Facility with a Ghost

Tam O StairwayTOGHS took this case after receiving complaints from several of its employees. We are keeping the names and the establishment private to protect their privacy.  After interviewing employee’s and hearing the stories of slamming doors, lights that go on and off by itself, voices being heard, objects being moved from one place to another, objects being moved and never found again as well as full body apparitions being witnessed by night employee’s as well as the management staff.

Photo Gallery after the fold.

Butch, Chris and I worked this case in the summer of 2007. We used the usual investigating tools of the trade. We set up four video recorders throughout the complex, Set up four motion detectors in the reported hot spots, Butch began with one of our lazar thermometers taking temperature readings throughout the investigation. Chris worked with the digital recorders hoping to capture EVP’s.

I worked with the EMF equipment but found that it could not be used because of the normally high electromagnetic field readings throughout the complex. We all took digital photo’s independently throughout the investigation as well. We continued to switch equipment between us several times throughout the investigation in order to capture as much activity as possible. At one point in the investigation Chris found himself very uncomfortable after finding that one of his video cameras had been moved 5 feet from where he had set up.

After completing our room by room investigation we decided to set up two video cameras as well as two digital recorders in the tavern that would run overnight. After setting up our audio and video equipment we watched the employee lock up for the night and set the alarm.  We had left the property together and exited the building. After analyzing the findings over the next couple days, we discovered what seemed to be overnight guest in the tavern. We have included a few photos as well as the EVP recordings from the tavern the night we set up the audio. I was assured by the complex manager that according to the alarm company there was nobody in the building from the time we set the alarm that evening until the next morning when we retrieved our equipment.

Tam O EVP for Web Site

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