Wolfinger Cemetery

codys subs and ghost pictures 007Wolfinger Cemetery actually sits in the middle of Secor Park. Once in the park I found the side road that leads to the Cemetery. You are welcomed in by a huge arched rod iron gate. It is a very old Cemetery with Tombstones that date back to the late 1700’s. It is a fairly small Cemetery. I was driving through looking for the five graves sites of the Family that had died within weeks of each other. It didn’t take long to find them. They are buried along the fence to the far right side of the Cemetery. I got out of the car to read the names on the Tombstones (My wife wouldn’t leave the car ).

Photo Gallery below the fold.

They are the Ford Family. The Fathers name was Wallace and the Mother Elizabeth. The Children’s tombstones read Wallace, Eliza & Infant. They all passed away in the late 1800s. I couldn’t read the Tombstones because they are weather’d fairly bad but made out the names. I didn’t see anything Paranormal but felt an energy of some sort while standing over the graves wondering what the true story of this Family might be. I just had this strange feeling that they knew I was there looking for them. I began to have a stronger feeling that they were waiting for me. I said a short prayer for them and asked if any of them wanted to communicate with me.

Well, that’s when I really got chills and felt as though Eliza was with me. I tried to communicate with her but didn’t seem to get a visible response. After a few moments I went back to the car where my Wife was waiting. She said she didn’t like the Cemetery and wouldn’t want to be buried there herself. She was ready to leave. While starting the car and we began to drive away, I felt as though Eliza didn’t want me to leave. I just felt her strong presence even in the car. Well, that’s when she made her presence known. My headlights began to turn on and off by themselves. My wife asked me how in the world was I doing that with the lights? I stopped the car and took my hands off the steering wheel as my wife and I watched in amazement as the headlights and dashlights continued to turn on and off more then a dozen times.

I then backed the car up to the Ford Family graves and thanked Eliza for the communication and told her that she couldn’t attach herself to me and that she had to stay with her family. I also told her I would be back to visit again. My wife and I then drove out of the Cemetery and drove about a mile down the road when all of a sudden the car began it’s light show again. Headlights and Dashlights turning on and off repeatedly. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and we watched again in amazement as the emergency flashers began to blink as well. I told my wife that Eliza must still be with us.

My wife then said we had to go back to the Cemetery. Funny coming from the same person that couldn’t wait to get out of the Cemetery in the first place. I turned the car around lights going off and on all the way back to the Cemetery. I stopped at the Family graves again and then asked Eliza this time to stay with her Family. By this time the Lights had stopped performing there Paranormal light show. I drove away and back home without another single incident with the headlights. It’s been several days now and I haven’t had an electrical problem at all with the vehicle what’s so ever. Although my wife and I never saw Eliza in a human form, If you stop by her graveside you’ll definitely know she’s there.

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  1. shane thomas says:

    my great grand mother was bessie wolfinger i have exstensive knowlege about the grave sites e- mail me if you would like

    • Christopher says:

      I was out at the cemetery late at night the day after Halloween me and my best friends must have jumped the fence into the metro park at around 3:00 am. It was a warm night that night for the season 60’s and we walked the long trail to the cemetery and I cant quite put my finger on the stillness that was in that place VERY erie!We began to walk around we didn’t know what we were looking for only knew it was said to be haunted(i looked up a northwest Ohio haunting page on Google for Halloween).After a while things began to become clear there was nothing going on there because we herd and seen nothing then my friend said we should try speaking with someone so we did and after the question is there anyone here wanting to talk was asked there was a faint noise and we followed it….to a small bush near Rebeca Wolfingers grave it seemed as if a baby bird was chirping! We read Rebeca’s stone and suddenly a loud crack from the woods on the left side of the cemetery if facing the back.We ran over instantly to investigate and i had read Rebeca stone last while the others were off elsewhere.When we returned to the grave there was a penny on her plaque my buddy being a dare devil picked it up as if it were a lucky penny all the sudden i walked into a cold area near that small bush with the baby bird very cold, and everyone felt it.As we walked back to her stone i seen another penny and like i said nobody could have put it there because i was always the last one there, on that note we had been there for about 3 hours and had enough for one night and got out of there but someone is in there wanting to be herd and ever since we left that night i have been pulled back there in my dreams and thoughts and plan to return one night to continue our search for the anonymous person in there!

    • Shane,
      I would love any information you might have in regards to Wolfinger
      Thanks Harold

      • yvonne lahey says:

        Bessssie wolfinger was my grandmother my father was raised in what is now secor park, he was the gravedigger for a while. email me for some stories he told me.

    • dawn bradford says:

      I am your cousin Dawn from Oregon. Do you remember me? How are you? How’s your brother? You should email me. Dawnbradfo@aol.com. I would love to hear from you both.

  2. Kat says:

    I don’t think the Ford family is the family that “haunts” the area. A few years ago I was out there and found a tombstone which I have seen others already know about. It’s a stone that marks the grave of three children who all died in the same week. I also found, when I did some etchings on the gravestones of the Ford’s, that (if I remember correctly) one or both of the believed children are actually older than expected. I think there was a Wallace Jr. with parents Wallace Sr. and Elizabeth. Wallace Jr. and Eliza were married. As for the infants (yes, it says infants) they could have been Wallace Sr. and Elizabeth’s or Wallace Jr. and Eliza’s.

  3. Mary says:

    I have a weird set of pictures taken back to back last Saturday 4/18/2009. In one you can see headstones and absolutely nothing else. The next picture you can see what appears to be a little girl sitting on a headstone dark hair possibly brown with a white and blue dress. She appears to have her back to me. It was the middle section of the cemetery. They were shot within seconds of each other. No one else was around. They were taken with my cell phone a LG lotus. Can someone else please look at these if I send them, they are very interesting.

    • Sue says:

      I would love to see your photos. My first trip out to Wolfinger about a year ago, I got a glimpse of a young girl running down the drive, with the same description you gave.

    • chris mckown says:

      Can u please let me see the pics. I am very interested in this sort of event. I have a different take on why these things occur.. thanks

  4. haroldstjohn says:


    If your still out there, I would love to see the pics also,
    Email me at RUaGHST2@aol.com
    Harold St John
    TOGHS Founder

  5. yvonne lahey says:

    Bessie Wolfinger was my grandmother I just ask that everyone respect the cemetery and the spirits there.

  6. sssl rrny says:

    On Halloween night me and my best friends went to Wolfinger, and we heard many stories about the cemetery and we were excited to find paranormal activity. It didn’t take long to find the graves of the family, we then took recordings of the many questions we happened to ask Eliza. We asked Eliza because of the story we heard about her being the most active. While asking the questions my friend and I felt an electric shock going through our fingers. Well after we were done we went back to the car and played the recordings back we heard her responding to the questions. The electric shock continued until we finished playing the recordings. The graves of Eliza, Wallace, Infant, Wallace, and Elizabeth are very easy to find but, you can’t make out the information on the graves only the names which are on top of the tombs.

  7. jinger says:

    My Father’s family is all buried there and it’s very peaceful!

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