Henry House – Where it all began

The Henry HouseThis is a home where I lived with my family for several years while growing up as a young boy and early teenager.  I’ve always had a great interest in the Paranormal as a child but my belief in the paranormal and visitors from the other side was firmly established over the course of a few years.  I am the second oldest of nine children, so to say I’ve come from a big family is an understatement. The home was huge and the rooms were huge as well. Our dinning room alone was probably 30 feet long by twenty foot wide.

The point is there was plenty of room for all of us including the friends that either spent the night or stayed with us over periods of time as well as other family members. The second floor had a very long hallway with six bedrooms branching off on either side. The bathroom and the entrance to the attic were at one end close together. Would you know it, my bedroom door sat right across from the attic door. Soon after we had moved in several family members began to realize we weren’t the only ones living in the home. There was footsteps heard walking slowly up and down the long hallways at all hours of the day and night, but it seemed much scarier in the middle of the night while laying in bed. I can remember seeing the shadow of a man walk past my bedroom doors on several occasions after hearing him come down from the attic. It was frightening to hear his footsteps coming down one step at a time, It seemed to last forever until the door to the attic would open and I knew he had finally reached the hallway for his nightly journey.

The bathroom water would turn itself on and off continuously, doors would open and close by themselves, electrical devises would turn on and off including radio’s that sat in unoccupied bedrooms. As my fears subsided a bit over the course of a couple years my friends and a few family members thought it would be fun to see if we could communicate and find out who was haunting the home.  We had named the main ghost Henry that seemed to fit perfect. We would sit down and have seances together or would walk around with flashlights in the dark looking for him. We were never brave enough to do this alone, but we all seemed much braver when we were in-groups. I remember during one séance session the pictures on the wall began to fall and we all ran from the room scared to death.

It would be another month or the next big sleep over before we could summon Henry again. I remember another time when my Grandmother spent the night, While sleeping, she had the blanket pulled off from the foot of the bed, this continued several time as she pulled them back up. On another occasion while resting in a chair in the living room she witness a shadow walk by her. Henry also liked to play with or scare my friends; Omar approached a bedroom closet to get something out when the door slammed back in his face, and I’ve never seen him so scared! My Mother seemed to have an ongoing relationship or understanding with Henry, Whenever he would turn the facets in the upstairs bathroom on my Mother would yell up the stairs, (Henry shut it off and knock it off). He would actually turn the water off on her demand.

My Father was kind of a non-believer and would give us the it’s an old house story most of the time until he himself was ill and was laying in the living room asleep. He was awakened in the middle of the night looking up at Henry and a little girl holding Henry’s hand. When my Dad asked him what he wanted Henry smiled and walked with his little friend through the living room wall. Every one of my Friends and Family members could tell you several personal stories that had happened to them over the years that we lived in the Henry House. Although most of us were scared to death in the beginning and have way to many stories to tell, we all look back on our experiences in the home and know that Henry was our friendly ghost.

My Nephew Jacob is interviewing older friends and family members in regards to some of their personal experiences in the Henry House, I will post those experiences in the near future.

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  1. Jake Stiger says:

    You have been doing this website for a long ass time Uncle Harold lol. It’s all been very well done.

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