My weekend at Ohio University

Ohio University - AthensMy weekend at Ohio University, My son Nick and I had our Student / Parent Orientation and Registration weekend.  I stayed at the Ohio Univ. Inn and arrived on Friday evening at 8:30pm, as soon as I checked in I began to explore the Ridges, first was the cemetery where I spent about an hour walking through it completely and taking as many  pictures as I could, I also walked around the old Asylum, During this after dark trip I noticed a two story very old building behind the Asylum up on the very top of the hill, next to this building stands a black water tower, the building is closed off with no trespassing signs posted, I took several pictures of this building and could not get rid of the feeling that I had to go inside. I had my wife Karen and my son as well as another family friend Jeff with me at the time, Karen insisted that I not go in because of it being closed and the only chain linked door into it was locked and chained shut, and if I was to get caught inside our son may be thrown out of the University before he had taken his first class.

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I returned to our hotel that night and decided to myself that I could not go home without going in, I knew that I would never forgive myself. The next day was full of parent classes as well as student classes but I couldn’t get it out of my mind, As we all took our lunch break and were to return to class at 1:00 PM I told my wife that I was cutting my class, that I would drop her off and be back to pick her up for our 2:15 PM class, she was thinking I lost my mind but said if I was going she was going also. On the way to the Old building I decided to visit Wilson Hall, Nobody was there and it was also closed just like everyone told me it would  be. I looked in the windows and felt sick because of all the things I wanted to do could not be done, Just as I was leaving Wilson Hall a maintenance man arrived to drop off some tools into the building because he was to do some work that day. Not only was this perfect timing but really a strange coincidence.

I introduced myself and told him all I’ve heard about Wilson Hall and he let me in and took me to the fourth floor, As I was looking around a maintenance lady by the name of Ronda walked in and said she heard me knocking on the doors and saying hello so she came to see what I wanted, she looked at me very strange and told me that I was an identical twin of her nephew that had passed away and that my voice and gestures were just like his as well and that she and her son were just talking about him that very morning, She said it was like having a visit from him, I don’t know if her telling me this scared me or her more. I was very lucky I got to visit the fourth floor, see the imprint of the Devil on the door to the dorm room where the suicide took place and even got to go into the room itself, As I entered the room I felt fine but quickly felt very hot and sick to my stomach, I only stayed in there a few minutes and had to go back outside to get some fresh air. I don’t know if this was the room doing this or just because it was hot and humid outside as well, but felt better outside.

As I was getting ready to leave and was saying thank you to the two maintenance workers, Wayne had told me he really didn’t believe in Ghost but always heard noises / voices in this dorm, he also told me his daughter wanted him to read a specific book by a psychic and that he couldn’t find the book anywhere in the local libraries, He took a piece of paper out of his wallet that his daughter had written the Author and name of the book down on. This just about floored me because I had this particular book in my van and I had just read the last chapter of the book the night before, I gave Wayne the book now he looked shocked and thanked them again for all they had done, we all agreed that this visit between us had been set up long before it took place and was intended to happen at that time, it could not have been a coincidence that I looked just like her nephew and that I so happen to have a book that Wayne had been looking for the past several months. I didn’t have time to go to the Old building after this because I had to get back to class, but knew I was going back that evening.

Photo Gallery:

Now here is where the story gets even stranger, I went back that night to the old building past the cemetery at the top of the Ridges with a flashlight and found the chained and bolted door was now open, It was like it was meant to be. I couldn’t get anyone to go in with me at night because they were scared, so I went back to the hotel again for the night, all night I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I had to go in no matter what the consequences might be for trespassing, I got up early the next morning and talked Jeff into going with me, I left my wife and son sleeping, and drove up the road, stopped at the cemetery again and took more pictures I also stood in the middle of the head stones that are placed in a circle. Then headed for the Old building. Jeff and I went up the stairs and inside, my heart was racing, I was as nervous as I could ever remember. I had my camera loaded, I took lots of pictures of the first floor and then we headed up the concrete stairs to the second floor, as Jeff and I got half way up we both heard the footsteps of someone walking up loudly behind us, we both turned at the same time and looked down the stairs and then at each other, there wasn’t anyone there and in my momentary panic I didn’t get a picture of our invisible Ghost. We agreed to go further and when we reached the top floor I took several more pictures of all the rooms and hallways,

Man this place looked broken down, all the walls paint is peeling and the rooms were dark and full of a feeling of sadness, a perfect haunted place to visit but not to stay to long. Just as we were entering a room at the end of one of the hallways, we heard someone crying, again Jeff looked at me and I said do you hear it, Jeff said it has to be coming from outside I said Jeff we are on the top floor who would be up in a tree right outside the building crying, we were both startled by this and the feeling of sadness came over me as well, as Jeff at this time. Jeff then said it’s time to get out of here before something happens to us and they never find us. I agreed with him and we started to head back down the stairs taking pictures all the way, we went back out the window we came in, I never entered the basement or the underground tunnels that I heard about, although I did take a picture of the door that leads to it. I had seen, felt and heard enough for one morning. As we got back into the van and headed back down the only road that took us in.

We stopped and talked to a couple that had waved to us for what I thought might be directions, they were walking up the road to the Asylum and had just passed the cemetery thetas leads to the Asylum, I got out of the van and said hello to them, He smiled and asked if I knew where the cemetery was, I said to him you just walked passed it and that I didn’t know how he could have missed it, He smiled again an asked if I knew where the Asylum might be, I looked him right in his eyes to see if he was serious or not because this didn’t make any sense, I turned and pointed to the building right behind us and said that’s the building your looking for, he just smiled again and said I like Ghosts don’t you? Did you like the Asylum? His wife who seemed to be in her mid forties or who I thought was his wife turned to Jeff and said my friend loves Ghosts but it scares me, she then turned to me and said your scaring me to, she then kept moving next to Jeff even as he was moving away from her. She seemed very friendly but asked some very strange questions as he did.

When she asked where we were from I told her Toledo, Ohio and that we were down to Athens for the weekend because of my son Nicks registration, I asked where they were from and he just kept smiling and said nothing, she said they were from here but from W. Virginia originally, she asked for my last name and I might have made the mistake by telling her, At that she said this is all very interesting and repeated my sons name including his last name several times then said to me, tell him I will come back in September to visit him on his first day of school, I looked at Jeff with that kind of lets get out of here look, these two people are crazy. We got back in the van, I  turned to Jeff and said that was the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had with anyone, Jeff said they didn’t seem right for some reason.

So we immediately turned the van around to see where they were going, They were no where to be found, thirty seconds have went by and they were walking on the only road going in or out and they were not there. We turned the van around again several times and went up and down the road, back to the cemetery and up to the Asylum they just were not there or anywhere. We looked for a half hour more everywhere and still never saw them again. As we headed back to the hotel Jeff and I said to each other no one would ever believe this, We agreed that they must have been Ghost themselves.

I haven’t told my son about the conversation with them or the fact that they are going to visit him on his first day of school, He’s staying in Bryan Hall and that is another Ghost story all its own. If it weren’t for having Jeff with me I wouldn’t believe this weekend myself. If anyone has witnessed something like this himself or herself I would love to hear it. I also found a web site on Athens and the University and it’s Ghost. I’m sorry that this is so long but I had to share it with all of you.

There is a decent web site about the ghosts of Athens:

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1 Response to My weekend at Ohio University

  1. Christine says:

    Hello. I am a resident of Athens Ohio. I went to OU for a year. I was actually looking across the web for a date of an event called OU clean-up and ran across your website. Although I haven’t been spooked by ghosts before, and I have been inside the ridges once, I found your stories facinating and I loved your pictures. I have read about all the horror stories. Did you know that Athens, OH is the 13th most haunted city in the US? It was on television one yerar durring halloween. I am not sure which floor or anyrthing, but inside the Assylum, there is a figure of a body on the cement floor that was said to be where a lady had tried to escape and got locked away and no one could find her. The body acid of the body ate in to the cement leaving the figure on the floor. I once took a picture of me laying in it, but some how the camera I had disappeared. Feel free to email me if you want.

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