Goll’s Woods Revisited

Shadow on wallTOGHS follow up to the May 14, 2009 Goll’s Woods investigation  Sunday June 14 at 6:30pm.

Equipment used: 2-Sony Super 8 video cameras, 1-Sony HD digital 1080 camera, 1-Fugi Digital Camera, 1-RCA digital recorder, 1-Olympus digital recorder, 1-CellSensor EMF detector, 1-Raytek St Pro series Laser point Infraro thermometer.   Butch, Dan and I arrived in the Goll’s woods at 6:30pm on this pleasant evening, The temperature was in the upper 70’s under sunny skies. We set up in the cemetery first. Butch worked the far end of the cemetery taking digital photo’s and working the EVP equipment. Dan and I worked the other end setting up our EMF equipment on Mr. Goll’s headstone along with our EVP equipment.

Photo Gallery after the fold.

Dan continued to take pictures and temperature readings while I communicated through the digital recorders that were set up. We didn’t seem to make contact with anyone and after 30 minutes we all decided to walk the 1/4 mile down the road to the Goll’s old homestead. We left one EVP recorder in place while we were gone. As we walked up the road to the home we stopped several times looking back for the source of the footsteps we all thought we had heard. I was kind of amazed how spooky the home looked as we approached and wondered to myself, If the young child’s voice that Butch captured during his first EVP session would join us again on this investigation. I continued to take as many photo’s as I could while entering the home. Butch, Dan and I walked through the home working with our EVP recorders and taking photos.

After investigating the first floor we madeour way to the second floor and then the attic. On our way back down from the attic, We did an EVP session in the upstairs bedroom where the we captured the first EVP’s. Once we completed the upstairs investigation and started down the staircase we all felt a tremendous temperature drop (-15 degree’s) and Dan’s leg was touched at the same time. There seemed to be a strange energy source in the home with us. I was the first one down the staircase and turned to take pictures of Butch and Dan as they came down hoping to capture whomever was with us on camera. After leaving the home we walked back down the road to the cemetery and investigated further using an old flashlight trick, We set up two flashlights on separate headstones and asked that someone other then us to shut them off. Apparently our friends didn’t feel like playing the flashlight game at the time since they remained on. We closed this investigation with a EVP, some great personal experiences and few mosquito bites.

Photo’s – Strange light abnormalities / Orb’s

EVP’s – Butch and a young child saying (yes)

Video – Nothing paranormal

EMF’s – Nothing paranormal

Temperature changes – Staircase in Goll’s Home (-15 degrees)

Personal Experiences – Dan’s leg being touched

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9 Responses to Goll’s Woods Revisited

  1. Kaleb says:

    Is anybody allowed to be in that house since its abandoned or did you have special permision? Some of my friends wanted to go, but weren’t sure if it would be trespassing or not.

    • TOGHS says:

      Kaleb, The home is now being renovated and is closed to the public.
      Thanks Harold

    • alexia says:

      it is tresspassingbc me and some freinds went there and we got into big trouble by the cops so if u want to get into trouble dont go but if u want to take this risk and go go ahead but i prolly wouldnt

  2. Taylor says:

    This place is very scary, and now i see why.
    When i went i also heard a child and got so afraid i left.
    I think that further investigations should be done on this.

  3. Emily says:

    Do you have any updates on the status of the home? I’ve been wanting to get to Goll’s Woods for a few years (I live in Bryan), but I’d love to get in the home. Is the renovation done? Can the public get into the house? Even if I can’t get into the home, I’d like to find it and walk around it. Is it easy to find?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for any help you can provide!

  4. alexia says:

    i wnet to golls woods and had gotten pushed into the window and had realy bad cuts and afterwards i heard screaming and crying when i walked out of the house

  5. Rick Ordway says:

    Local resident for many years. The Julliard family is also related to the the Golls. I myself and my wife are friends to this family. We have been going out there for many years, walking the trails, visiting the cemetary, nearly every weekend spring through fall. This is the first we have ever heard of it actually being haunted. Of coarse rumors spread fast through these small country towns. And tales grow taller on down the line. I guess we should just be graetful we have never been subjected to any of these so called hauntings. Maybe our imaginations are not quite as active! To our knowledge nothing bad ever happened there. As far as events in that house goes. So it’s seems peculiar to us, that there would be any “lost souls” floating around in there. Especially inside the house itself, crying and screaming? Hmmmm??? It has been closed off for years.Many years. So we are wondering who gave you permission and how you were able to obtain access to this house in 2009?

    • toghs says:

      Thank you for your interest and your insight. Unfortunately our client’s identities are kept confidential. But we did have official permission to be on property.

      -TOGHS team

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