Custer HaroldTOGHS investigated this private residence in October 2006. We are keeping the name and location private to protect the privacy of the client. Butch, Fred and I along with our guest investigator Bobby arrived in Custar in the evening of October 2006. As we got out of our vehicles, Butch noticed a little girl looking out an upstairs window. When Butch pointed it out to me, I thought I saw her to. Once inside this location we were all amazed that there was not a young girl living in residence. We had spent the first hour or so just doing a walk through and getting as much information from our client as possible. While interviewing our client she had mentioned the fact that the residence was being haunted by a young girl.

Photo Gallery below the fold.

This did not surprise Butch in the least since he had already seen her looking out the window waiting for his arrival. We spent the next couple hours working with our EMF equipment, running video and taking photos. While our photographer Fred was working with EVP’s closed in one of the alleged haunted rooms downstairs. He heard a young girls voice answer to his opening questions. Although the investigation was not as scary as one might think, we did take some really neat photo’s and after analyzing our EVP recordings we captured the little girl talking with Fred.

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