Johnson’s Island Revisited

Picture 037TOGHS Investigation Friday June 19 at 3:30 PM.  Equipment used: 1-Sony Super 8 video camera, 1-Sony HD digital 1080 camera, 1-RCA digital recorder, 1-Olympus digital recorder.

This was fun investigation, TOGHS team member Marie has a 10 year old Son Jacob who is really into the paranormal and has really wanted to go on an investigation, Marie agreed to let Jake go as long as we didn’t scare the heck out of him. While we where in the Sandusky Bay area on that Friday we decided this would be his first official investigation. We didn’t have much equipment with us but always have a few things on board.

Photo Gallery after the fold.

After having a big lunch at a local restaurant we headed for the Island. During our ride we discussed a few investigation rules and went over the proper use of the equipment and the importance of taking care of it, we also discussed the fact that the investigation part is most times the easiest part of an investigation, I asked Jake if he was willing to go through all the Pictures, Video and Audio that we might capture during this investigation and that it might take him several hours to analyze all findings. He agreed to all this and actually looked forward to it. We crossed the toll bridge and arrived at the Confederate cemetery at 3:30 PM. It was sunny and around 80 degrees, I didn’t have equipment to get proper temperature, humidity readings or any outside readings for that matter. Either way Jake worked with the video camera first filming every headstone, landmark and anything else that might be beneficial to our investigation.

While Jake was busy filming I took out both Digital Audio recorders replacing the batteries for our fresh investigation. I decided that I would set my Olympus recorder on top of my Blazer that was parked right outside the cemetery gates to record this session just in case Jake didn’t catch anything paranormal on the recorder his was going to use. After working with the video’s Jake began working with the RCA digital recorder taking his time and walking the cemetery talking to anyone from the other side that might be listening. After an hour or so we decided to rap up this session and drive to the Prison grounds on the other side of the Island. Jake and I walked through the woods and found what we believed to be the property that the prison once sat on. Jake continued to run video and then had a EVP session with any prisoners that might want to visit. After finishing his first investigation we packed up our equipment and left the island.

We had a 45 minute ride back the cottage and talked about our investigation the whole way. Jake looked forward to analyzing the hour of video and audio recordings that took. I told him I thought he had did a great job and that he had followed all TOGHS rules and that he also took good care of all equipment used. As we were about to get off the expressway I heard a funny sound on top of the Blazer, as I looked out the rearview mirror I saw my one hundred dollar Olympus Digital recorders fly off the top of my car at 65 miles an hour and land in the middle of the expressway. I went down a mile got off the exit, turned around, went back and picked up the several pieces while dodging traffic. Unfortunately we lost everything that might have been recorded on this piece of equipment. I hope Jake watched me close and learned some of the things that you don’t do while on an investigation. I’ve added a few of the 266 pictures Jake took while on his first investigation.

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2 Responses to Johnson’s Island Revisited

  1. Uncle Harold says:

    Great Job on your first offical Investigation Jake!!

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