back ground information on it maybe once being a bordello?

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