The Mothman

Mothman bunker 1 ButchThe legend of Mothman has intrigued me since I was a kid, Ever since I watched the movie The Mothman Prophesies I knew Point Pleasant would be on our list of places to explore. The story goes back to the years 1966 and 1967. During this time there were sightings of a huge moth-like creature in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

TOGHS arrived in Point Pleasant on Saturday morning August 8, 2009. The first thing we noticed was the town was jumping and busy getting ready for the Point Pleasant downtown annual parade. We first stopped in at The Point (Where the rivers meet) this is a little Souvenir/Coffee shop located at 330 Main Street. Once inside we met an incredibly friendly gentleman by the name Bob Landrum. Bob was working that morning and obviously very busy getting ready for the days festivities. Even though he was busy he took the time to share his knowledge of the town’s history, the legendary hauntings including the Silver Bridge tragedy, Chief Cornstalk, The 200 year curse as well as his personal experiences with the Mothman. Bob gave us directions to everything and anything we wanted to see while we were in town including the famous TNT bunkers.

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Included in this story is another story and more information I received from our friends at Grave Addictions

Most of the Mothman sightings were near the TNT area. This area got its name because of the 100+ bunkers located there. During World War II ammunition and chemicals were stored in these bunkers. Today most of the bunkers are locked and welded shut. Bob gave us directions to the three open Bunkers

These sightings have been seen all over the world. The first known sightings of this bird-like or moth-like creature were reported back in ancient Babylon. These creatures are seen for a few months or weeks before a great tragedy. For example, the Mothman was sighted in Mexico City, 1985 right before the big earthquake. There were also sightings in Chernobyl in 1986, right before the big nuclear disaster. Some even claim that the Mothman was seen in Western Pennsylvania right before the plane crash in September, 2001.

On December 15, 1967 at 5:05PM the Silver Bridge that spanned over the Ohio River between Gallipolis, OH and Point Pleasant, WV collapsed. Forty six people were killed. After that disaster most of the Mothman sightings in this area stopped. Of course, not everyone believes that the Mothman sightings were true. One professor at a West Virginia University believed that the people who claimed to see this creature actually saw Sandhill cranes. However, these cranes are the wrong color (they’re white and Mothman was dark gray or black) and they’re also too skinny.

Another theory is that the Mothman sightings were really just a mass hallucination. However, not everyone saw the exact same thing, so this seems doubtful. There’s also the theory that the bridge collapsing, the Mothman sightings, and all of the UFO sightings that occurred during the thirteen months prior to the Silver Bridge disaster are a result of a curse placed on the town by Chief Cornstalk. Chief Cornstalk was defeated in Point Pleasant during the beginning of the Revolutionary War. They say that before he was killed he placed a 200 year curse on the town.

Another theory is that the Mothman is really an alien. There were several UFO sighting during this time. People kept seeing moving, multicolored lights in the sky. There were also these mysterious men in black that kept threatening people who claimed to see the Mothman or UFOs. They did NOT want these people to talk publicly about the things they had seen.

Quite a few people believe that the Mothman is some kind of mutation from all of the chemicals and pollution at the TNT area. This could be a valid explanation since the EPA had declared the area an environmental disaster! One thing is for sure…LOTS of strange things happened during this time! People were being chased by the Mothman or a Sandhill Crane and it scared them to death. The Mothman really seemed to be attracted to blood. One time he attacked a blood mobile, and most of the cars he chased were driven by women who were on their period. Also, there were several cases of missing animals that were found drained of blood. Investigators also noticed that on most of these animals the anus was removed and there were traces of radiation around the area.

Most people believe that Mothman did have something to do with the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Some even claim to have seen him standing on or under the bridge right before it fell. Even today there still isn’t a solid, clear reason as to why the bridge fell. The West Virginia Department of Transportation concluded that it was a badly manufactured pin. The pin that was supposedly bad was the thirteenth pin…and the Mothman sightings had been going on for thirteen months! Strange stuff, isn’t it?!

While visiting this legendary Haunted town we also met a friendly gentleman by the name Willie Call, He lived in Point Pleasant at the time of the Mothman sightings and the horrible Silver Bridge collapse. Willie believes that this has a lot more to do with Chief Cornstalk then The Mothman. He also shared an interesting story with us that you can read on our Web Site titled Chief Cornstalk.

I’ve included several pictures of Point Pleasants memorial land markers, points of interest, the site of the Silver Bridge collapse and inside three unlocked TNT Bunkers.

TOGHS would like to personally thank Bob Landrum and Willie Call for all there help with this investigation. We have never met more friendly people while visiting a town for the first time. Please visit The Point while visiting Point Pleasant. You can also find them on the Web at or call the store at 304-674-4618.

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  1. Sandy Sandusky says:


  2. Elizabeth McGehee says:

    Hi, My name is Elizabeth about the Mothman.I would question the actual existance of such a creature if I hadnt seen him with my own eyes.At the time I lived in Wichita,KS and this occurred 6-8 wks before the movie had aired on television.I stepped outside to smoke and as usual was looking at the sky ,I saw in the far distance what i thought to be a bird as I took a couple more drags I noticed it was getting larger and headed towards me,It was right at dusk and street lights were coming I watched in amazement and wonder I saw the creature .His wing span was about 11 ft and like a bat,his hieght was at least 7 ft .I couldnt see his face because of the sun setting behind him, but he had no neck and his upper body was very muscular ,his legs were long and human like but his feet were yellowish tan and like a bird.The feathers or whatever covered him were shiney and black.I was in shock,my older son opened the door and I told him some creature had just landed in the trees across the street,I sent him to investigate ,my boy went across the street to investigate staring up in the trees for 20 seconds he runs back across the street terrified and said its eyes glowed red we went in the house and I locked the door,and I just wrote it off untill I saw the movie.Wheres a camera when you need one…Later I came to the conclusion that he was following the river that was one block away from where I lived..Anyway like I said I wouldnt believe it if I hadnt seen it…But I swear I did.The only events that happened about 10 days later was a huge Icestorm that caused tree limbs and electrical lines down all over town .I welcome any comments to my post…Best wishes to all…….

  3. Tommy says:


  4. roger larkins says:

    I remember the silver bridge going down, I’m 57 now back when it went down I was just a young child. My dad was going to auctioneering school at Knox’s in gallipolis. Ohio. I remember him taking me down to where the bridge went down and seeing wrecked cars and tractor and trailers in the river.

  5. Adal says:

    Mothamn is bridman in Monterrey México.

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