Athens Follow-Up #2

Athens ClockTOGHS visited Athens again on Friday August 7, 2009 while on our road trip to Point Pleasant, W. Virginia. Jeff, Butch and I stopped to visit Sarah Thomas and see what changes if any were made to the Asylum cemetery and the Tuberculosis Ward. We noticed that the cemetery has had some improvements made. There is now a stairway down to the lower level of the cemetery where Sarah is buried.  It also looks like some headstones have been replaced in a row along the lower level. The Tuberculosis ward has also been updated in regards to security, The old steel doors have been welded shut in order to help keep the living out. After visiting the Ridges we stopped by the Old State street cemetery before continuing our journey to Point Pleasant. I’ve added some new pictures of this legendary Haunted town.

Photo Gallery after the fold.

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