Feltman Building

Feltman_Building_8609_181TOGHS was told about this Haunted location by a mutual friend of ours this past July. As our client Dominic told of the hauntings and the history of the building. I became more and more intrigued. By the time we finished our brief conversation, I had already decided TOGHS would want to take this case. We scheduled a walk through of the building with Dominic for later that week in late July. TOGHS team members Marie, Mike, Joe and I arrived at the building in the early evening for our scheduled walk through and interview with Dominic. The Feltman Building stands six stories tall, over 100 years old and has housed hundreds of tenants over this period of time, It was originally one of the first banks in downtown Toledo and still has the old vault rooms in place. The top floors are being renovated and will be rented out as condominiums some time soon. The first floor is rented out to local rock bands that practice their musical skills and hold jam sessions. Dominic introduced us to other band members and gave us a chance to interview them as well. We were told that the huge cellar was the part of the old building that most of the hauntings were occurring.

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We were informed that many people past and present had at one time or another experienced something paranormal or has a ghostly story to tell in regards to the huge cellar. We documented the stories of Strange smells, Voices, Objects being thrown around, The feelings of being watched, Feelings of being followed, Doors being opened and closed, Sometimes doors were closed and locked while people were in the room. I was most intrigued by the reported sightings of the shadowy figure that had been witnessed by several different people over the past few years. I could hardly wait to visit the cellar! To get to the cellar we had to go down two short flights of stairs. The first set of stairs went straight down then turned to the right, the second set of stairs led us down to the cellar and ended once you stepped into a open lobby type area. The cellar was dark but I could see several huge rooms that branched off the lobby area in both directions. This place was much bigger then I expected and had the Erie feeling of a haunting. To the left I could see an old vault room where they must have kept the monies kept. To the left of that was another huge room that I will call the center room. To the left of the center room was a set of restrooms, one for male and the other for female. To the right of the restrooms was another room that was locked and boarded up. As I stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked to the right I could see a small hallway that led to a room on the left and another to the right.

Once I walked across the cellar a light came on and I was told that some of the rooms had motion lights installed. While doing our walk through of the cellar, Mike took as many digital pictures as he could capture, Joe was recording everything on his EVP recorder and Marie was documenting as much information as she could write down.  We continued to follow Dominic from room to room listening to his ghostly stories and gathering as much information as we could. I’m really into Toledo history and old buildings like the Feltman. Though the rooms were now dark and empty and filled with graffiti, I could see back in history to a time that this building was hoping with day to day activity and the thousands of people that occupied it at one time or another. We finished our tour and interview of the Feltman building and set up a date for it’s upcoming investigation.

The Feltman Building Investigation – Thursday August 6, 2009

TOGHS arrived at the Feltman building on Thursday August 6 at 7:30 PM. The weather was just about perfect for an early August evening. Temperature was in the low 80’s under sunny skies although it was somewhat humid. I was looking forward to this investigation for several reasons. The history of the building along with the added history and information Marie documented while visiting our local library history section previous to our investigation. We were working with one of our new TOGHS team members Investigator in training Dominic Hunt who we call Bamma. My cousin and old time séance partner Becky was accompanying me on this evening as well, I was excited to see her again and share some of our old ghost stories as well as our friendship we have shared for almost fifty years. I not only got a chance to spend time with her but was able to get to know her Daughter Jessica as well.  Butch and I decided to set up three DVR cameras. Camera 1 was set up in the lobby entrance at the bottom of the cellar stairs. It was to record the entire cellar lobby facing the rooms to the left, Camera 2 was set up in the vault room were the door was reportedly closed and locked while someone was occupying the room. Camera 3 was set up in the first room to the right off the hallway on the right side of the lobby. The monitor and tech table was set up on the first floor along with the equipment and battery charging station.

Once we set up our equipment we broke off into two groups, Group 1 was lead by Butch along with Marie and our host Dominic, Bamma was in charge of running the video cameras and documenting the entire investigation on video. Group 2 consisted of Becky, her Daughter Jessica, myself along with a fellow member of Dominic’s rock band; (In order to protect his privacy we will name him Bill). The cellar is plenty big enough for both groups to work independent of each other without crossed noise contamination. We would be lucky if we even crossed paths while investigating this cellar with its huge rooms branching off in all directions. It was a matter of keeping two walkies on during the investigation and letting one another know where we were within the bowels of this huge building. We decided to keep each session limited to 30 minutes or so. This way we could inform each other as to what rooms were investigated and what equipment was used during each session. During session one, Becky and I decided to investigate the first room off the hallway to the right. We already had a DVR camera set up in this room and it seemed like the perfect place to start. Jessica filmed our sessions using the Mini DVD recorder with night vision capability. While taking temperature readings in our first room, we noticed a door at the back of the room, once opening the door, we found that it was a tunnel that took you underground for a hundred feet or so. It seemed to house some of the mechanical aspects of the building. There was a ton of old disconnected phone line hanging on the wall with big heavy pipes hanging to the right. This must have been part of the old heating pipes that would lead throughout the tunnels and all the way up the six stories to the top of the building. It didn’t seem like any of it was still being used and hadn’t been used in years. As we continued down the long underground tunnels we found little rooms branching off in both directions, one room seemed like it may have been an old boiler room at one time, there were other doors that we opened that lead nowhere and were only a few feet wide. Another door we opened had steps leading to upper floors of the building.

As we continued down the tunnels, I thought to myself this could explain some of the reported hauntings, Could someone be prowling deep in the bowel’s of this cellar and then coming up these hidden stairways unseen or unheard onto any floor they would chose to scare anyone they choose? As I tried to open each door that lead to it’s respectful floor, I found the doors to be either locked or boarded up. Once you were in stairway, the only way out was back down the stairs to the cellar. This would not be one of my debunking explanations. We continued to take temperature readings throughout the tunnels and found that they did not fluctuate much between temperatures of 74 and 78 degrees. Becky and Bill took turns communicating with the reported unseen ghosts while Jessica filmed and I took digital pictures. The other group worked the other side of the cellar along with the vault room. After this first session we all met upstairs and exchanged thoughts and experiences. Butch’s group reported hearing voices and the smell cigar smoke in the vault room. We had nothing paranormal to report except that Becky felt like she may have been touched, and we were excited after investigating the underground tunnels. During the second session our group investigated the vault room, Becky, Jessica and I all felt strange feelings in this room and took turns running EVP sessions while investigating, We then moved to the center room. This is where it turned a little stranger and even paranormal.

As Jessica continued to video of Becky communicating with the EVP, We all heard footsteps on the ceiling coming from above, These were not heavy footsteps but lighter, shorter footsteps like that of a little child running in the room above us. Becky decided to leave the room and go upstairs to see if any of the guys working the tech table may have been walking around upstairs. She found that they had not left their seats, The strange thing was, Jessica and I continued to hear the footsteps running back and forth across the floor above the whole time Becky was gone. It also seemed as thought the little child was trying to communicate with us somehow. After leaving the center room with the knowledge that we were not alone we moved to the next room which was the men’s restroom. This room was set up with our night vision still camera that Butch had set up prior to the start of our investigation and had ton’s of reported paranormal activity as well. We spend several minutes running EVP’s while documenting the session with the mini DVD recorder. We then moved to the Ladies room next door. This room had a fowl odor to it and we didn’t spend more then 60 seconds investigating it. As we came out of the ladies room we noticed that the men’s restroom light was on even though we were just in their 60 seconds ago investigating. The room had motion lights connected to it but they were still in the shut off position and the controls were electrically taped in the off position. Becky, Jessica and I looked at each other kind of thinking well it’s starting, We just met someone unseen in the center room and now they must have had to either go to the bathroom or they were now following us from room to room.  We immediately went into debunking mode. We waited for the lights to go back off and entered and exited the men’s room several times hoping to get the lights to come back on. We could not recreate nor make the lights come back on no matter how many times or different ways we tried. We decided to share this phenomenon with the other group and had them try to recreate the activity as well. They could not recreate it either. Once we finished with session two both groups met outside the building. We once again shared some stories and experiences, We found out that both groups were experiencing some of the same paranormal activity coming from the same rooms.

We continued to run our investigation over the next couple hours documenting several hours of Audio recordings, Video recordings from the DVR cameras as well as our video cameras that were stationed in set places along with the video recordings that were filmed by our camera team members. We documented the temperature readings and any fluctuations in each room, EMF readings throughout the huge cellar and in each room, and decided that we would finish up by joining both groups and investigating together in what we all felt were the hot spots. We ended the investigation in the Center room with Butch leading the EVP session, Becky followed and then Marie; I ended EVP session with a little provoking and then raped the investigation up with a closing prayer. We were all tired at that point and several members had a long way to go home. As I talked with each member afterward, I think we all experienced something a little paranormal in way or another. Some had been touched, Others heard voices, Some smelled the odor of a cigar while others heard the footsteps of children that were not present at the time, DVR cameras were shaken at different times by unseen hands. I kind of like the rest room lights going on and the fact that I could not debunk it because I know they were shut off and taped down in the off position. After analyzing the evidence further, We found that we were never really alone in the cellar of this huge building with its underground tunnels and never ending rooms leading to nowhere. I’ve included several pictures from our investigation along with an EVP audio clip that Butch’s group captured in the vault room, You may hear this deep voice saying (NOBODY BREATH). I’ve also included a short video clip of an unknown light source that traveled the length of the cellar lobby and past the DVR Camera. Let me know what you think of these?

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Digital pictures: Nothing Paranormal

EMF readings: Nothing Paranormal

Temperature fluctuations: Nothing Paranormal

DVR video recordings: Yes

EVP audio recordings: Yes

Mini DVD video recordings: Nothing Paranormal

Super 8 video recordings: Nothing Paranormal

Dowsing Rods: Nothing Paranormal

VHS video recordings: Nothing Paranormal

Motion detectors: Nothing Paranormal

Personal experiences: Yes

Feltman Building EVP Nobody Breath FOR WEB SITE

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