Cedar Hill Cemetery

baker mausoleum 2Butch was making a trip to Newark, Ohio over the last weekend in February 2009. While in Newark he investigated the infamous Cedar Hill Cemetery and The Newark Earth Works. While investigating both legendary locations he took several photographs. Cedar Hill Cemetery is located on the west side of OH-79, about a ½ mile north of the intersection with OH-16, in Newark, Ohio (Newark Township, Licking County). This Cemetery is very large.

Photo Gallery below the fold.

In fact, it is the largest cemetery in Licking County, and it is still active. There are many old gravestones, and most are in great shape and is very well maintained by the Cedar Hill Cemetery Association. It is also supposedly haunted. The haunting we hear about the most involves the Baker Mausoleum.

Many people refer to this mausoleum as an asylum, probably because of its creepy exterior – it is very old, and there is a weeping woman statue in front of it. Legend states that if you put your ear against the locked door, you’ll hear screams and muffled voices inside. There is also a large gravestone with the carving of a baby’s face that is supposedly haunted. It’s located west of the Baker Mausoleum. What you’re supposed to do is stare at the baby’s face for at least a minute. Then turn your head away for a couple seconds before looking at the gravestone again. When you look at the gravestone again, the legend states that the baby’s face will be looking in a different direction.

Butch along with his fellow Investigators followed the instructions regarding both the Baker Mausoleum as well as the Haunted baby’s face gravestone. He had nothing paranormal to report at the gravestone but did hear noises coming from the Baker mausoleum.

We first found this story on one of our favorite web sites. Click the link to visit their site: http://www.graveaddiction.com/cedarhi.html

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1 Response to Cedar Hill Cemetery

  1. John Miller says:

    Newark is my hometown and I can confirm the screams coming out of the mausoleum

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