Joe In Mirror-Wauseon HouseButch heard about this haunted location through a friend of his named Alan. After discussing the alleged haunting at this home TOGHS decided to do this Investigation.  Alan was interested in helping us from time to time and Butch decided this would be the perfect investigation to get Alan started working with us and getting involved with our paranormal investigations.  Joe St John who is a TOGHS part time Investigator was also working with us on this case. As the four of us drove to the residence we discussed the case and the alleged haunting.

Photo Gallery after the fold.

We arrived around 6:30pm, met the home owner Dan and then set up the command center in the attached garage. We used 3 Video cameras, 2 Digital EVP recorders, 1 EMF machine, 2 Motion detectors, 2 Digital cameras and 1 laser thermometer. We were looking for an older woman who Dan believed to be his Mother that had crossed over the passed year. Dan and the rest of his family had heard his Mothers voice from time to time throughout the home. We investigated over the course of 3 hours collecting as much evidence as we could. We did not come away with a ton of proof but two things stand out in my mind while I was analyzing the findings.

The first was really kind of odd, I just finished working in the kitchen and then Butch had Alan work with EVP’s in the same kitchen area while it was under video surveillance. We watched while Alan crossed the floor to the kitchen table and he kicked a big stone across the room. I had just walked the entire room and there wasn’t a stone sitting in the middle of the floor. The second was when Dan was doing a personal EVP session communicating with his Mother while I recorded the session.  As you all are well aware I am not a big fan of Orb’s, but during the analyzing process Butch and I both agreed that we seemed to catch a ton of Orb’s on video while recording Dan and his conversation with his Mom. This Investigation shows us that some places can be haunted without question and you just don’t come away with a ton of evidence.

Two other good things came following this investigation, Butch and I was both impressed with Alan’s investigating skills and have asked him to accompany TOGHS on future investigations. The other was after meeting Dan and working with him on this case TOGHS has asked Dan to join our staff and he is now a TOGHS Investigator.  I have added a few pictures to this story just to let you get an idea of the Wauseon Home.

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  1. carl says:

    sorry but those can be debunked

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