Ravine Park Cemetery

Ravine Park HeadsonesRavine Park Cemetery can be found on Ravine Road in Sylvania, Ohio. Ravine Cemetery is the final resting place to eighty-one Civil War Veterans. There is a legend of a wandering bride who is said to be unhappy with where she was buried. She was married three times and her family could not decide whom to bury her near. Some say she was buried alone.

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I first visited Ravine Park Cemetery in the summer of 2005, It is a very well kept cemetery with a huge ravine running through the middle. I ran two E.V.P. recorders, one on either side of the ravine. I also took a couple rolls of pictures with a 35 mm camera and another 30 or so pictures with a Fuji Fine Pix A210 digital camera. I didn’t pick up anything Paranormal on the recordings or on the 35 mm camera but after downloading the digital pictures onto my computer I was surprised to find one picture with two visitor’s present. If you look to the left of this picture behind one of the headstones, you can see what seems to be a light Orb in the shape of a person waving to me, In the middle of the picture over lapping the big headstone their seems to be the face of a young person.

I never saw the Wandering Bride or the Gray Figure that others have saw. Butch and I went back a second time a year later to investigate but came away with nothing paranormal to report, although Butch felt the presents of someone throughout our investigation.

Below is another story I found on the Tri-Mar Paranormal Research web site.

In the summer of 2001 a mother and daughter “staked out” the cemetery at midnight to try and capture a ghost photo for a school project. As they were sitting near the ravine they saw a mist moving through the cemetery and were able to capture it on film. Needless to say they were frightened and immediately left the cemetery.

In August of 2002 my wife and I and a friend visited Ravine Park Cemetery. Initially we walked the eastern section of the cemetery to determine if we could feel anything out of the ordinary. Thirty minutes had passed before I began to be drawn to the southeastern section of the cemetery on the other side of the ravine. There was a small group of three trees along the ravine edge that I felt the need to investigate.

We then crossed to the eastern side of the ravine and stood near the group of trees. The three of us immediately felt uneasy and I had the desire to walk to a section of the cemetery near a line of trees about sixty yards away. As I walked among the gravestones I knew that I didn’t want to be there. There was such a sense of uneasiness and fear that I returned to the comfort of the others. Shortly thereafter as we were looking across the ravine to the western side of the cemetery I saw a figure move between the headstones. Our friend said she also saw the movement in the headstones. Within seconds the black humanoid figure again moved between the headstones very clearly. The three of us decided that we were close enough to what we just witnessed and decided to walk in the area where I had felt strange earlier in the evening. My wife had no intention of walking there, as she did not like the feeling she had about it.

As our friend was walking along a road she noticed a small red light and stopped to watch it. Just then she felt a breeze pass by her right side and she hurried back to us. She said it felt as if a person passed by very closely to her side but did not touch her. The three of us decided to investigate the red light and found it to be a candle on a headstone. This did not explain the breeze that our friend felt and we were all beginning to feel uneasy. After returning to the group of trees my wife noticed a gray figure rising from the ground and becoming still. The figure was in the same area as the black figure we had seen earlier. My wife then looked behind her and when she looked back the gray figure was gone.

The three of us then became fixated on the southern section of the cemetery and had a sense of something evil in that area. I then noticed a small reddish glow maybe 2-3 feet high that lasted for only 3 or 4 seconds. By this time we had all become a bit nervous and did not care for the sensations we had picked up on.  We all decided that we were being requested to leave by our hosts so we obliged.

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5 Responses to Ravine Park Cemetery

  1. Paul says:

    show me the pictures

  2. c k holt says:

    my gg grandfather is buried somewhere in revine cemetary, he served in the cival war. his headstone is in petersburg michigan. i would like to visit his grave site and geta headstone.james gifford was his name. can anyone help locate grave?

  3. erin says:

    I too had a similar experience. I took some friends there at midnight days before Halloween to look for the Frederick Krueger headstone. We had some flashlights with us and found the stone. But just moments later, we noticed a greyish black figure darting from tombstone to tombstone getting closer to us. It made no noise as it went from one place to another and made no noise when we yelled” who’s there?”. We realized that this was probably not another human and immediately ran out of the cemetery. I have gone back late at night since on my own and have found the figure to be that of a soldier. He’s actually more scared of other people than people are of him. The bride can rarely be found, but will appear on the st. Joseph side of the ravine. She sits on a tombstone and cries. Very sad story.

  4. Zoe says:

    Today for a photography project, my boyfriend and i went to the Ravine just to see what we would see if we took some pictures in the dark. I, the baby i am, convinced my boyfriend to stand along to fence to take pictures. The first picture i took turned out great! So we started to walk to the water further down, when i started to zoom in on our picture. Then i noticed a white figure in the picture. Quickly i realized it was a woman in a white dress with long hair. I tried to capture another picture to see if something similar would show up again, but no other picture would turn out. They all turned out to be dark besides the first one i took.

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