Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Entrance 2Butch, Dave and I investigated Woodlawn Cemetery in the Summer of 2008 as we had heard of the legendary haunting connected to Woodlawn. Civil War soldiers are buried in sections 28 and 41 of the cemetery and the cemetery has been listed as a National Historic site since 1998.  It was a beautiful day, Sunny, Light winds and the temperature was in the low 80’s.  I was taken aback by the big monument that you can see from a great distance. We investigated several sections throughout the cemetery including the grave site of a young girl that was murdered in the late 70’s.

Photo Gallery below the fold.

Although we did not capture any EVP’s or paranormal photos at the monument or the young girls grave site, Butch was getting a lot of dowsing rod activity at another grave site. We are planning to investigate this legendary cemetery again in the near future. It was very evident to Butch and I that there is a great amount of energy in this cemetery.

Below is another story on Woodlawn Cemetery by Tri Mar Paranormal Research Group:

Established in 1878 and found at 1502 West Central Avenue in Toledo, OH is Woodlawn Cemetery. Woodlawn is a large cemetery and is the resting place of many influential Toledo residents. Woodlawn Cemetery is filled with winding roads through heavily wooded gently undulating hills. The first building built on the property was the Conservatory chapel built in 1883. By the turn of the century, Woodlawn had become the cemetery of choice for the areas leaders. The cemetery is filled with many elaborate monuments and mausoleums that were erected by these families. Civil War soldiers are buried in sections 28 and 41 of the cemetery and the cemetery has been listed as a National Historic site since 1998.

Woodlawn Cemetery has the distinction of cult groups performing their religious ceremonies on the grounds after closing. Cemetery staff has found numerous ritualistic items in the mornings after these ceremonies have taken place. There is an eerie feeling to the cemetery which you can feel as you drive by the western section that borders Jackman Road.

On March 26, 2003 we investigated Woodlawn for the first time. We have always had an eerie feeling about the cemetery that bordered on outright fear. The weather turned out to be very nice with clear skies and a 55 degree temperature. The winds were light at 10 mph. We drove around the cemetery roads to get acquainted with the area and decided to investigate in section 28. As we walked among the Civil War headstones my dowsing rods were still. Just to the East of the Civil War area the left dowsing rod began to spin counter clockwise repeatedly. I took several photographs at this time. Trista watched as a group of leaves swirled in the air at chest height like a small tornado. She watched this for several moments before she approached the area. As she approached the swirling leaves they fell to the ground and were still. The dowsing rods both were spinning counter clockwise in this area just after the leaves fell to the ground. No unusual EMF readings or unusual photographs were discovered.

We proceeded to section 25 located along a lake and across a cemetery road from section 28. This area was filled with many mausoleums of past civic leaders. I had a very uneasy feeling in this section but recorded no unusual EMF readings.

It was very evident to us that there is a great amount of energy at this location and we will continue to investigate as time permits.

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5 Responses to Woodlawn Cemetery

  1. Sandy Sandusky says:

    i cannot get enough of these stories! too fun. LOVE IT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 😉

  2. michelle cox says:

    My bestfriend is burried at woodlawn cemetary in toledo ohio I am very interested in anything you find in and around toledo

  3. Kylie says:

    Hi my grandpa is buried at woodlawn it is a very beautiful place and eerie. When I was younger about 1997 my friends and I went there at night and were chased out by something. One of our friends got separated from us he ran the wrong way. When the rest of us got to the truck everybody started talkin about what just happened and where our friend went. Of course I’m a chicken I didnt want to see anything so I sat in the floor of the truck with my eyes closed lol. I remember hearin the trees and bushes shaking, all my friends in the back of the truck started to yell go go what the hell is that. Our friend come rushing out of the trees screaming go its chasing me. Everybody in the back of the truck started screaming and one jumped into the drivers seat while the rest layed down in the bed of the truck. The one that came out running screaming jumped into the car behind our truck and we all bahad out of there. When we got back to our house one of the guys started talkin bout how something grabbed his ankle and tripped him up another one confirmed he was runnin behind him and he was grabbed as well by the ankle but he wasnt as fortunate as the other. When he lifted his pant leg up he had human teeth marks in his leg. As for the friend who ran the wrong way he still to this day dont like to talk bout what happened there. All he would say is I’ll never go back ther ever. The only time I go is during the daylight now. This really did happen its not a joke.

  4. ruby says:

    me and my niece went to Woodlawn and i will never go with family or friends i seen a lot and i will go back with anyone elase but family or friends no way i seen alot realy bad face and two kids all in white he was holding her hand and thay wear running and whay was not alive and in some parts it was so said i have been in a lot of cemetarys and this one not good not good at all

  5. ruby says:

    i for got to tale you we went there at around 3 pm and it was nice out about 70 i went by a tome and was socked in a tome something not right about that place there was a lot of by things happened to good people there and thay are mad real mad

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