Glouster Haunted Cabin

The Cabin in Glouster 8Haunted cabin in the hills of Glouster, Ohio August 7, 2009.    This cabin is actually an old small three-room home that is now over a hundred years old. It is set up in the hills of Glouster, Ohio and backed up against the forest. It is own by the Family of TOGHS team member Mike Stiger. It has electricity but no running water. TOGHS team member Mike Stiger’s family bought the property and worked for the local mining company and built the home themselves. Twelve people including 10 children were raised in the home that has now sat empty for the past thirty plus years. Although family members visit the home from time to time, nobody lives in the home any longer. Family members have reported strange noises, footsteps walking through the kitchen and out the back door. On one occasion the Grandfather was seen walking the property and on another the Aunt was seen waving goodbye from a window. This would not have seemed so strange if both family members were still living.

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We met TOGHS members Mike and Marie along with Daniel and Dawn in Nelsonville, Ohio and followed them up the long winding roads leading to the cabin. We arrived on the property on Friday August 7, 2009 at 3:00PM, The whether was warm at 88 degrees, Mostly sunny and the humidity was high.

We parked across the road from the cabin and sat in the vehicle for a moment staring at the reported Haunted Cabin. As soon as Butch, Jeff and I got out of the vehicle, I became really dizzy, I’ve heard of people that suffered from vertigo and this is all I could compare it to.  There was a small bridge that crossed a creek that we had to walk over in order to reach the property. While crossing the bridge, I felt even worse; I wasn’t sure if this dizziness was from driving up the winding roads leading to the cabin or if this could be something more paranormal.  The three of us had made arrangement to stay the weekend in the cabin while performing this investigation. I was already having second thoughts and I just stepped on the property. We followed Mike across the property stepped onto the porch. I was feeling even worse and trying to keep the feelings in check while watching Mike unlock the front door. I was told about all the wonderful family reunions that have been held every summer on the property over the past thirty something years.

I couldn’t get past the sick feeling in my stomach and the thoughts that were racing through my mind. It got much worse once I stepped inside the door. Mike was giving Butch and Jeff a tour of the cabin and I was trying like hell to breathe. At this point I couldn’t even concentrate on what Mike was telling us in regard to the history of the cabin, the surrounding hills and the mining company that kept most families employed while living in these hills. While standing in living room I began to feel the presence of a male entity.  He had been waiting for us to arrive and wasn’t happy that we were there. I’m not much of a psychic myself but have witnessed several that were very accurate while working in this field. This was going to be my turn to feel the presence of an unseen visitor. I immediately heard the name Al, Albert, Alfred or Alex in my mind. I could smell his presence, the smell of whiskey? Maybe not Whiskey but the smell of booze! As we toured the cabin I became even dizzier; I was finding it much harder to breathe as we moved from room to room. I was becoming more and more light headed as the minutes passed, How was I ever going to stay the weekend in this cabin when I couldn’t get pass the ten minute tour? As we walked into the kitchen area I felt so bad, I thought I might pass out. My head was spinning and I was becoming sick to my stomach. I then decided it was time to go outside for air and a chance to get myself together again. I turned to tell my fellow team members that I couldn’t finish the tour and realized that they were feeling somewhat the same as I was. I’m very used to working with Butch and Jeff; we can communicate to each other without words on most investigations.

I looked at both of them and decided we would all go outside for some fresh air and to re-evaluate the situation. We all decided that we would not be staying in the cabin that night or any night while the unseen owner was still staying in the cabin himself.  After taking a five-minute break we headed back into the cabin to set up our Digital video cameras and start our investigation. We were not in the cabin more then a minute before we all felt the same symptoms as the first time.  I realized this wasn’t going to get any better and explained to Mike that I was not feeling well and either was the group. I explained that we would like to start the investigation later in the day and that we would return after finding a local hotel to accommodate us. As Butch and I were walking back across the property to our vehicle, I felt like I was hallucinating, I could actually see this in my mind eye. There he is, The man haunting the cabin, He’s not a tall man but very tough, He was wearing a long sleeve shirt even though he looked

Soaked from sweat. It had to be 100 degrees in my mind, He was smoking a cigarette and reeked of Whiskey, He was most definitely a drinker, and He was dirty, Like he just came in from working the mines.

He may very well been a great guy most times, but I knew he was drinking and he didn’t like me being in his cabin trying to start trouble.  As I stood in the yard the visions or feelings kept coming, I could hear him cussing at me, I could see him in my mind, He was drinking again and I knew he was angry at me just like

He was with his family when he drank too much. They knew it meant to stay away from him, Hide if you had to. I tried several times to shake these visions while standing in the yard. My thoughts were racing, I knew I just made contact with the previous owner of the cabin.  I knew I had to reach the edge of the property to get clear of him and regain my emotions.  When I finally reached the little bridge that crosses the creek leading to the road I could finally begin to breathe easier and settle my mind.  Mike was waiting for us to reach the car in order hear what we had to share with him. I told him I wasn’t feeling well and that something or someone linked to the cabin was not friendly to me and that it wasn’t one of the many fond memories of family reunions and gatherings his family had shared many times over the years. I assured him it was not anything dark or evil but someone or something that didn’t like me and most definitely didn’t want us there. I asked Butch to drive back down the winding roads into town while I regrouped.

While we drove into Nelsonville to reserve a room in a local hotel, I wrote my feelings and thoughts down on paper, I continued to write once we arrived at the hotel. Butch sat in the vehicle with me, As I was writing I told Butch of the man I saw in my mind’s eye. Butch instantly asked? Did you see that he was wearing a hat and had a tooth missing? I was shocked; Butch saw the same thing! We both just looked at each other, and I asked why would he be wearing a long sleeve shirt when it was so hot? Butch answered, It was plaid and probably flannel, I never said it was plaid, Butch definitely saw the same guy as me. After winding down in the hotel for a couple hours we decided to head back to the cabin to set up our equipment, We decided that we would set up three DVR camera’s and let them run overnight by themselves and run a digital EVP session while taking as many photos as possible while there. Upon arriving for the second time, The same feelings came back as well, Only this time we were more prepared for our new acquaintance. Everything seemed to go well during the investigation while raping up we set up the camera’s to record while we were gone.  Butch decided to set up one of our Olympus digital audio recorders as well. Nothing paranormal to report during our first investigation. After leaving the cabin we decided to drive the twenty further up the hills to visit Mike and Marie.

I had wanted to share the notes I made earlier with them and tell them of the presence that Butch and I both felt earlier that day, As we explained to Mike and Marie what our encounter with this AL, Albert, Alfred or Alex guy was like and our description of him along with the smell of whiskey, cigarettes, long sleeve shirt, Missing tooth or tooth ache, short not tall and bit of a tough guy image, I told them he could be very mean once he drank to much and could cuss with the beat of them if he chose to. I even gave them the notes I wrote down earlier in the day while driving to the hotel. Neither person knew of the person Butch and I talked about, I assured them we were right and asked if they would contact some other family members in order to see if anyone knew of this man. We were called the very next morning and told that we had met Alex, He was the Great Grandfather of Mike. Mike was also told that very few people still alive knew this side of Alex. Mike family confirmed most everything we talked about.

The scary thing is, We still had cameras set up in the cabin and had a second investigation to do. We instantly set up this investigation for the same afternoon; Mike, Marie, Jeff, Butch and I were going to run the investigation together. We arrived mid afternoon, Sunny, Warm, 88 degrees, Humid quite normal weather for Southeastern Ohio in August. Even the investigation was going without a glitch. Mike, Marie and Butch ran EVP sessions while I took pictures of each room, Everything was going great! Then Alex decided to bang on closet door while I was standing just outside. I must have jumped three feet off the ground. Once I landed it occurred to me that Alex must also have had a sense of humor, I could almost hear him laughing at me. I assured him that I knew it was him trying like hell to scare me, I told him I was sorry if I offended him in any way by being in his home and thanked him for showing himself to us.  We finished the investigation without any other interruptions and as we were leaving I told Alex we would stop by and have a drink with him on our next trip through Southern Ohio.

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23 Responses to Glouster Haunted Cabin

  1. Lynda Stiger says:

    You guys hit it right on the nose. Daddy said nobody could have known that about his Dad. I didn’t even know some of it. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. God Bless.

  2. Anna Auler says:

    OMG!!! Grandpa is there for sure. I heard him as plain as anything one night going down the back steps and out the door. It is amazing that you guys were right on the nose with your investigation. I always knew when we visited there, that we were not alone. My dad wants to go down in October now that he knows that his dad is still there and have a chat with him. It should be very interesting what he may find out. Dad also has had strange things happen to him and always spends the nights in the house. Thank you so much for investingating our Glouster home. You are welcome back by the living Vaido’s anytime.

  3. randy roof says:

    Hi I’m a relative . My mom grew up in the house. Would like to stay in the house with your organizatoin to see if in fact the house is haunted by my grandfather or any other dead family members.

  4. erich says:

    I would like to hunt your cabin. I have lived in glouster my whole life and have not heard of this place. Im hunted my own familys houses but would like to hunt outside the family. please email me.

  5. conda says:

    i was raised in glouster and never heard tell of this house. could you give me more information on where it is at?

  6. Debbie says:

    Idk how you came into ownership of my grandma Vaido’s house, or why you claim it to be haunted. I did get a laugh out of this however.

  7. Billie Shepherd says:

    I have stayed in that house with my 2 boys and husband in late 90’s. I never encountered such things, but then again, I am a Christian and satan’s imps who like to play dead people knew I would know it was him..impersonating Mr Vaido, who lived there. I have been to family reunions. I am Mr Vaido’s sons stepdaughter.

  8. Brandon Turley says:

    I would love to metal detect the house I live just up the road I’m not sure who to ask for permission to metal detect it but if you could get back with asap that would be great. Thank you

  9. I want to go there so bad it’s just up the road from me I think I will go visit it today and get some pictures or something from a distance.

  10. Peggie Dedek says:

    My stepfather Steves dad was the owner. We stayed there with Steves mom before she passed and numerous times after. No ghosts. Just your imagination. Love and miss all the family who are reading this.

  11. Thomas Robinette says:

    So when i went to his house it was calm loving and fun. Idk about you but this house is 100% free of ghost. Sorry ghost hunters. I think it just got a negative vibe because you are not blood related and he knows when people spread lies about his house. You know none of the history but you want to make money on lies.

  12. Anon says:

    My mom and her family was in this cabin for years.

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