The Mansion House

Mansion House reflection in glassTOGHS visited this historical home that sits in Tu-Endie-Wei Park while visiting Chief Cornstalks burial site. Once we were invited in we were told the home was also haunted, The tour guide assured me that once I was upstairs on the second floor, I would be able to capture guest from the past on camera. She also said my hair might turn white from fear. While taking several pictures on each of the three floors Butch reported being touched at the same time his camera malfunctioned. I have several pictures of the inside of this historical home below. Take a look at the picture of me in a reflection in the glass. I took another 1 second later and it looks like someone with a sword looking to the right. There wasn’t anyone behind me at the time the photo was taken. Maybe the tour guide was right!

Photo Gallery below the fold.

Below is a story I found online written by the Colonel Charles Lewis Chapter House.

The Mansion House is situated in Tu-Endie-Wei Park, was built in 1796 by Walter Newman for a tavern. It was the first hewn log house built in the County and was used as an inn, residence, and place of public entertainment. Later additions were made and the building modernized, but it was restored to its original state in 1901 by the first DAR Chapter Regent, Dr. Livia Simpson Poffenbarger aided by the citizens of Point Pleasant and Mason County. In that year the State Legislature appointed the local chapter, DAR to be the custodian of the building, since which time it has been furnished in colonial style, made a repository for historic relics and used as the Colonel Charles Lewis DAR Chapter House. The Legislature of West Virginia made provisions in 1913 for its permanent maintenance under the supervision of the Point Pleasant Battle Monument Commission; Messrs. J. W. Windon, President; John A. Austin, Secretary; and Charles C. Bowyer, Treasurer.
Tu-Endie-Wei Park is the site upon which was established the headquarters of General Andrew Lewis, from which he commanded the Battle of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774. Colonel Charles Lewis, Ann Bailey, Cornstalk and the other heroes of the battle lie buried in this park.
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