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Kelsey Avenue Investigation

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Kelsey Street Investigation: October 2009

I have been interested in this home since I read an article in the Toledo Blade newspaper in October 2008.  After talking with the owners Ron and Cyndi Schwartz about their personal experiences in the home we couldn’t wait to take on this case. The house sits on Kelsey Street in Toledo’s eastside. It was moved from its original location in the old Black Swamp area also known as Hobo Town. Interstate I-280 now runs north and south through Toledo where the home once sat. We’ve since uncovered some facts that lead us to believe the unattached garage may have been moved onto the property from Camp Perry. It may have been one of the old prison cabins. The history of this home and its legendary haunting go back to the early 1960’s.

Below is an article from the Toledo Blade that Ron had shared with us prior to our investigation.

Toledo Blade Newspaper:

Like others who’ve transformed this time of year into a $5 billion-plus annual seasonal bonanza, Ron and Cyndi Schwartz and their three daughters still living at home go all out, but the enter if you dare sign that hangs above the entrance door may be more a fair warning than a decoration. During the 17 years this family has lived in this story and a half home (longer for Cyndi whose childhood home this is), they’ve shared this home with “IT” or “Him” or “That”. A presence, they call it. A ghost if you will.

This Kelsey street home, its owners say, has had inexplicable noises and freaky happenings practically everyday they’ve lived there. All four daughters, ages 14 to 21 years old have had friends too wary to spend the night or, sometimes even set foot inside. For the Schwartz family, it was like a family parlor game the other afternoon, recalling the way ‘IT’ has made itself known.

We were all here in the front room once, ‘said Ron’ watching a movie, and all of a sudden the water in the kitchen was turned on and running full force, ‘Oh. And the lights! Chimed in 14 year old Haley, who said they often find lights burning where they’re sure the switch was turned off, and the television continues to go on and off in Haley’s bedroom by itself.

There was also the mysterious red liquid that seeped through the basement walls as Ron tried to paint. Plus the time Brittany’s electric curling iron turned itself on, despite not being plugged in. And then there’s Alex, the aging Labrador retriever who can suddenly become restless and pant frantically for no reason. But the most consistent tale was of footsteps the family hears almost daily, as if someone is walking across the upstairs floorboards – even when there’s only one person in the home.

The 18 year old twins, Brittany and Brandy, say they won’t sleep without closing the closet door in their upstairs bedroom. Their mother, meanwhile, is the opposite, ‘Oh, I have to keep my door open!’ Cyndi said, prompting Haley to blurt, ‘You’re crazy!’ For Cyndi, who moved here with her parents at age 4, the home’s oddities are a lifelong mystery. Like her daughters, she also had friends who wouldn’t enter.

Retired Toledo police detective Bob Poiry was called to this home in the mid-1960’s to stand by as its previous occupants moved out hastily. They were following the advice of a priest who investigated and blamed the relentless crazy incidents on poltergeist, warning the couple their place could burn down. Helping the family with its final sweep, the then young officer checked a back upstairs bedroom. Hearing a noise in the closet, he opened the door and was bowled over by an explosive flame that filled the home with smoke. Yesterday, Bob told me again how the state fire marshal never found a cause. Some four decades later, the man who ended his career solving homicides remains baffled by the inexplicable fire and is convinced something supernatural exists in the Kelsey street home. ‘You can ask any of the old-timers around here, ‘Cyndi said,’ they all know about this house.

Before starting our investigation we learned that another group from Defiance, Ohio had performed an investigation the previous year. Below is some of the information that was shared with us.  They called the dinning room a fear cage, this usually means that the room gives off very high EMF’s, and the home seems to come alive at this time of year. (Halloween)

Ron has heard a woman’s voice in the living room along with footsteps coming down the front staircase. At the bottom of the stairs there is a door; Ron has heard the door knob rattling on several occasions. The entire family continues to hear footsteps on the second floor while everyone is on the first floor. Haley’s television in her downstairs bedroom has continued to turn on and off during the last two weeks along with her curling iron being turned on again. Brittany reports hearing footsteps all the time throughout the home. Cyndi lost her back scratcher over a year ago, it fell from her closet shelf on her head, and she feels the ghost moves her belongings all the time.

Ron has also used an Ouija board in the home in the past but gave it away last year because he was told to do so by the Defiance, Ohio paranormal group. I feel the use of the board in itself could increase the activity in the home.

Once Marie finished the preliminary research and history of the home, the investigation time was set. TOGHS team members Butch, Becky, Gina, Dan, Jeff and I arrived at the home an hour before sunset. After setting up the equipment we split into two groups and began our investigation. Ron and his entire family helped with this particular investigation as well. We ran several hours of video on our four DVR night vision cameras and moved from room to room holding EVP sessions and taking still digital photos.  We also worked with dowsing rods throughout the entire home. After several hours we decided to hold a communication time in the first floor dining room. This is where we set members of our group in separate rooms while talking one on one with whatever spirit or entity that may reside in the home with the Schwartz family. We were hoping that something may happen in one of the occupied rooms. We ended the investigation in the cellar, holding a group EVP session including Ron and Cyndi. Although we didn’t capture anything paranormal during this investigation, TOGHS feels that this case and the homes legendary haunting are very real. We hope to be called again by Ron and Cyndi when the home awakens next Halloween and we are needed to return for another investigation.

Equipment Used

4 DVR night vision cameras – Nothing Captured

3 Digital Audio recorders – Nothing Captured

2 Sony Digital still cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Infar Red Thermometer – Nothing Captured

1 Cell Censor EMF machine – Nothing Captured

2 Panasonic hand held Video Cameras – Nothing Captured

1 Panasonic night vision hand held camera – Nothing Captured

Personal Experiences – Nothing Captured

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