Lady in the Attic Revisited

Attic House website pic 7TOGHS has been waiting excitingly to get together again for this follow up investigation. During our first investigation we captured one of the best EVP’s from the Attic that we ever recorded. This time was no different. Butch, Dan, Marie, Brian, Joe, Junior Investigator Jake and I arrived at the residence at 7:30PM on July 1, 2009. We also implemented the owner of the home in this investigation. We set up our equipment covering four floors including cellar and the legendary haunted attic.

Here is the video clip from the Attic story. It was captured in the Attic at 1:00am. It traveled 60 feet in one second, no Sound, no Wings, no Fluttering.

Photo Album after the fold

It didn’t take long before Butch and Dan were communicating with our friend from the other side.  While doing the first EVP session in one of the second floor back rooms they captured a continuous on and off again conversation with our little friend that lasted over twenty minutes.  We were also told about the woman that seemed to be in some sort of distress that would haunted the residence from time to time. She has been recorded moaning in pain or yelling in the past. Obviously we set out to find her somewhere in the home as well. Every member of team felt cold spots, chills or had a personal experience throughout the investigation.

It didn’t matter if you were running video, taking pictures or doing an EVP session. You just felt their presence. Other members of the team had got to see Butch working with the dowsing rods with great success during communication time as well. We switched up throughout the night in order to give everyone a chance to work the equipment but the night turned into the early morning hours before you knew it. Nobody wanted to rap this investigation up any earlier then we had to.  We eventually rapped things up and packed the equipment.

Our Tech Manger Joe who worked the Tech table all night and I were the last two members getting ready to leave when Joe wanted to do one last EVP session in the Attic. While he was working the Tech table the entire night, he felt as though he couldn’t leave without working the Attic himself too. Joe and I decided to set up 2 video recorders and 1 Mini DVD recorder to document his EVP session. Within 28 seconds of communication we recorder the women in distress. I’ve included this second EVP at the bottom this story. We can’t make out what she is saying but it sounds like she says Ouw, Oh my God) right after Joe says and a Walky Talkie.

Equipment used: 1 Digital Sprite DVR w/4 camera capability using 3 night vision camera’s, 3-Sony Super 8 video camera’s, 2 Magnavox VHS video recorders, 1-Sony HD digital 1080 camera, 1 Fugi Digital Camera, 1-RCA digital recorder, 1-Olympus digital recorder, 2 Laser room thermometers, 1 Cell Censor EMF machine, 4 Motion detectors, Dowsing Rods.

Little girl E.V.P.

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