Dorr Street

Dorr Street 2This was one of the hardest and longest Investigations that TOGHS has encountered. We did several separate investigations over the course of four months. We are not revealing the real names or address of our client to protect their privacy. In February 2009, TOGHS received a phone call from a gentleman named Tom who owns a residence on Dorr Street. He told us he did not live there himself but was renting the home to a family of six. Tom wanted information about Hauntings and Poltergeist. He told us that his tenants were reporting both types of activity in the home. After ending our hour-long conversation, TOGHS contacted the tenants and interviewed the Grandmother (Beth) in regards to the reported paranormal activity.

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TOGHS case manager Marie decided to interview Beth further in person, I was intrigued by this particular case and decided to go along with Marie during the face to face interview with our client.  During Marie’s interview we were informed that the family consisted of Beth who is the Grandmother, Her Daughter Tammy who is in her mid 30’s and Tammy’s 4 children, ages 14 and under.  Once Marie completed her interview and we left the home we discussed the reported activity. Water being thrown throughout the home, Televisions being thrown down flights of stairs, Household object’s of all kinds being thrown or moved from room to room, Full cans of paint being thrown in the kitchen, Expensive furniture being broke into pieces and more. To say the least we were worried about the safety of this family and the 4 children that lived in the home.

First Investigation – Butch, Joe, Mike, Marie and myself did the first investigation taking over two hundred digital pictures. We had four video camera’s running throughout the investigation, Two EVP recorder’s, 1 EMF machine taking readings in each room, 3 motion detectors, 1 Laser thermometer reading the temperature fluctuations from room to room and several other pieces of investigative equipment. We did not have any personal experiences during our first investigation but was called back into the home as we were leaving to witness water that had been thrown across the ceiling.

We spent the next couple days analyzing our findings to find that we did not capture anything paranormal to report. We were kind of stumped by this but before we could report our finding to our client she had called with reports of more activity and that it had escalated as well. Butch and I went to check out the situation and to make sure everyone in the home was safe. When we entered the front door we were greeted by water running throughout the home. Second floor running down the walls to the first floor and the first floor had water running to the basement. Once we made our way upstairs we found that the bathroom sink and tub facets were wide open and the drains had been plugged, Same thing in the downstairs kitchen sink. Butch ran down to the basement and shut off the main water supply. We actually duck taped the main off so that it could not be turned back on by anyone living or dead without a struggle.

Second Investigation: Same as the first, Four hours long using the same equipment but had a couple other TOGHS investigator helping out with the investigation. We also met Beth’s Daughter Jennifer and her four Grandchildren. The oldest grandchild we will name Bill who also helped out during this second investigation. After Analyzing our findings again we could not capture anything considered to be paranormal. Before we could meet with our clients to inform them of our lack of evidence we were called again with reports of escalated activity and that the family was staying next door at a relatives to escape the raft of the unwanted hauntings they were living with.

Third Investigation: Butch and I went alone on this investigation and as we entered through the front door with Beth and her Grandson Bill we realized that the couch had been turned on end and placed in the middle of the living room,  A television had been thrown down a flight of stairs, The kitchen ceiling had collapsed due the water that had been left running from our last visit, The refrigerator was moved across the kitchen with the door open and it’s contents thrown to the floor.  While Butch and I tried to stay calm and investigate we both wondered how we would explain all this as normal activity and not paranormal activity. The investigation got weirder as we went. While Beth and Bill were in the kitchen trying to clean up the mess that was made by their unwanted guest, Butch and I worked the upstairs and cellar area’s. While we were upstairs we heard a huge crashing sound downstairs, Running downstairs we found Beth and Bill standing in the middle room staring at the same thing Butch and I were, A huge object had been thrown across the living room and into a hanging picture on the wall, Both were broken during this activity. After we all calmed down Butch and I went back to our investigation and Beth and Bill went back to cleaning up the kitchen mess. This whole thing continued several times until I was almost hit in the head with a flying object as I came down the stairs and walked into the living room. As weird as this whole evening was Butch and I managed to capture as much possible evidence as we could during the three hours spent in the home that night.

After we went through several hours of analyzing and not capturing anything paranormal on any of or equipment besides a couple pictures with light abnormalities TOGHS deciding that this whole thing had to be coming from someone in the home. Someone very much alive. Butch and I noticed throughout all three investigations the oldest Grandson Bill was present during our experiences and during Beth’s reported experiences.  We decided to set a plan. If we were called again because of excalating activity we would set up hidden cameras after getting Beth’s permission. Not surprisingly we were called within a couple days.

Fourth Investigation: Butch, John, and I arrived and checked the home for any further damage, Did a quick walk through and set up three hidden camera’s. We told Beth that we wanted to leave the home for an hour so that it could sit empty in hopes of catching activity on camera while nobody was home. Beth knew of the hidden cameras and agreed.  After arriving back at the home we invited Bill to investigate with us. We weren’t really trying to capture anything paranormal but hoped we would catch Bill doing something that made everyone believe it was. Once again objects were being thrown throughout the home off and on during the investigation. After a couple hours we rapped up the investigation and ended the session. While analyzing the evidence Butch and I noticed that Bill was throwing objects and acting like it was something paranormal on several occasions. We then called Beth and explained that we did not feel she had neither a Poltergeist nor a home that was being haunted by unseen guest but we did capture Bill causing some of the things that were being reported by her. After reporting the findings and watching the video’s with Beth we explained how we felt about our suspicions and findings. We then told her we could not help her with this case any longer and that TOGHS had considered it a closed case.

A week or so went by and I received another called from Beth, She had told me that she confronted Bill in regards to his role in the alleged haunting and the destruction of their property. She was also very upset. Her ill Daughter had passed away and they continued to experience paranormal activity even though Bill was not present at the time of the activity. I had become friends with Beth and wanted to help her in anyway I could. I then decided that it would be a good time to get someone with a religious background involved with this particular case. It would be good for her and the children also. I told Beth that Butch and I would stop by with a friend of mine who happens to be a Catholic Nun (Pam) along with another friend of mine that works in the religious field (Renee). Butch and I along with Sister Pam and Renee stopped by to visit the home again. Butch, Renee and I walked the home from top to bottom taking pictures and working with EVP’s while Sister Pam interviewed Beth sitting at the kitchen table. When Sister Pam was finished interviewing our client I invited her to walk through the home as well. Afterwards we said our good byes and went outside to leave. Renee had told me Butch and I was right and it had to be the oldest Grandchild Bill doing all this and that he might even have a sibling involved. I was taken by surprise when Sister Pam said that an unseen spirit touched her arm while in the kitchen.  The good news was that Sister Pam believed that Bill was doing all the damage and most of alleged paranormal activity was coming from him. That the unseen spirit that she witnessed in the kitchen was that of a child and would not be capable of the things that have happened.  This changed the way I felt, I stopped being angry at Bill for putting Beth and our group through all this, and could believe her like I really wanted to in the first place. Beth is a wonderful person and not capable of misleading us let alone lying to us. To rap this story up, TOGHS eventually did a final investigation leaving nothing undone and using every piece of equipment that we own.  We also performed a house blessing at the end of the final investigation. After analyzing hours and hours of findings we have posted a few pictures with light abnormalities from the cellar and an upstairs bedroom where the television was thrown. We also added a short EVP session that was recorded by our new team member Cody Ramm. When Cody asked, Are you an Adult? The unseen voice responded (NO). The home is supposedly still being visited from unwanted quest from time to time.

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  1. i am homeless but i use to live i a haunted house am very for real in toledo ohio this is real e mail me back if u would like to know about it.

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