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Gibb’s Road Bridge is located in Richfield Township Ohio between Sylvania and Berkey. Legend has it that the bridge is haunted by the victims of a deadly auto accident that occurred on the bridge. The sounds of a collision and laughter are said to be heard at night.  People have also reported being chased off the bridge after dark by ghostly shadows.

Photo Gallery below the fold.

I investigated this Bridge on two occasions. The first was with a couple fellows employees after work. We arrived at the site shortly after 8:00pm. We set up two video camera’s while taking pictures with a Fuji A210 digital camera. Nothing exciting occurred during our investigation but as we were leaving the car seemed to be very cold inside. We stopped along side the road 1/10 mile down from the bridge and got out of the car wondering why it was so cold inside, while looking back towards the bridge we all saw a misty figure coming towards us walking right down the middle of the road. This figure continued walking towards us as it dissipated. The car remained cold inside for another several minutes. I could not explain any of these events but knew that I would be back with the group.

On our second investigation to Gibb’s bridge we ran E.V.P recordings along with Digital & 35 mm camera’s, two Panasonic Camcorders and an Infrared laser thermometer. We recorded several drops in the temperature and several cold spots. I’ve added a few photo’s of the Gibb’s bridge that may be interesting. I don’t necessarily believe all the Orb stuff you read but have included a picture that Butch took that picked up a strange looking Orb.

Below is another story on the Gibb’s bridge that I found on the Tri Mar Paranormal Research groups web site.

I arrived at the bridge at 8:14 PM about 30 minutes before dusk. The air temperature was 60 degrees with light wind and low humidity. Gibbs Road Bridge is located .25 miles North of Sylvania Metamora Road. There is one house near the main road to the South and nothing for at least a half mile down Gibbs road to the North. Both East and West of the bridge is wooded terrain. The bridge was constructed in 1928 and is 60 feet long with one plus lanes and crosses over a 25 foot wide stream called Ten Mile Creek. The sides of the bridge consist of a concrete wall about three feet high that is covered in painted graffiti.

As I approached the bridge I turned the camcorder on and left it on for entire investigation. For the first twenty minutes I took many digital and 35 mm photos for documentation purposes. At 8:32 as I was putting a new roll of film in the 35 mm camera and the film would not advance. It took several attempts before the film finally advanced. As I was loading the film, a crinkled up brown paper lunch bag that was on the side of the bridge slowly rolled four feet by its self. There was no wind and the leaves on the bridge did not move. This was the first of several events that began to happen over the next fifteen minutes.

Shortly after the bag moved I began to feel a presence and started to become uneasy. I decided it was time to try the dowsing rods because the TriField meter was not recording anything unusual. The dowsing rods barely moved as I walked back and forth across the bridge over the next ten minutes. Suddenly at 8:42 near the Northwest corner of the bridge the dowsing rod in my left hand began to spin very slowly counter clockwise but also pulling at the same time. The sensation that something was on the bridge with me became very strong and I asked out loud if anyone was there. I felt that it was a good time to leave because it was beginning to get dark and I didn’t like the feelings on the bridge. I packed the equipment and left at 8:50.

I returned home and viewed the digital photographs in the camera. Several low light orbs were visible on the twenty five photos but four photos also showed multiple darker white orbs on and around the bridge. My interest was elevated and I discussed what had happened with Trista. She was interested in going back to the bridge that night and I agreed even though we try not to conduct investigations in the dark. At 10:00 PM we made the short drive back to Gibbs Road.

Little did I know that the camcorder tape would also reveal several interesting events of that night . Beginning at 8:40 the tape showed a blur pass by the view finder on five different occasions. It looked almost as though the camcorder was attempting to refocus, this is a possibility but I’m not so sure because the camcorder was stationary on the bridge wall at the time. At 8:45 a heavy breathing sound could be heard for a full two seconds before disappearing.

Trista and I arrived at Gibbs road at 10:05 to take another look. I decided not to take any photographs in the dark and chose instead to use the camcorder in night shot mode. Trista walked the bridge with the dowsing rods while I filmed with the camcorder.

Immediately the dowsing rod in Trista’s left hand began to spin counter clock wise rapidly on the West side of the bridge. When Trista would walk to the East side of the bridge the dowsing rods would go still. This pattern was repeated over and over for the next twenty four minutes. At 10:29 the dowsing rod also became active on the East side of the bridge where there was previously no activity. At this time Trista became chilled and said “Its time to go”, I agreed. The entire atmosphere of the bridge had changed over the course of just a few seconds as if a new more powerful energy was now present. As we crossed the bridge on our way to the car at 10:32 Trista was visibly shaking from the cold, only it wasn’t cold outside.

The next day I reviewed the tape from the camcorder and was not surprised by what I found. At 10:28 less than one minute before the energy became present on the East side of the bridge a voice was heard on the tape. It was not clear what was being said and consisted of only a few words. Twenty two seconds later the same voice could be heard again. Then once again twenty nine seconds later a different voice could be heard for a full two seconds but could not be understood. Two seconds later the activity started on the East side. Twenty six seconds later the final activity recorded on the tape took place. This consisted of a very deep breathing noise that lasted only briefly. I picked up the nineteen 35 mm photographs several days later and found seven of them to have anomalies.

In conclusion, it appears that the Gibbs Road Bridge is the location of paranormal activity of undetermined origin. The orbs that were captured on film, the voices recorded on tape, and the dowsing rod activity all indicate paranormal phenomena. We will continue our investigation at a later date.

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  1. Ashley says:

    DON’T go out to Gibbs road. My friends and I have been going out there for awhile with no happenings. We were there last night and ended up coming back to the bridge several times because of traffic. The very last time, with the headlights and the car off, we saw a dark figure at the end of the bridge on the left side (West). After turning the lights on, we discovered a man coming at us. He was in a dark shirt and dark tan khakis, caring a silver handgun. The man walked quickly towards us as we turned the lights on. He ran towards us very fast as we quickly went reverse in the car. He had a gun, and shot it off twice at us. The man was very alive and very angry. A friend went by there today and brought back two 9mm casings. Be very careful if you go out there. It is not the unatural that is scary, it is the very alive, very angry man who is in his late twenties. I will NEVER go back.

    • Samantha says:

      Yea, me and 4 friends went out there with 2 seperate cars. We were chased all around Berkey by a huge black diesel pick up truck. Spot lights lined the top of the truck and a spot light on both side mirrors, no license plate. This truck hid in woods, behind houses, in residents drive ways with headlights off, when our cars approached unknowing of the trucks presence the truck took off chasing us on our ass’ going 70 down yankee and dirt roads. When we were finally lost just trying to get away from that area going any street we can find – we found that truck again. The chaser parked his truck at an angle in the middle of an intersection on farmland dirt roads. Considering how narrow the roads are, no street lights and ditches on both sides of the road we couldnt get around. Two men (one in his twenties and the second an old and lanky) approached our cars. The young man took pictures of our license plates. The older man stuck his upper body through the drivers side window of the car in front of mine and told a story.

      The story goes: a man has stolen a berkey police car and posing as a police officer raping women and leaving them in the field of Gibbs road. Any car that goes down that road more than once with in a night is subject to questioning. Every house on that street has a shotgun aimed at the road.

      We only went down Gibbs road once that night…the truck was parked on the bridge, when we were approaching from Yankee road heading south towards Sylvania Met. the truck turned head lights on and started taking off towards us. We through our cars in reverse into ditches heading back to yankee.

      Few weeks later we took a different vehicle went down Gibbs road in the day time, and saw a police car in a barn behind a tractor. The black truck did not have any license plates.

      • Jon says:

        yea i call bullshit on that.

      • JasonAldean says:

        Now ya see here, me and my buddys went there last night. And as we rolled up 4 mem jumped over the guard railings. Each wielding a katana dripping in the blood of there last victom. One of the four men was naked, and bleeding out his rear cavity. They were all screaming and yellling. As they ran towards my car i offered him a cigarette, he took it. And yelled wait! The men hulted. He said” we got what we want” and at the same time they all jumped back over.

      • JIm says:

        Berkey has not had a police car stolen

    • Angelina says:

      I live right up the road (first house in Michigan), and have for about 2 years. There is nothing haunted about the bridge. My inlaws and grandmother have lived there since 1972. The only weird stuff that goes on are the idiots that pull into our driveway, honk their horns, turn their bright lights off and on, shine spotlights into my living room, put firecrackers in our mailbox, yell profanities to us (and our eight-year-old daughter, who is usually trying to sleep), and drive up and down the damn road with their lights off. It’s totally ridiculous. There are, however, screech owls that sound totally eery! Go online and research the sound so maybe you will not be surprised to hear it! I don’t mind when people go down there and take pictures, drink, smoke, whatever, but when it comes into my driveway, yelling words that can get you arrested in Michigan (remember the guy that got arrested for swearing while tubing in a Michigan river!!!), interrupts our sleep habits, takes money out of pockets to replace mailboxes, it angers us. As far as hearing a 9MM gun, believe me, if one were to go off, you can best believe we WOULD HEAR IT! Just stick to the bridge and please ask people to leave us alone 😦 The police do patrol regularly, because of these incidents.

      • Ashley says:

        A police report was filled and casings were confiscated by police. We were legitimately shot at.

      • No name jane says:

        I apologize for those idiots I’m just the random car taking a blunt cruise 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

    • Morgan says:

      Same thing happened to us. Only, he was in his car chasing us for miles and miles. I’m never ever returning.

    • Emily says:

      I swear to god that me and my big brother my mom and his friends went out there and messed around. Me being 10 (I’m now 13) was to scared to get out so I stayed in the car with my mom and then I looked in the mirror that’s on the side of the car and I saw a guy in a hoodie (he looked like he was homless, torn shirt, raggy clothes, etc) and he was walkind at us and his face was dark so I couldn’t see him. I looked more closely and saw a few cuts on his body and one big one on his stomach (saw through the tears) so I guessed that this was the guy that got cut in half by the wire while riding his motorcycle. I screamed.

    • anonymous says:

      This is crazy because not too long ago my boyfriend at the time, my friend and I were all just chilling on the bridge talking. We came to see all the graffiti and see the stars. after about 10 minutes a silver truck comes speeding down the road, honking its horn and stops abruptly in front of us. The man gets out of the car, obviously angry and very drunk. he begins to scream at us, saying he’s going to beat the F out of us and that we were on private property (if it is private property then why do they not care about the graffiti?). We told the man we were leaving and began to walk back to my car as calmly as we could at that moment. The man got back in his car and followed us as we walked back to my car. Once we reached the car I could barely get my keys in the ignition because I was shaking so bad. The man blocked my car in and layed on his horn. I managed to pull around him without hitting him, he turned his car around and began to follow us with his headlights off for about a mile after he finally stopped…. The kicker, there was someone in his passenger seat the whole time but never intervened.

  2. Larry Levy says:

    I have collected six different stories of death at this bridge–none of which are probably true. In five midnight visits to the site, I have taken pictures, sat and listened to night sounds, and walked around the area. I haven’t observed anything unusual at the bridge, but one set of pictures (35mm) recorded a spot of misty light. I plan on returning one more time…

    • Frank says:

      I have checked the Lucas county records, no accidents or hangings. The local people know this as well. It’s a hoax. The cops have been checking the area lately.

  3. Caroline says:

    I was wondering where exactly is this bridge? I’d like to visit it

    • Gibbs Bridge is on Gibbs road, in Sylvania, OHIO.

      I live off sylvania Avenue,
      Gibbs road is off of Sylvania Metamora Road,
      and Gibbs road leads somewhere up to fuckin Michigan, Yankee road, i’ve been there a LOTTTT.

      Weird shit happens, dude.
      My old friend Tyler and I went with his mom’s friend’s paranormal team,
      and they got weird EVP’s and photos, it was crazy,

      but yeah, dude. Google haunted places in Sylvania, OH

      we have interesting serial killer shit too. lmfao.
      There’s a restaurant that’s haunted, cus Sylvania’s first serial killer being sentence to death by being hanged, lived in the lot,
      and did weird stuff with the bodies. It’s nuts.

      I talked to the lady at the bar, and she said that you always hear them walking above you, and in the kitchen, and dropping pans and shit.
      and one time she was like “I swear theyre gunna come down from the ceiling one day..”
      and someone said loudly in her ear “NO”

      like jeeeeez

      just helpinggg.

      xo xo Dollfayce

  4. Hitman says:

    I’ve been to Gibb’s Bridge a number of times (probably 6 or 7 total). A few years ago, my friend and I decided to be “real ghost hunters” and set a voice-recorder on the bridge to see if we could get any EVP. We got to the bridge around 10:00pm, walked to the bridge and looked around and took pictures for about 10 minutes. We turned the recorder on and left the bridge so the only thing on the bridge was the voice-recorder. We walked back to our car (50 yards away) and stayed there for about 10 mins. We walked back to get the recorder then left.

    Upon downloading the file to my computer and listening to it, we got some crazy stuff. You can distinctly hear a girl giggling for about 2 seconds, then saying something like, “I’m over here” or “I’m under here”. About ten seconds later, the girl talks again, but you can’t understand what it says. Throughout the tape, you can also hear some sort of deep breathing, and the sound of cars driving by (but no cars drove across the bridge).

    We also got a lot of orbs in pictures we took that night.

    If anyone would like to look at the pictures or hear the audio, I would be glad to send it to you…just let me know.

  5. Hitman says:

    Something I forgot to add to the last post…

    We went to the bridge last weekend and got a weird smeer in one picture, and everyone heard (6 of us) something with a deep voice clear their throat as to get our attention or something. The object was probably only a few feet toward the creek when we heard it. One person said they could see a human-like figure standing near the road right by us when we heard the noise.

    Just another weird event at Gibb’s.

    We’re going back tonight to put a voice-recorder on the bridge and leave it alone again. I’ll post back after we listen to the tape.

  6. mrmad says:

    This message is for hitman my wife and i went there 3 weeks ago and we have a evp of a man and have a picture of a mist we didnyt see when we were there, contact me at

  7. Hitman says:

    I would love to meet up with anyone who has any evidence of stuff happening on the bridge.

    If you are interested, please let me know! Maybe we could plan a trip out there one night to check it out.

  8. don says:

    My group, investigated this bridge in October of 2008. We used equipment such as EMF detectors and digital voice recorders and video equipment. We were there for several hours. There is absolutely no evidence to substantiate any type of paranormal activity. In answer to the reports of a glowing mist, during the investigation we explored the area down beneath the bridge. We found an old solar powered landscape light which was still operable. It gave off a small light which was visible from a distance. The combination of fog and this light could easily debunk any reports of glowing mist. As far as reports of laughter, voices, etc., our impression is that Gibbs Bridge is a local hangout for younger people as evidenced by all the graffiti on the bridge. Quite likely that if people know others are going to be hanging out at the bridge they will mess with them. We discovered no EVPs or any other intriguing evidence. We have concluded that Gibbs Bridge is nothing more than an urban legend.

  9. thecichlidpleco says:

    I used to live out in Berkey, OH and only went down the road a couple of times and all during the day. Heard the story as a kid, and from possibly the oldest man in town with the most time on his hands. But when entire town knows about the story and doesnt seem to care or believe it, I think everyone might be reading a little too much into this legend. Dark rural area with trees and shadows in the moonlight can seem like a lot of things. Not to mention people live nearby that don’t enjoy the kids doing drugs on that bridge, so you may just be seeing iritated homeowners.

  10. Mike says:

    Hey, harold why dont you update your website.

  11. dawn mclennan says:

    my friends and i were out at the bridge last friday. before being interrupted by 3 carloads of teenagers, we heard several strange noises, as if someone hit the guardrail with a hammer. this happened 4 times before a very loud noise startled all of us. everything seemed to come from the east side of the bridge. we took pictures, that showed orbs, and in 2 of them, a small glowing light. we plan on going back another time, maybe once the kids are back in school!!

  12. julie says:

    its a bunch a bull puckie :))

    • Frank says:

      It’s a hpax. Nobody died in an automobile accident, I checked the Lucas county records. Those same records do not record anyone being hanged either. I can tell you that the local police are checking this area more frequently.

  13. phsejzomrl says:

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  14. josh okosnki says:

    I have so many stories its stupid. First time there parked buddys car 50 yds north past bridge walked down to bridge scanned it thuroly it was around 5 pm winter but dry no snow out we had a clear view. Nothing… Went and pulled stefans car to bridge.. Opened door put foot down and bumped into a vintage type of glasses rusted but perfect lenses they had a shity water tint to em. Out of now where, as in were not present before. I wanted to keep them but cousing threw em over. We had about 8 whitneses. Another time my 17th b day got wasted at my house with everyone outside had a fire.. All got drunk and decided to head out to the bridge( at this time it was like a crew ritual) so me dev ian sagy and david went out there around 330 in the caddy. Get there nothing just the erie silence of the normal. Then dev falls asleep cause we just sit in silence with car off and wait. All windows down there’s foot steps on the concreate rite outside my door slighty behind there’s no one there and its a good 10 ft at first and were like wtf! Shh shh then out of know were the footsteps dash twrds the door like everyone was watching at this time to whitness. Car couldn’t start till 4th turnover. We booked. Another time I went in autumns sunfire sat in the back with butz while autumn drove and t sat in shoty. We were dead center facing north on bridge. It was winter evining dry. But light. Wwe were meeting ron and stefan in his s 10 they came down yankee and waited like 45 ft in front of us. So autunm tunrs car on to back up and move to side of lane so he can come up so autunm and t were looking back at us while backing up, but me and butz still were watching ron. It was mildly foggy and the break lights of rons truck lite the fog around em up pretty nice. And there was almost grey invisible shadow of a man who ran behind his truck from left of the bed diagle cross street west as ron pulled away I screamed keep ur eye out for stefan he got out and is guna jump out bet just watch. They pull up seconds later and there both in there. And me and butz started tripping. We got out and scoped the area.. Nothing. Then 2008 me chuck david stefan sagy took chuck out there first time. We went at around 2 am weekend. Clear well light summer night.. We take yankee from clark cause we came from bedford.. So about mile before gibbs on yankee a black cat runs directly in front of us.. We say dam black cat oww bad luck w.e it was dropped.. We get there and park about 70% twrds end of bridge facing metamora. The bridge concreate sides were about mid front courter panal.. Were there 35 around.. Stefan yells out wtf!! Directly to my right well if I’m staring straight out front window pry like 2 o’clock angle talk is a figure but had no outline or depth or shandow but just shape and something else just made it have a human apperance but no definition. It was @ 2 o’clock and a good 15 20 ft in air. It was the most unforgettable blue ever. Never will I ever see such a vibrant blue. Its like mixing 70% crayolas ocean blue crayon and 30% of crayolas sky blue and making it a clear plastic then changing color effects of the hue and saturation to amplify blue molded into a light filter for a concert light and with a blue light bulb that’s how bad this thing was blue. There ws no mistaken.. If u were to tie a rope around ones waist and pull him into air and dangle that’s what this blue figure was impersonating if you will. We stare in aw and laughter like we were so firghtened it was funny. Like we been there pry more than a 100 times total waiting for this. We were in shock.. We dip head out to metomora there’s signs rite at end of gibbs at metamorea turned left first house by signs hit the driveway jumped rite back on gibbs floated through bridge to scared to stop.. Blue fig was now in same spot hanging just to the left of us this time. We float down gibbs swang a right on yankee go down a good half mile take a right into a driveway.old house looked maybe abandond it was dark with the like bubbled adams family style roof. And a ancinet split stone driveway with a grass median it like is rite on the property line on the right side and veers up and left trwdsd house.. Black cat dead center 2 ft in front car setting still as brick in a pool.. Staring at us… With blue fucking eyes same exact never forget blue! We tripped like are u fucking kidding me this is following us! So we head back twrds bridge at this time we hit 80 down to gibbs and put it to the floor all the way down gibbs and roll across bridge at about 35 40 and the blue guy was rite at the connection of guard rail and concreate rail like behind it on the ground like all most under it. So we had to see it 3 times to really say it was for real let alone seeing it in a different spot. We all have had chases from pyshco in truck I’m pretty sure its like a white or silver 90’s f 150 but it has spot lights on each side and like off road lighs on top. This seems sometimes to be florring at you then the lights dissapeer or the tailightsd dissapeer. Another time we were leaving and I thru a large micky ds foam cup with just wet ass ice in it it was like weightless. Tossed it pretty stern and about 5 inches above rail.. No wind the cup just stuck and like shot to a stand up possistion on like it had a magnent. There has also been finger tappings on windows. Sick animal cries. Oh wait! One time we were there night time car pulled in we dipped came back from the yankee way…just as the lights reached the bridge there was a blood splatter across the bridge road and dead center again was a racoon looked like a smaller male was on its ass n tail like pearched up as it was sitting civilized and its neck was broken and twisted around maybe even more then once.. We dipped.. Yhat could of been a sick joke though who knows. We have had 3 cell phones freeze up on one spot on the bridge. Two incidents of failure for vehicle to start including caddy on my birthday. I belive its for sure not right in that area.. I’m sure most people who have went there at three am or around then reach a semse of something aint right at the moment.uh I guess if ne one wants to talk the bridge hit me up.. But one more thing there is another story u can find on google bout bridge and it mentions a cat and some kinda fog dude. But sorry for the nasty writing structure I’m on my blackberry and the typing gets lazy trust me. My 2 cents is… U can have the best gear in the world, but that can’t beat just going there many many times at all hours throughout close to two years and that place is haunted!

    • Harold says:

      Great Story Josh!!!

      We’ve been to the bridge a few times, One time was really strange also. We all thought we saw the same shadowy figure you mentioned in your story. Update us if you visit again.
      Happy Hauntings,

  15. devin says:

    true>NO HOAX*……. i went out there wit my boyfriend and his brother and two of my friends~ we got great pictures. lights and orbs. my friend got colorful lights. red eyes staring at us in the woods on the east side of the bridge! i was taking pictures of the west side. also go orbs and lights from the woods! my friend gots a picture with a dark figure on the east side of the bridge. with grey eyes juss so still. so creepy! if its not haunted and nothing has happened there. then why do “me” & many other people have the same pictures and reports. no old man with a gun. never that ….i would be damned if a man came runnin at me with a pistol and we wasnt shooting back! thats not legale for him to do that! we turned around in the drive way of that house. no one came out. BUT, when we turned around to go back on the bridge again, like headin toward slyvania met-mora. and i swear i saw headlights farther away from the bridge. my boyfriend saw them too. i was thinkin like damn were caught. were gunna get a ticket! i was thinkin the police was waitin for us at the end on the bridge! but once we got to the bridge there was no one there! nothing. freaky and yes! TRUE!

  16. krousey says:

    wife and I went htere tonight just before dark and experienced some crazy shit. When pulling on the bridge it becamr very cold inside the car and out side to how ever the temp gage on my dsh still said the same. also we took alot of pics alot of them have tons of orbs i mean a ton, also got a pic of a bright blue gas like really bright blue one in one spot on the water the other like 6 or seven feet in the air.We also had a truck come by us but just drove in the middle of the road movrd over and he went bye good thing too because i wouldnt have ran so he would of had to face me all in all very freaky for my first time thought my wife was nuts for wanting to go out there

  17. krousey says:

    feel free to write me with other sightings we can check out

  18. erin says:

    I did not anything about this bridge let alone that it was haunted until I drove over it at about 2am. I lived alone at the time and would just hop in my car and take a drive and blare my music. My favorite was driving in rural areas. I found gibbs road and decided to go north on it to head back home. As I approach this very narrow bridge I noticed a thick white haze hovering in the road like someone was standing there. I slowed way down uneasy from what this misty haze was. It did not move and there was no fog anywhere, just this white blob standing about 6ft tall. I drove through it cautiously and it still did not move; it didn’t even swirl or disapate while driving through it! After I crossed the bridge, I stopped and it was still there and again, no other mist to precede it. It was the only one. I felt as though it was looking at me upset that I had crossed with it standing there. I floored it and got home. I have not experienced it again on that bridge.

  19. Hannah says:

    Me and my friends were looking for a thrill and went out to Gibbs bridge around 1 am. We stopped just before the bridge but were too scared to get out of the car. Just before I was going to start my car, I saw a black truck whip around onto the street we were on and we did not have any intention of stopping, or slowing down for that matter. I quickly turned on
    My car and drove off thinking he was going to turn into one of the houses on the street, but e didn’t. He continued to chase us around many streets until we finally lost him. While driving back home, we passed the bridge again, and when I drove by we saw this man in a white shirt standing in the middle of the field. We shouted stuff at the figure, and after a little while he started walking towards us. We got too freaked out and left.

    • toghs says:

      Thanks for sharing this. We’ve been told that there are several residents of the Gibbs Bridge area that have been ‘scaring off’ interested folks from the area.

      -TOGHS team

  20. alex says:

    me and my niggas went there today, smoked a couple spliffs, with like 20 othere people trying to get spooked. saw the black truck, saw some one on the bridge when we peaced, went back. no one was there. some spooky shit. but who is this guy in the black truck, i want to talk to this homo, its not illegal to look for ghosts. dick.

  21. william says:

    welll me and my friends went there last night. we pulled up on the bridge to meet with some of our friends…we turned off our cars and everybody got we sat there for a minute nothing happend soo we pulled out our wege board and ask “is there anybody there” no response then we asked again “is there anybody there” no response so we tryed it one more time we said “is there anybody there” then there was a response on the wege board it said goodbye and then you heard footstepps in the woods then everybody got in there cars and diped well when we did that a truck chased us and ran our friends off the road NEVER GOING BACK

  22. Mayy says:

    A couple nights ago, me and two of my other friends went to Gibbs Bridge. When we arrived, we parked, turned all of the lights off, opened our windows, and closely listened. We silently sat in the car and heard many different noises. One of my friends saw a dark shadow walking across the bridge. When we were turning around to drive away, I saw a figure of a car in the ditch. As soon as I saw the image of a car, I screamed that there was a car behind us as we were backing out. About 2 seconds later, the car was gone. We decided to stay a little bit longer, and in the silence we could hear a very low creepy sounding music playing in the background. No one’s phone was ringing, and as soon as we heard that ringtone we sped off.

    We went again tonight and as we turned into Gibbs Road we saw a black pick up truck. As we turned into the road we saw the truck and because we knew about the rumors of the black truck we speeded off Gibbs Bridge. The black truck had lights lined up at the top and bright headlights. The car was completely stopped until we turned into the road, and as soon we turned into the road the truck speeded up to us and chased us off Gibbs Road. It was a very scary experience and we are never going back there ever again.

  23. pod zastaw says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get three emails
    with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Bless you!

  24. Bella Hyde says:

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  25. anonymous says:

    This time last summer my friends and I went to Gibbs Bridge on various occasions. Throughout the course of about a week, we had quite a few experiences. The first time we went, we arrived shortly before the sun set. There was a fawn in the river, that was about the only thing we saw that night. However, there was an uneasy feeling as we sat there in our small car. The next night we decided to go back and try our luck. We had saw a black cat, which we knew had been mentioned in other experiences. That night we sat on the bridge, facing the main road, with all the windows down and the car off. It was around 11pm when we heard what sounded like scratching noises. Then came a loud thump, sounding like it came from the back of the car. Passengers in the back seat of the car then turned around and saw what was described as a black shadowy figure crawling towards our car. At that point, we left immediately. Unsure of what to do next, we went to the Sylvania Kroger. We figured if something was really on the car, there would be evidence. Sure enough, we looked and saw many scratch marks and prints in the dusty car. The owner of the car examined it the next morning. Everything was gone. The stories are real.

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  27. Reblogged this on Haunted Toledo and commented:
    Another interesting tale from northwest Ohio.

    I’m planning a daytime preliminary investigation of this site and will keep you posted!

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