Lady in the Attic


This is a investigation that began and ran for over two decades. This Family moved into this home after living in a Haunted home three blocks away. Everyone in the home thought that their previous live-in ghost Henry had followed them to this home in the mid 1970’s. All that lived in this home had either heard a lady talking to them or thought they had saw someone or something at one time or another.

Little Girls sings “I hate you” at the end (starts at 10 second mark).

Photo Gallery below the fold.

I decided to investigate using two E.V.P recorders, two Panasonic 150x digital Palmcorder VHS recorders, EMF machines and a laser room thermometer. We investigated this home on two occasions. During the first investigation, At one point I thought I heard a very young girl, a women speaking but could not understand what was being said. While examining our E.V.P. equipment recordings afterwords, we had picked up the very young girl saying HI to us as we said hello, we also recorded the woman speaking but could not understand anything but moaning as if she was in some kind of pain.   We also recorded the man whom was not as friendly as I would have hoped. He basically told us to get out and at one point said I’ll get you.   A lot of the E.V.P.s were recorded in the attic so we decided to investigate a second time.

On this investigation we didn’t pick up any recordings but our EMF machine that was hanging from a ceiling beam began to flash and scream while asking for them to present themselves’. This was one of those investigations that Butch and I decided that we had to get to the bottom of this haunting. Why was this all happening within the attic? During our third investigation as Butch was doing his E.V.P work the EMF machine began to Flash and Scream again on Butch’s command. The temperature in the attic that had been at a steady 54 degree’s dropped and rose on his command as well.

You could feel the energy in the attic begin to increase has this was happening. At that time we asked for their names we heard the young girl answer Amanda! While going through our evidence afterwards we also heard train whistles going off. Butch and I are going back for another Investigation with hopes of coming up with some answers to this paranormal activity.

Attic House EVP of Lady Yelling for Web Site

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