Goll’s Woods

goll woods 1Goll’s Woods is a park area with a small cemetery near Lockport, Ohio.  It is located in Fulton County 1-1/2 miles north of Archbold, Ohio then 3 miles west on Township Rd F, and 1/4 mile south on Township Rd 26 to the parking lot. The trail system is present.  From Archbold in Fulton County, go north on State Rte 66 for 1-1/2 miles to Township Rd F, go west for 3 miles to the junction with Township Rd 26, go south about 1/4 mile to the preserve parking lot located on the east side of the road.

Goll’s Woods is said to be haunted by Mr. Goll as well as several other spirits including a young child. It’s possible that some of these ghosts have wondered from the Goll cemetery which sits in the Goll’s woods.

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The Golls were one of the first families in Williams County; legend says that they were eventually banished into the woods. The father was the last to die, and he is said to haunt the woods. In addition to this, the cemetery is haunted by balls of light, and a big black tombstone near the center is always warm to the touch.

TOGHS lead investigator Butch went to visit the Goll’s woods one evening in May 2009. He was accompanied by Alan and Dan who help our group with investigations from time to time. Butch was not expecting to do a documented investigation but took EVP equipment as well as a digital camera. Butch visited the cemetery first. While audio recording his visit and taking digital pictures Butch found that his equipment began to malfunction. His recorder began to shut itself off several times despite being checked previously.   His digital camera also began to malfunction while in the cemetery. After realizing that this place had some type of paranormal activity to it Butch decided to investigate further and came upon an abandoned house and barn in the woods.

Once Butch, Alan and Dan went inside the old home the activity increased. Butch found the air heavy and very hard to breath. He never said anything to his group members at the time but was quickly told the same thing by them. Butch’s equipment began to malfunction again throughout his investigation of the home and wished he would have brought more equipment with him to document his findings. Although Butch had a hard time getting his camera and EVP equipment to function properly he was able to take several great photo’s as well as capture a voice of a young child saying (yes) to his question I think your in here with us aren’t you?  TOGHS will be investigating the Goll’s woods again this summer and will share our findings with you once we finish.

Goll’s Woods EVP for web site

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14 Responses to Goll’s Woods

  1. brittany says:

    My name is Brittany. My great grandma was buried here. Her name would be Sara..her maiden name is Goll actually. I’m not sure if i’m related to the current owners, but I once was. my friends & I are planning on going here, and we were wondering if there are hours for the cemetery? AS in, are the closed at night or something? PLease email me or add me on my myspace and message me 🙂 thank you!

  2. Corey Bailey says:

    Hi. My name is Corey. Me, some friends, and my cousin Codey went to Goll Woods a while back and we experienced the paranormal there also. We entered the Cemetery and ammediately started hearing voices and seeing strange, unexplainable balls of light. We then proceeded to the house. We entered the house and I started having breathing problems and headaches. It was just uncomfortable. We headed upstairs and started hearing voices from downstairs, so we went downstairs and found nothing. So we went down to the basement. I felt a sudden building of pressure. I got teary eyed for no reason. And at the same time, my cousin Codey got pushed down the stairs leading to the basement. He was the only one taunting Mr. Goll. Coincedence? That’s up for you to decide. Well, after our paranormal encounter we explored the basement and started hearing thuds from the first floor so we went upstairs and yet again found nothing. We decided our investigation was at an end so we packed up in the van and went home.

  3. alexia says:

    well in august me and a few friends went to golls woods and we heard vices in the cematray and balls of light then we went to the house and i didnt fell very well and we went to go scare our freinds and i got pushed into the window and on accident and had to go to the emcrengey room

  4. Jaycee May says:

    I always to to golls woods, and i don’t see any balls of light nor hear voices…

  5. Jaycee May says:

    we didnt hear anything!

  6. My name is Jacob
    When I went to Goll Woods, we walked Toadshade Path, it was dark outside, as soon as we entered the trail i was ready to leave 5 minutes in my uncle and I heard a women screaming Bloody Murder, it was terrified, so we looked for cars headlights, anything that may have been the cause. Nothing just darkness…so we hauled ass back to the car, but the doors would not open we would unlock it then it would lock up and not let us in, like someone was trying to keep us there, I am returning a little later today
    I will write another review

  7. Chris says:

    My name is Chris,
    Handful of my friends and I went late at night. Witness the mist at the grave sight then started hearing a lady singing in a soft voice. We all quieted for a moment then ran to the car. On our way by the gravestones my buddy in front of me tripped as I passed him. I heard him yelling at somebody as he stood up then he joined us by the car(he had the keys, we had to wait for him!) As he approached he turn white realizing that we where all accounted for and he was the last to make it back to the car. He said he tripped over someones legs and jumped up and said “You better get up, Dude! I got the keys and I’m leaving!!”
    None of us have ever quit recovered.

  8. Laura says:

    My name is Laura,
    My kids and I walked to Goll’s woods and we decided to check out the cemetary in the middle of the afternoon about 3:30 pm and as the story above which said the black tombstone which does sit there is warm to the touch,,as this was in the middle of the summer and we all touched it and it’s true ,,,but,,,knowing how true the story is,,we would love to go by it in the night time or close to it and see if it actually stays warm,,,the day we went there the sun was obviously shining on the tombstones and some of them were kind of strangly cool to the touch while the black one did remain warm. my kids and I ,,one being 18,,want to go back some time and walk through the house and back to the cemetary and see if the other tombstones are cool to the touch and the big black one stays warm. We can’t get in the house without someone’s ok,,,we checked that part out,,,otherwise the gate is closed and it says no trespassing.

  9. Chelsea says:

    Okay, so my friends and I went out there tonight. We kept hearing things and my sister and one of our friends were sitting in the middle, both had their hands in their laps, and our friends Necklace snapped. Later my sister and a few of our other friends were sitting in a circle speaking out to whoever/ whatever was there. They kept hearing guns loading, breathing, and humming. One of the guys that were with us, was able to tell when something was around. Next thing they knew, they were being chased by something bigger than the truck. And by something crawling on the ground. It was the first time we’ve done this. It was all last minute but it was well worth it!

  10. gw says:

    Hi, my names glen. Its so crazy, ive been going to goll woods now for 18 years. It all started in my teenage years. Getting a couple beverages in us and riding out in the dark on search of spooky ghosts. I now run there about three times a week. I always mocked people for saying the place was haunted because i had never expierianced anything (paranormal) but the craziest thing ever happened to me today when i was hiking through one of the tails. I stepped on GHOST SHIT!!! It was definatly from a dog, but theres no dogs allowed on trails, so it had to have been ebineezer goll’s dead dog scooby. SPOOKY SHIT!!!!!!!!

  11. Simon says:

    My name is Simon and I live right outside the woods, and I have seen a strange dark figure on the road while walking with my friends. And another time we were walking through some of the trails at night and heard lots of noises.

  12. Carol says:

    We have never seen anything too spooky at Golls Woods beyond an overzealous park manager who gets a little psycho about people leaving the trails – oh and fresh playing cards left at two of the grave sites. Dry crisp playing cards on a wet soggy day. As if they had just been dealt. But that’s just normal, right?

  13. Sarah Relford says:

    Hello, my name is Sarah and I visited these woods last fall I believe. There were very many paranormal encounters but the one that gets me to this day is when we went to the cemetery. When we went to the cemetery, we started at one end of it, working our way across. We all felt very eerie and strange and when we got to the end of the cemetery, there was a fresh grave without an actual headstone. There was instead, a plaque that said “Sarah” with no last name and the date said “2016” and it didn’t say anything else. As if that wasn’t strange and creepy enough, there were BARE HUMAN adult foot prints on the fresh dirt. At about 3-4 am. Like I said, there were MANY other encounters as well. This is just one of them that gets me. Also, the legend of the big dark tombstone is very real and very true. We all felt it and it was very warm.

  14. James Gill says:

    I have a question I was hoping you could answer about the Goll family I read a story saying that they was banished into the woods but why was they banished.Also some people say they believe some of the balls of light they see could be their victims but I have not heard anything about them harming anyone

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