Wolfinger Cemetery (WTOL Story)

WTOL Toledo 11 and TOGHS Investigate Wolfinger

Wednesday & Thursday October 28th & 29th 2009

TOGHS was contacted by WTOL Toledo 11 News morning show in regards to having us on live at a local Haunted location. We decided to accommodate them and visited two recently TOGHS investigated locations.

Photo Album after the fold.

On Wednesday morning we went on the air live at 9:00am from the Lady in the Attic home on Toledo’s Eastside.  Mike, John, Becky and I arrived early at 8:00am to set up equipment. Once on the air, I was interviewed by Chris Vickers while the team worked an EVP session from the Attic, We did not capture anything paranormal but had fun working with WTOL 11 news. After the live broadcast we received tons of emails and blogs to our web site as well as requests for investigations. We kind of knew doing this Halloween telecast would bring out opinions and personal beliefs from our local audience. We agreed to set up another live show for the following morning.  Mike and I met Chris Vickers at one of our favorite legendary Haunted cemeteries, Wolfinger. The morning was very foggy and seemed perfect for an investigation and broadcast. We set up our equipment at two locations within the cemetery, the first set of headstones belonged to the three children that had died within a week of each other in the late 1800’s. Thomas, Rebecca and Ernest have been known to run along the fence line and throughout the cemetery, now they were being video taped and recorded during the entire broadcast as well as our longtime friend Eliza Ford, You might remember her name from one of my earlier investigations to this legendary haunted hot spot.  We shared air time between both locations but neither Eliza nor the children felt like being seen live on television during the broadcast.  I’ve included several pictures from Wolfinger cemetery that were taken during the broadcast. TOGHS would like to thank Rebecca Gilles, Chris Vickers and the entire staff at WTOL Toledo 11 news.

Below is a little more information that I’ve found online on Wolfinger Cemetery

Jacob Wolfinger built the first log house in an area that is now known as Secor Metropark in 1834. Two of the Wolfinger children were the first white people to be born and die in Richfield Township. The children were buried on the Wolfinger farm, which was the beginning of today’s cemetery. Wolfinger Cemetery is a small cemetery and is surrounded by woods on three sides. The graves of thirty-six Civil War Veterans can be found here.

Wolfinger Cemetery is located within Secor Metropark in Berkey Ohio, Lucas County. Secor Park was dedicated in 1953 and currently encompasses over six hundred acres of land including four hundred wooded acres. The park includes a visitor center and several hiking trails throughout the woods. Secor Park is located in Northwest Ohio about fifty miles south of Ann Arbor Michigan. From the I475/US23 Exit 13, go west on Central Avenue for six miles to the Secor Park entrance and turn left.  Follow the signs in the park to Wolfinger Cemetery

Legend has it that along one of the three wooded edges of the cemetery there are the graves of two adults and their three children. The children’s marker had no last name visible but their first names as well as birth and death dates could be clearly seen. The names were “Thomas” (8), “Rebeca” (10) and “Ernest” (6). All members of the family are said to have died within weeks of one another. The children have been seen playing in the cemetery near their graves. A girl of 10 or 12 in a blue dress with a white pinafore has been seen the most. I invested the Ford family resting spots as well; I feel that Eliza Ford is the woman that supposing haunts the cemetery too.

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7 Responses to Wolfinger Cemetery (WTOL Story)

  1. Michelle D. says:

    first off i love your site. but i have a question about the wolfinger cemetery. i see the picture of the large tombstone and smaller illegible smaller stones too. Are these the originals?
    but, on another site i have seen a more perfectly legible marker for these same three children mentioned. am i missing a piece to the puzzle? Was it just redone for them?
    and one more question…. was their deaths linked with the cholera outbreak of the late 1860’s???

    i will be coming to toledo (husbands home town) in the fall. this was actually one of the places i wanted to visit. and no i’m not a paranormal researcher. i love to photograph cemeteries and particularly ones with civil war gravesites. and out of all the years i have been doing this i have yet to get anything out of the normal yet. =(

    thanks for any info you might can get me. or any other interesting places i could go see…..

    michelle d.

  2. courtney says:

    Wolfinger is legitly haunted you didnt get anything because you gotta go at dead time which is 3 am, A little girl played hide and seek w. me and the other people that were there no joke Im not crazy because ovb other people sall the same thing I did she was a white ora and would come clear then fade out she was wearing a dress I could deffinatly tell you if it was her if I seen a picture If you wanna know how she played hide and seek first she was standing in the walk way then she disappered and was peaking out from a tombstone then when me and the other people that went would get closer to her she would disappear its also reported that she will play “bouncy ball” take a ball there and bounce it and its supouse to come back to you havent tryed this one yet but thats whats been reported

  3. EmmaJo says:

    I live on Wolfinger Rd since I was born, I am 13. I have been to the Wolfinger Park and Cemetery countless time, as I live so close. I have seen Rebecca many times and Thomas and Ernest too. The children are no threat to anyone. I feel as if trying to catch the on camera like some do is outrageous because I believe the children are happy where they are. It is a good story, but not scary. I have been to the cemetery at night and you can always hear the whisper of the children while they play. They don’t seem to mind anyone being there, well not me, as I am a frequent visitor. I love that people are learning about our city’s history and about these children who are apart of our history. I think Rebbeca is sweet and loves to play and Ernest and Thomas are shy, but they too are fun and sweet after they get to “know” you. Come visit our cemetery sometime. Maybe you’ll see me there.

  4. amy zellers says:

    I use to enjoy secor park! We use to think cemetery was creepy! Miss Toledo and childhood memories !

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  6. Anne K. says:

    The last name of the 3 children — Thomas, Rebecca, and Earnest — is GOWMAN. Although the last name can no longer be read on the tombstones, it was legible back in 1974 when written transcripts were done for Wolfinger Cemetery. I have done much genealogical research on this cemetery, since I am a direct descendant of the Wolfingers, who were the 1st white settlers in Richfield Township in Lucas County, Ohio.

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