Welcome to TOGHS


Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society is a paranormal investigation team located in Northwest, Ohio. We take a serious, scientific approach to investigating paranormal activity through documentation, research, and with the use of various state of the art electronic equipment. During our investigations we collect data in several ways (Photographs, Audio, Video recordings, EMF readings, Infrared Thermometers and logical explanations just to name a few). We do not charge anything for our services.   We do not claim to have special abilities in the occult or psychic realm.

We have over 20 years of paranormal investigation experience in both Residential and Commercial properties. Our techniques are based in science, not mysticism. We use a wide variety of scientific equipment to investigate, debunk, and gather potential evidence of paranormal activity.

Our team is made up of a wide range of investigators, from a variety of backgrounds. Our founders, Harold and Butch, have over 40 years of investigative experience and have painstakingly built a specialized team to handle any type of potential haunting. No case is to large or to small.

We are professionals. The privacy of our clients is our primary concern, followed closely by their comfort. Our investigations are done discretely, and kept confidential.
The cases and evidence you see within our site are cases that we have been given permission to share with the public. In some cases names and locations may be changed.

If you have  paranormal problem, and would like the team to investigate, please use the Contact Us tab above.

If you feel as though this is an emergency, Please contact us at 734-224-0003. We check our message by the end of every day.