Sylvania Private Residence

This was an interesting case. We are not revealing the name or address of our client to protect their privacy. After interviewing the client in October of 2008, we decided to investigate this private residence that same weekend.

Photo Gallery after the fold.

We were told by our client, that they had been seeing shadowy figures walking in the upstairs hallway for some time and had most recently had awakened to the shadowy figure standing over top the bed in the master bedroom. We were busy this week because it was the week leading up to Halloween. Our group had been invited to be interviewed on a local news channel and had been called by a local newspaper to be interviewed. I had previously decided that we don’t do the whole Halloween thing for obvious reasons, One being that everyone’s interest in the paranormal increases 100 fold during this holiday season. We receive tons of people interested in joining our group or want their home, business, church, school or facility investigated for paranormal activity the week leading up to Halloween. We felt this case was unique and should be investigated. After receiving another call from a local college newspaper writer, we decided to invite her and a friend of her’s to be our guest investigators on this particular investigation.

We had met at a nearby location earlier in the evening and briefed her on the reported activity with this upcoming case. Our guests had not worked with the types of equipment that we use during investigations previously but was very professional reporter. She investigated each room using Lazar room thermometers, Digital recorders and the EMF equipment while taking notes the entire time. She was even brave enough to give her own EVP session. Several times throughout the investigation we had lost power to some of our equipment and at one point Butch was touched by an unseen visitor in the upstairs hallway. After analyzing all the evidence we did not come away with much paranormal activity besides Butch’s personal experience and this picture of our quest standing under a strange light abnormality while taking notes. While this particular case is now closed, It was fun investigating with our friends at the local newspaper and look forward to working with them again.

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