Ida (Michigan) Private Residence

Ida Investigation HaroldIn September of 2007 I was approached by a co-worker about this particular case. Wendy had heard I was involved in the world of paranormal investigating. She approached me on a couple different occasions in regard to the home she was residing in and the unwanted guests that seemed to have moved in with her. One evening she seemed to be upset and approached me with a request to have her home investigated. After discussing her case further, we decided to do a investigation with little time to prepare and gather our staff.

Photo Gallery below the fold.

Due to the fact that we decided to do this investigation on late notice we were short on staff. Our co-founder Butch, photographer Fred and I decided to my youngest son Dan and another investigator in-training Andrew Appelhans along for the experience. We also had Wendy help in the investigation. We were looking for several reported beings while capturing a lot of reported activity.

The home was basically empty due to the fact that Wendy had moved her family out and put the home up for sale. After briefing our young paranormal investigators and opening the investigation with a prayer, we began our investigation.  Dan worked with a laser thermometer while Andrew worked with the EMF equipment. Butch covered each room using the digital recorders while Fred took tons of pictures. I worked with Wendy while running video. We spent about four hours in the home during this investigation.

Before wrapping the evening’s investigation, Butch and I decided to take a walk outside. While walking the back property Butch and I both felt uneasy and came to the conclusion that it may not be the home that should have been investigated but the property itself. We both think this is a Native American Haunting of some kind and we needed to do more research before investigating further.

I’ve added a few photo’s along with this story including a photo of Butch and I walking the back property. In ending this story I want to thank Wendy for her time and help with this investigation along with my Son Daniel who was very brave while experiencing his first investigation. I would also like to welcome Andrew to our group. He has now moved to Columbus, Ohio while attending school but is welcome on any investigation while visiting home. Andrew was also involved in our Gibb Bridge investigation.

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